Mascara On Eyebrows, Can You Use It?

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Are you down for another makeup hack? As we all know, many makeup products can be used in multiple ways. Have you ever used your lip tint as blush, your eyeliner as lip liner, your eyeshadow as contour, your concealer as your eyeshadow base

One of today’s current trends is using mascara on eyebrows. Does that really work? Can you use mascara on your eyebrows? You surely can! Lots of people have done it and lots are still doing it. There are even mascaras specfically designed for use on the eyebrows .

Using mascara on eyebrows can have varying effects. That will depend on the mascara that you use plus the eyebrows that you have.

Let’s tell you more about this so you can decide whether to try this hack or give it a pass.


The Purpose Of Mascara On Eyebrows

Mascara on eyebrows is a hack that’s been going on for decades. But what is the purpose of it all? Why do you apply mascara to your eyebrows?

Well, there are two main reasons why people do it. The most common reason is to set the eyebrow hairs in place.

Mascara can act as a gel that holds the hair in place. 

When your eyebrows seem like they have a life of their own and seem to stick out in various directions, mascara will help you control them. You’ll get that neatly brushed, almost microbladed eyebrow look. 

The second reason to use mascara on eyebrows is to make them look fuller.

Are you blessed with thicker eyebrows? Or are they as thin and barely visible?

Mascara can help you better define your brows by adding color to them so the brows are more visible. Mascara can also make the eyebrows appear thicker or a bit filled in due to the color. 

Can You Use Mascara On Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrow Mascara

If taming and grooming your eyebrows is one of your goals, you can definitely use mascara to help with that. 

Mascaras are similar to brow gels. Back in the day, brow gels didn’t exist so many used their mascara to keep their eyebrows in place. 

You can definitely use mascara on eyebrows because they are safe to use. Our eyes are very delicate so the products used for your eyelashes shouldn’t be too irritating. 

However, that isn’t to say that it is safe to get some mascara on your eye. Your eye could still get irritated by that.

What we’re trying to say here is that they are safe for the hairs on your eyebrows. They won’t really cause them to fall out or other serious things like that. 

Just remember to carefully choose what mascara to use on your eyebrows. Although you can try them all out, you might not love the results all of them lead to.

Choosing Mascara For Your Eyebrows

Clear Mascara

So you gave in with the trend and tried your mascara on your eyebrows. However, you don’t like the look.

You look like you have two overgrown black caterpillars as your eyebrows. 

Although mascara can be used on your eyebrows, not all of them are compatible with your eyebrows. 

Did you use the No products found. when your natural hair color is a lighter shade of brown?

That can work wonders for your eyelashes. However, it may be too harsh on your eyebrows.

It can look so sharp and too defined that it becomes unnatural.

When choosing a mascara to use on your eyebrows, you first have to figure out why you want to use one. If you simply want to keep the hairs in place, a clear mascara  is ideal. 

How To Use Eyebrow Mascara

You can fill in your brows using your desired shade of eyebrow pencil or powder. Then all you have to do is go over the hairs with a little bit of clear mascara to keep them in place. 

Alternatively, you may also choose a mascara that is close to your natural hair color. Mascaras come in different colors too.

You may want to choose something that is a bit No products found. in color to make it look more natural when applied to your eyebrows.

With tinted mascara, you can expect them to make your eyebrows look fuller. 

Try Mascara For Eyebrows!

Eyebrow Mascara

Most of us don’t really have brown mascara. We tend to buy black ones to really make an impact on our lashes. 

If you are searching the market for brown mascara for your eyebrows, it would be better to search for brow mascara instead. These are available in various shades of brown, similar to eyebrow makeup. 

In that way, you get to buy something that will definitely match your eyebrows. You can use eyebrow mascara  on your own or combine it with other eyebrow makeup products like pencils, powders, or markers.

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Using Mascara On Eyebrows

Whether you are using your eyelash mascara or an eyebrow mascara on your eyebrows, they’ll be quite useful in various scenarios such as the following:

Thicken Fine Eyebrow Hair

Just like eyelash mascara on the eyelashes, you can use it on the hair of the eyebrow to thicken them if you have very fine ones. Mascara can be used to add volume so that your eyebrows will look lush. 

Taming Unruly Eyebrows

Another reason to use them is to help direct your unruly eyebrows. You can apply the mascara on the eyebrows to keep them in the direction that you want them to stay. 

Change Eyebrow Color

Did you color your hair and would like to match it with your eyebrows. You don’t have to dye your eyebrows for that.

A safer alternative is to use mascara. 

To get to the right shade, you might want to use multiple products that will look blended. For example, you can use a dark pencil to fill in the brows.

Then you may select a reddish mascara for the brows. The blended color will go perfectly with brown hair with copper highlights. 

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