SNS Nails Pros and Cons: Are They The Perfect Manicure?

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SNS nails, also known as dip powder nails, are a rising alternative to traditional acrylic or gel nails. The process of applying SNS nails involves dipping a nail into powder, rather than painting on a liquid, to create a strong and long-lasting manicure.

There are several pros and cons of SNS nails, and they are quite different from other common types of fake nails.

If you’re thinking about getting dip nails, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about dip powder manicures. We’ll go over the SNS Nails Pros and Cons and we’ll help you figure out whether they are the right choice for your nails.

Pros and Cons of SNS Nails


What Are SNS Nails?

First off, SNS stands for signature nail system, and they’re also commonly referred to as dip powder nails. SNS is a powder-dipping system that uses a gel-like substance and colored powders. During an SNS manicure, a manicurist applies polish to your nails and waits for them to dry.

At that point, a coat of resin is applied to your nails.

Then they dip your nails in colorful powders.

This process is repeated a few times to make sure your SNS nails are fully covered and to make sure your nails look amazing.

SNS nails are the name brand, but there are several other dip powder kits available.

Signature Nail Systems is a great method that produces beautiful results. This is due to several aspects:

  • It is healthier for the nails since this process doesn’t take too long
  • SNS manicures are durable and last much longer than other techniques
  • While you have SNS nails, you will not have to file
  • SNS nails add personality to your look without making it look like you tried too hard

What do SNS Nails Consist Of?

Now that you know what SNS nails are, it is important to know what they consist of. SNS nail powders have vitamin E, B5 and Calcium, which help make them stronger and shinier.

SNS nails do not have any harmful polishes that various other nail techniques have. They come in several colors and designs, so you have many options to choose from. You can even mix, blend, and match.

When getting SNS nails, you do not need to expose your fingers to the UV light of a nail drying lamp.

How to Apply SNS Nail Powder

filing nails

Many people go to nail salons to get SNS nails, but you can do them at home, too. Dip nails tend to be expensive, so learning how to DIY it can be a real cost saver.

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To apply SNS nail powder at home, you need to understand that you can use the SNS nail treatment on natural nails as well as nails that have artificial tips. 

Here are some items that you need to apply SNS nail powder (depending on whether you’re applying to natural or nail tips):

The first step is to apply a base solution to your (groomed and clean) nails. After you’re done, dip your finger into the nail powder. The next step is to simply reapply the base solution and repeat the process on a new layer, dipping your nail in a powder pot and waiting for it to dry.

You can add color to make your nails stand out.

You can apply 5 coats before the last two steps. After that, brush your nails with a sealer, ensuring that they are sealed completely.

Here’s a short video by SNS showing the application process.

How to Remove SNS Nail Powder

Applying nail powder is easy, but taking it off is a little tricky. The important thing to keep in mind is to never rush the process. Here are the materials you will need to remove dipping nail powder:

  • Cotton balls
  • Acetone
  • Small pieces of aluminum foil
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail file

We’ve put together a detailed guide to removing SNS nails here. Sadly, non-acetone removers don’t work very well on dip powder nails.

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

The Pros of SNS Nails

SNS nails are quite well known and only increasing in popularity. These nails last long, so it is worth spending on them. A few pros of SNS nails are mentioned below:

1. Robustness

SNS Nails can last several weeks without damage. This is almost certainly the biggest advantage of SNS nails. They last a long time, and look great while you have them. They can keep going for up to a month, which is pretty solid compared to other types of fake nails!

2. Odor-Free

A huge benefit of SNS nails is that they are completely odor-free. Whether you apply SNS nails at home or go to a professional, these nails will not smell or have any artificial fragrance.

3. Clean

Another huge benefit of SNS nails is that they are not too messy. Unlike other nail-applying techniques that can take too long or get too messy, this technique is quite neat. It allows you to take your time.

Plus, with SNS, you won’t spend a long time using cotton pads to clean the skin at the side of your nails.

4. Comfortable

The process of applying SNS nails is quite comfortable. You barely get any powder on your nails and do not even have to expose your palms to potentially-unsafe UV light.

5. Easy to Apply

Compared to many of the other common manicure types, dip powder nails are easier to apply. There’s no harmful UV lamp involved, no need to cure anything, not a whole lot of painting, no shaking bottles, etc.

6. They’re Quick to Do

SNS nails allow you to save a lot of time. Compared to many other nail treatments, they take less time and last much longer.

7. They’re Creative

If you like expressing yourself through your look, SNS nails are for you. These nails come in various vibrant colors, so you can choose different colors for different looks. You can create really natural-looking nails (just better) or you can go wild and create exaggerated, heavily decorated talons.

You can typically mix different powder brands, but you should avoid mixing the liquids from different brands if you can avoid it.

The Cons of SNS Nails

SNS nails have many pros, but they do have some cons, too. Here are a few of them:

1. The Removal Process

Even though applying SNS nails takes less time compared to other nail styles, removing them is fairly difficult. The process of removing SNS nails is quite long, and if you rush, it can very easily damage your nails. You’ll almost certainly be using acetone, which is the easiest way to do it. But it can be harmful to your fingers.

This is why it is essential to never skip any steps when removing SNS nails — and it’s a good idea to go to a salon and have them removed, if possible.

Again, see our article on removing SNS nails for more information.

2. Sanitary Issues

One of the biggest concerns that come with SNS nails is that they can be quite unsanitary. If you are going to a nail salon to get SNS nails, make sure the dipping powder is freshly poured, and that any excess powder that has touched your nails gets thrown out!

It should be placed in a separate bowl for you to dip your nail into, and you should not be dipping your fingernail into a pot that someone else dipped their nail into.

Most salons should do this by default, but it’s possible some try to cheat in order to save money. If you see this occur, it’s time to find a new salon!

If you’re doing it at home, chances are you are probably the only one using it, so you will not have to worry about fungus and bacteria.

3. Cost

One of the big downsides of SNS nails is their cost. They tend to be more expensive to apply and remove than acrylics or gel polish. On the other hand, if you can get the methods down, they’re a great option to DIY, and the cost goes WAY down.

4. Bonding Agents

SNS nails are mostly safe, but some bonding agents like glue can damage your nails. If you apply a full coat and then reapply multiple layers, the nail can start to get too thick. it might also be a little hard to take the nail off later.

Dip powder nails can also become less flexible than gel polish.

Final Thoughts

SNS Nails are certainly worth trying, and can be a really beautiful nail finish once you’ve learned how it all works. Dip nails can look really spectacular, they can last a long time, and if you’re doing them at home, they’re sanitary and cheap. But if you have them done at a nail salon, there may be cost and sanitary concerns.

A final tip: if you are trying out SNS nails, make sure to practice self-care and learn how to remove them properly, without damaging your nails. Ideally, go to a salon to have them removed the first few times so you learn how it works.

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