Can You Use Magnetic Eyeliner With Any Lashes?

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Magnetic eyelashes are great because you don’t have to deal with eyelash glue. All you need is a pair of magnetic eyelashes or magnetic lashes and a magnetic eyeliner.

The great thing about a magnetic eyeliner is that it looks just like a regular liquid eyeliner. You can’t really tell whether you are wearing a magnetic liner or a regular one. 

You might be asking, “Can you use magnetic eyeliner with any lashes?” Well, you absolutely can. However, in that case, the magnetic eyeliner will just act as a regular eyeliner and won’t help attach your fake eyelashes. 

Let’s tell you more about magnetic eyeliners by defining what it is, how it works and how to use it with magnetic eyelashes or with other lashes.


What Is A Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magnetic Eyeliner

A magnetic eyeliner  is very similar to the other liquid eyeliners  that you may have used.

When it comes to pigments, it can also be highly pigmented. 

The main difference is the addition of iron oxides on the magnetic eyeliner solution. The presence of iron oxides is what makes the eyeliner attach to the magnets in your magnetic lashes. 

Note: dual magnetic lashes work differently. . They don’t use magnetic eyeliner. You have to sandwich your natural lashes between a pair of magnetic lashes.

Single magnetic lashes require magnetic eyeliner. 

How Does Magnetic Eyeliner Work?

It is the iron oxides in the magnetic eyeliner solution that attaches to the magnet. With such, you don’t have to use eyelash glue just to attach your fake lashes. 

Different magnetic lashes come in various numbers of magnets attached to them. If you chose one that has a larger gap in the middle, your lashes may not be in a perfect curve shape that follows your eye. 

If you have a pair of magnetic lashes that have no magnets towards either corner of the eye, the lashes can flap due to the wind. You have

to take note of the placement of the magnets in your magnetic eyelashes. 

When you use magnetic eyeliner with magnetic eyelashes, the lashes can better follow the curve of your eye. 

You get to draw where you want your magnetic eyelashes to attach. It is very simple to use and apply to your eye.

If it seems that your magnetic lashes aren’t attaching properly, some suggest applying another layer of magnetic liner and making sure that the line isn’t too thin. 

The magnetic eyeliner also helps simplify your beauty regimen. Instead of applying mascara, gluing your lashes, using the eyeliner followed by a bit of mascara again, you can combine the two steps of using glue and eyeliner. 

Can You Use Magnetic Eyeliner With Any Lashes?

Magnetic eyeliner is meant to be used with magnetic eyelashes because the liner doubles as an attachment point. You can use any magnetic eyelashes with any magnetic eyeliners because any magnet will be attracted to the iron oxides the liner has.

In case you are not using magnetic eyelashes and you run out of regular eyeliner, you can use your magnetic eyeliner as a substitute for your regular eyeliner.

As mentioned above, the magnetic eyeliner is pigmented. It is packed like the usual eyeliner so it works like a regular eyeliner. 

However, if you are thinking of using it as an eyelash glue for any lashes, then you will horribly fail. The liquid solution isn’t sticky like glue and won’t hold your fake lashes. 

Like other liquid liners, it can take a few minutes to dry up. However, when it dries, it won’t be sticky. So it is comfortable to use as a regular eyeliner whether you are using lashes or not.

Can you Use Magnetic Lash Glue with Regular Lashes?

Some people refer to magnetic eyeliner as “magnetic lash glue” because it is used to make the false lashes adhere to your real lashes. Magnetic lashes don’t need true lash glue to use (though technically you could use it if you wanted to).

You can use magnetic eyeliner with regular lashes.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using eyelash glue, magnetic eyeliner is a great way to attach false lashes. This type of eyeliner is pigmented, just like a regular liquid liner. The only difference is the added iron oxide. 

The iron oxide makes the eyeliner magnetic so magnetic lashes can bind. It serves as an eyeliner and as an attachment for magnetic lashes only. All types of magnetic eyelashes can be used with magnetic eyeliners.

If you wish, you can also use it with any lashes, even those that need eyelash glue. However, it isn’t a substitute for eyelash glue, and will only function as an eyeliner.

You still need to attach your fake lashes with eyelash glue, then use the magnetic eyeliner as a regular eyeliner. 

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