Why Is My Hair Wavy And Curly Before I Brush It?

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Regular daily brushing of your hair helps you clean it up, and style it, and keep it healthy.

After washing your hair and before using your brush, have you ever looked closely at your hair? Have you ever asked, “Why is my hair wavy and curly before I brush it?

Some people have wavy and curly hair before using their brush but after brushing, it turns to straight and frizzy hair. The main reason for this is your natural state: you may not have straight hair, but instead naturally wavy hair!

Let’s talk more about what brushing does to your hair and why your previously curly hair frizzes after brushing. 


Why Is My Hair Wavy And Curly Before I Brush It?

Many people don’t realize that they have curly hair until they stop brushing it!

If your routine is to wash your hair and brush it and end up with somewhat straight hair, you’d always believe that you have straight hair. 

However, if there’s a time that you forgot to brush your hair, you’ll notice that it looks a bit wavy or curly. Then after brushing it out, you’d see that your hair becomes frizzy

When this happens, your hair won’t look curly or wavy anymore.

Most often than not, it will look like poofy hair because of the frizz. 

The reason for this is because of friction. As you brush your hair, friction is produced. Additionally, the hair strands will be separated and not clumped.

The reason for this is because of friction. As you brush your hair, friction is produced. Additionally, the hair strands will be separated and not clumped.

Although the hair is still curly and wavy, it would appear dry and frizzy due to brushing. 

The Right Way To Brush Your Curls

Although you can still brush your curls, there’s a correct way to do it so that you don’t ruin your curls. Brushing your hair is still great whether it is curly or straight because it helps detangle it.

1. Brush Your Hair While It Is Wet

When brushing your curly or wavy hair, always remember that it is often better to do that when it is still wet. When the hair is wet, brushing it won’t lead to frizzing so you don’t have to worry about that. 

When brushing your curly or wavy hair, always remember that it is better to do that when it is still wet. 

If you brush the wavy hair when it is already dry, you will lose the curl definition. On the other hand, if you have kinky hair and you brush it while it is still wet, that could help with the curl definition and detangling. 

Note that towel-drying your hair properly is a good method, if you’ve got the time.

Brushing curly or wavy hair when it is dry doesn’t only affect how it looks. It can cause your hair to break due to the tension while brushing. 

Also, in case you find a knot on your hair, the best thing to do is moisturize the hair first so that the knot can soften and loosen before you go at it.

That will help you better and easily detangle it. 

2. Moisturize Your Hair

One of the reasons why you may feel challenged when brushing your hair is when it is not properly moisturized. When that happens, it could easily get tangled and the brush will have a difficult time going through your hair. 

When done properly, brushing shouldn’t be difficult to do. It shouldn’t hurt, either! You could use castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. to help with your hair health and to make sure that your brush will easily go through it. 

3. Section Your Hair

When brushing your hair, don’t just start from the top and brush down. This is especially true if you have more or thicker hair. Section your hair so that you can easily remove the tangles. 

After sectioning your hair, start brushing from the bottom first. That will help remove the tangles on the bottom part of the hair, and you can gradually move up to the top. Using a moisturizer like water will help you remove the tangles and knots. 

After brushing, divide the sections into two and twist them together to help the curls form. You can scrunch the hair up so that you’ll see the little coils form. 

4. Use Your Fingers Or A Wide-Toothed Comb Instead

Aside from brushing your hair when it is wet, another option would be to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. These can still help you detangle your hair without pulling on them. 

Once you find a tangle or knot, you can immediately stop before you stretch the hair too much and break some strands. Brushes can snag more on the knots and the bristles can get stuck on the tangles more likely than a comb. 

If you can’t detangle the knot with the brush, you should do it with your hands. This is a gentler way to remove the knots and tangles without breaking the hair.

Selecting A Brush For Your Curly Hair

If you want to brush your hair, you shouldn’t just select any available brush. You need the right brush for your hair. Take a look at the bristles and handle of your brush. 

First of all, select a brush that has a good grip. No matter what type of hair you have, having a brush that has a good grip or handles helps you easily maneuver the brush. 

Next is to select the bristles. Boar bristles  are best for those with curly hair but you can select those that are nylon. You should stay away from roughly textured bristles because it causes more snagging and friction.

Another thing to look for is wide-spaced bristles. These are better because they help easily detangle the curls. Apart from being separate, they should be flexible so that they don’t disrupt the curl pattern. 

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