What Does Nail Dehydrator Do?

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Are you a fan of doing your own nails at home? You can certainly save a ton of money by doing that! 

To DIY successfully, you have to have the right tools, materials, and skills. In your stash of products that you use, do you have a nail dehydrator? Are you familiar with them?

What is a nail dehydrator, anyway? What does nail dehydrator do to your nails?

Nail dehydrator preps your nails to help your manicure last longer. It’s very useful!

In this article, we’ll go over what nail dehydrators are used for. Then you can decide if you really need to use it, or if you could get away with skipping it. 


What Does Nail Dehydrator Do?

Nail Dehydrator

When you hear the term nail dehydrator , what comes to mind? For many, it can seem like a bad thing for your nails because you are going to remove moisture from them!

Dehydrating the nails isn’t actually a bad thing. It is a step that prepares your nails before you use any nail polish, gel, or acrylics. 

If you go to a nail salon, nail dehydrators are commonly used — even if you don’t notice them. The main reason for the use of nail dehydrators is to improve how the nail polish, gel, or acrylics stick to your natural nails. No more peeling, bubbling, etc.

This is a good thing because it helps make sure that your manicure or pedicure lasts longer.

The nail dehydrators will prepare your natural nails and make them a suitable surface for other nail products that you are going to use.

It does this by dissolving any oils or residue that is on the nail surface. 

With that, you create a smooth and clean surface, which enables your nail products to stick better. 

Is A Nail Dehydrator The Same As A Nail Primer

Nail Dehydrator and Primer

One of the most common confusions about nail products is between nail dehydrators and nail primers. Some think that they are the same thing.

However, they are not. 

Usually, nail dehydrators are the first things you apply after cleaning the nails. After that, you can apply the nail primer  

Nail dehydrator is a good product to apply before the primer. It prepares the nails for primer. The primer can sometimes be used as a base coat for the manicure. 

It is possible that nail primers have a little bit of nail dehydrator mixed into them already.

However, that still doesn’t compare to the effect and advantage of applying a whole coat of dehydrator on the nail. 

Another function of the nail primer is to protect your natural nails from the harsh chemicals that could be in the nail products that you’ll be using afterward. 

Although nail primers are great to use, they still cannot be used as a direct alternative to dehydrators.

If you don’t use a dehydrator, you should figure your manicure will not last as long as if you had used a dehydrator. 

Dehydrating Your Nails

Nail Dehydrator

If you haven’t yet got a nail dehydrator, it is best to get one if you want your manicure or pedicure to last longer.

A nail dehydrator usually comes in a bottle that looks that’s similar to that of other nail polishes. 

You apply it to your nails just like you would a coat of nail polish.

There are different kinds of dehydrators available. When selecting a nail dehydrator, make sure you get one that is quick-drying. Otherwise, you will have to wait a while for it to dry before applying your other nail products. 

After a coat of dehydrator is applied to your nails, you may see that it appears the dehydrator is evaporating. It usually does, but it is best to make sure that the dehydrator is properly dry. Wait for a minute or two before applying your first coat of polish. 

Usually, a single coat of dehydrator is enough. But some may apply two coats. Applying over two will almost certainly over-dry the nails, so avoid pushing it too far.

Should You Use A Nail Dehydrator?

Nail Dehydrator

Are you still unsure about using a nail dehydrator? There are various benefits to using one, which is why many love using it. 

First of all, it creates a surface that will help the acrylic nails stick better. They also help prevent your nails from chipping. 

The coat of nail dehydrators could also create a smoother surface for the nail polish. It can do this by filling out the ridges that you may have in your nails. 

Also, the drying time is quick, so you will barely notice the additional step. It’s a small change, but will potentially get you another day or so out of your manicure!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).