Can You Use Eyeliner on Your Eyebrows?

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Many people wonder Can You Use Eyeliner on Your Eyebrows? The answer is yes, you can use eyeliner on your eyebrows.

Heck, you can even use regular coloring pencils, according to the Internet.

But does that mean you should? Probably not.

You didn’t come here for that, though, did you? You came here because you don’t have any brow products at hand right now, and you need to fill in those sparse and thin eyebrows.

Well, here are a few ways you could do so. So can you use eyeliner on your eyebrows? We’ll draw it all out for you below!


Can You Use Eyeliner on Your Eyebrows?

First up is eyeliner.

Now, most beauty gurus and makeup artists will not approve of this method. Eyeliners are generally softer and creamier than brow pencils, resulting in smudging later on in the day.

They’re made to go on your eye, so they must glide smoothly. 

Eyeliners are also very pigmented as compared to your eyebrow pencils. Another downside is that eyeliner has a more shiny finish than brow pencils, which give a matte look. 

Eyeliners are generally softer and creamier than brow pencils, resulting in smudging later on in the day.

If you still decide to use eyeliner, make sure you have the right shade. Many women have been using this method since brow products became popular around a decade ago.

Line your brows with the liner until you have your desired shape. Be very soft and controlled with each of your strokes. With a light and feathery touch, fill your brows with eyeliner. Finally, brush your brows with a clean mascara spoolie, and voila!

You hopefully have brows that don’t look too dark!

Some women even go so far as to use eyeliner as a lip liner.

What About Eyeshadow?

A more popular and trusted product to enhance your brows with is eyeshadow. Eyeshadows have been used for a long time to fill in any bald spots or give the appearance of thicker and fuller hair. 

Although you won’t get the same precision as an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner, you have a good chance of getting the same shade.

Shadows also have a similar formula to brow powders, so they have often been used to fill in eyebrows.

Make sure you use a matte shade, one with no shimmer, no shine, and no sparkle. Use a clean, angled eyeliner brush.

Slightly dampen the brush so that it can pick up more product. Then, using very light strokes apply the shadow onto your brows. 

If you’re not careful, it can give a rugged look. So go easy on the application and build it up slowly. Give a final brush with a clean spoolie to even them out and blend the shade evenly.

Mascara Can Work Too, Right?

This one seems crazier than the eyeliner, but if you already have nicely shaped brows and want to darken them up, this could work for you.

Some makeup artists state that there isn’t much difference between a lash mascara and a brow gel. 

Some makeup artists state that there isn’t much difference between a lash mascara and a brow gel. 

Makeup professional Joanna Luhrs says, “Using a lash mascara in place of a brow gel can definitely create a fuller, more dramatic effect. I also find that mascara has a stronger hold compared to a gel. If you are looking for a more natural, less full-on brow, then try a gel.”

First, brush out your brows with a clean spoolie, and then apply a coat of mascara. If a single coat isn’t enough, then apply another coat to the areas that look sparse and uneven.

This method will give a bolder and darker look. 

Since there is very little control in this method, avoid shaping the brows with mascara.

Rather, focus on making them look full and even. Lastly, use a cotton swab and makeup remover to eliminate any streaks or uneven application.

You Can Also Use Color Pencils!

Yes, we weren’t joking when we said that you can use colored pencils as makeup.

While it may seem completely absurd, professional Korean makeup artists like Son Daesik and Park Taeyoon have actually used Prismacolor Ebony Pencils to fill in eyebrows.

Color pencils give a softer, more natural look to the face, which is really what Korean beauty is about.

Pencils also don’t budge, some stay on for the entire day!

Let it be known that color pencils are safe to use on human skin since they’re made of a mixture of clay and graphite, or carbon powder.

That said, take care that you avoid getting it into your eyes or any breaks in your skin.

Find a shade that suits you. In the case of color pencils, brown colors often have a reddish hue to them. Gray-black shades are often preferred since they’re not very harsh. Before using the pencil, make sure that it does not have a very sharp point, as that can be abrasive to the skin.

The tip should have an edge but avoid making it too sharp. Using light strokes, shape your brows and then fill them in. You will end up having soft, full, and natural-looking brows.

Bonus Tip

Start applying these products at the center of your brow to get a more defined arch and more natural inner corners.

For even more definition, clean up the edges of your eyebrow with your concealer with any of these methods. 

To further enhance your look, tap on a little highlighter on your brow bone or use white eyeliner.

Apply some brow gel in a back-to-front and then front-to-back motion to seal the look. 


Remember that there are no hard and fast rules for beauty, fashion, or makeup! Breaking the rules is part of the game.

Eyeliners have been used as brow pencils, and brow pencils have been used as eyeliners many times by many people.

Lipsticks are dabbed on cheeks, and blush is applied as lipstick. It all comes down to what’s convenient, fun, and, most importantly, what suits you. 

Experimentation is great, just remember to keep everything sanitary. If you’ve put your lips on it, you don’t want to be smearing it all over your face.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).