25 Styles of Black Hair with Highlights: Reveal Your Radiance

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When it comes to hair color, jet black hair stands out for its depth and intensity. But who says black has to be monochrome? The latest trend infuses these dark tresses with imaginative highlights, adding dimension and a playful twist to the classic shade.

Whether it’s a subtle hint of color or a bold contrast, highlights can transform almost black hair into a canvas of creativity. From sleek bobs to flowing waves, each style offers a unique way to showcase these stunning highlights.

Here’s a collection of 25 hairstyles that perfectly blend the richness of luscious black hair with the vibrancy of various highlights.


Black Hair with Highlights

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Almost Black Bob With Graceful Hints of Pewter

A chic bob that masterfully blends almost black tones with graceful pewter highlights, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Lustrous Chestnut Balayage Waves

Dive into the depth of these long, luscious curls, where a deep black base is kissed with chestnut balayage highlights, offering a luxurious and multidimensional look.

Almost Black Hair With Dark Magenta Peekaboo Highlights

This style surprises with dark magenta highlights peeking through in peekaboo highlight style, adding a hidden layer of vibrancy to the almost black base.

Chin-Length Blunt Bob With Auburn Hints

A sleek, chin-length bob that subtly incorporates auburn hints into its almost black base, providing a gentle color contrast.

Almost Black to Smoky Grey Ombre

Transitioning seamlessly from almost black to smoky grey, this ombre-style is a modern take on classic elegance.

Dark Chin-Length Bob with Chestnut Highlights

This dark, chin-length bob is elevated with chestnut highlights, offering a classic look with a twist.

Almost Black With Reflections of Silver

Subtle yet striking, this style features almost black hair enlivened with delicate reflections of silver, perfect for a touch of glamour.

Black Face-Framing Curls With Flashes of Chestnut

These face-framing curls in black boast flashes of chestnut, highlighting the skin tone beautifully and adding warmth to the flirty style.

Long Black Pixie With Side Part

This long black pixie cut features a stylish side part, maintaining a sleek and chic simplicity.

Dark Curls With Golden Highlights

Golden highlights woven through dark curls bring a radiant, sun-kissed effect to this captivating hairstyle.

Deep Jet Black Waves With Highlights of Silver

Deep jet black waves are accentuated with shimmering silver highlights, adding a mysterious and enchanting allure.

Dramatic Bob with Ashy Highlights

A dramatic bob cut that stands out with its ashy highlights and money pieces, creating a bold and edgy look against the dark base.

Chic Long Pixie with Sunlit Coffee Accents

This stylish long pixie cut is transformed with sunlit coffee highlights, creating an effortlessly chic look that’s as dynamic as it is sophisticated.

Long Straight Dark Hair With Blond Balayage

Blond balayage adds a striking contrast to this long, straight, dark hair, creating a look that’s both daring and graceful.

Long Waves With Silvery-Blue Reflections

These long waves showcase mesmerizing silvery-blue reflections, adding a unique and playful pop of color to the dark base.

Shoulder-Length Black to Cobalt Ombre

A daring shoulder-length wavy ombre that transitions from black to a vibrant cobalt, perfect for those looking to make a statement.

Neck-Length Waves With Blond Balayage

These neck-length waves are elegantly transformed with blond balayage, blending classic style with contemporary flair.

Long Wavy Dark Hair With Ash Blonde Money Pieces

Long, wavy dark hair is given a fresh twist with ash blonde ‘money pieces’ framing the face, and ash blonde balayage for a trendy, modern look.

Sleek Ash-Infused Bob: A Modern Classic

Elevate your style with this sleek neck-length bob, featuring a modern ash color infusion that creates an effortlessly chic and contemporary look.

The subtle graduation of almost black at the roots to lighter ash tones towards the ends brings a sophisticated dimension to this timeless cut.

Shoulder-Length Dark Bob With Platinum Money Piece

This shoulder-length dark bob features a striking platinum ‘money piece’, adding a bold and chic contrast to the dark tones.

Shoulder-Length Waves With Mocha Highlights

Mocha highlights add a rich, inviting warmth to these shoulder-length waves, creating a look that’s both cozy and stylish.

Final Thoughts

These hairstyles showcase the versatility of almost black hair when paired with highlights, offering a range of options from subtly sophisticated to boldly avant-garde.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).