Do Hooded Eyes Look Good?

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Are you getting frustrated applying your eyeshadow? You’ve perfected the blend, and it looks great but once you open your eye, your beautiful creation is hidden! That could be due to your hooded eyes. 

In your frustration, you might have asked, “Do hooded eyes look good?” They are absolutely gorgeous. We’re not only saying that to boost your confidence but because it is true! We’ll tell you more about that below.

We also know that you’re not just here for a confidence boost but also to figure out ways on how to make your hooded eyes look beautiful (or should we say more beautiful). 

That’s why we also included some tips on how to apply makeup for hooded eyes in this article. 


Do I Have Hooded Eyes?

First of all, let us help you determine if you have hooded eyes or not. Hooded eyes are described as having more skin on the upper part of the eyelid, which could cover the lower eyelid fully or partially. 

With hooded eyes, the crease is not usually visible. Additionally, your eyeshadow wouldn’t be as visible. The eyes could also appear smaller than they really are. 

This eye is quite common among all populations across the globe. 

Due to this eye shape, some of the popular makeup looks won’t look as great.

Some develop this eye shape due to aging. That may be the reason why some think that this eye shape doesn’t look good. 

Why Do Hooded Eyes Look Good?

Hooded eyes, like any other eye shape, look good. Each eye shape has its own features that make them look good.

Even if the crease looks hidden, hooded can eyes look mysterious, sexy, sultry, and seductive.

Some even describe them as bedroom eyes because they are dreamy and alluring. 

Different people have different opinions about how hooded eyes look. However, one common thing about those with hooded eyes is the difficulty in applying eye makeup. 

Makeup Tips For Those With Hooded Eyes

Tip 1: Use A Primer

Eyeshadow Primer

Transfer of your eyeliner and eyeshadow can happen due to the overlapping eyelid. One way to prevent the transfer and make sure your makeup stays put is to use an eye primer 

Additionally, eyeshadow primers will also help make sure that your eyeshadow’s vibrant colors last longer.

Eye primer is a must-have for anyone who does eye makeup, no matter what their eye shape is. 

Tip 2: Fake Your Crease

Eyeslide Tape

Faking a crease could also help. The simplest way to do this is to use eyeshadow. You can use a medium shade on the area where you want to create your crease.

Make sure you do this with your eyes open.

Then you can deepen that shade by using a darker shade over the line you just created. You can close your eye when you darken the line. 

Another way to fake your crease is to use an eyelid tape . This is usually used by those with monolid eyes to create the crease.

However, those with hooded eyes can also use it to fake their crease. 

Tip 3: The Upward Blend

Another way to help in the application of eye makeup for those with hooded eyes is to blend the eyeshadow upwards. 

Start by using lighter shades at the inner eye and base of the eyelid. Then, apply a darker color at the top outer corner. You should then blend them together carefully using an upward motion. 

That helps create a more lifted look for those with hooded eyes. Limiting the use of darker eyeshadows on the upper corners, away from the eyelids, also helps brighten the eyes and make them look more open. 

Tip 4: The Thinner Eyeliner, The Better

Felt brush eyeliner

With hooded eyes, there is only a limited space for the lid. That means you should make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t take up all this space. 

Using a thin eyeliner is best and you can do that with eyeliners that have a felt brush tip . These are easier to use as they can create thinner lines. 

Additionally, you can also use a white eyeliner  for your waterline. This will help compliment the thin eyeliner. It will also help open up your eyes. 

Tip 5: Don’t Forget About Your Lashes


Apart from carefully selecting the shades to use for your eyeshadow and using eyeliner, another way to help open up your eye is to use mascara  on your lashes. 

If you want to use fake lashes, you can also do so. Just carefully select the ones that won’t overpower your eye but enhance its shape. 

Tip 6: Do Your Makeup With Your Eyes Open

One frustrating thing about applying makeup on hooded eyes is not being able to see it when you open your eye. Usually, we close the eye to apply the eyeshadow. 

However, with hooded eyes, it would be best to do your makeup while they are open. In that way, you’ll be able to see what it will finally look like. 

This is especially true when you are trying to create a fake crease and figuring out where to properly position it. 

Tip 7: Shape Your Eyebrows

When applying makeup on hooded eyes, you should also focus on your eyebrows. They help frame your eye and can help define its shape. 

When doing your eyebrows, it is best not to elongate them too much. That will just make your eyes look tired and droopy. 


All eye shapes look good in their own different ways. However, some people may consider hooded ones as not good-looking because they can be related to aging. And it can be more challenging to apply makeup to hooded eyes.

However, hooded eyes really look good because they are mysterious, sultry, and dreamy looking. You can highlight those characteristics by using eye makeup correctly. 

Some tips to properly apply your makeup for hooded eyes include using a primer, faking your crease, blending upward, using a thin eyeliner, using mascara, doing makeup with your eyes open, and correctly shaping your eyebrows. 

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Written by Kayla Young

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