15 Awesome E-Girl Hairstyles for Inspiration!

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Thanks to Tik Tok and Instagram, the E-girl style has become one of the biggest subcultures online. The e-girl trend is inspired by a number of influences, including female online gamer, goth, and anime subcultures, with a little bit of 90’s fashion resurgence thrown in.

It’s for this reason that e-girl hairstyles are highly varied.

There is no specific cut for an e-girl hairstyle. In fact just about any hairstyle can be adapted to the e-girl aesthetic by adding pastel or bright colors, bleach or contrasting colored streaks, or high pigtails.


E-Girl Hairstyles for Fun and Inspiration!

So if your inner girlie girl has a bit of an edgy streak you want to embrace and ’90s trends like winged eyeliner and butterfly clips are your jam, we’ve put together 15 of our favorite E-girl hairstyles.

#1. Blonde Front Streaks

Chunky Blonde face-framing streaks are one of the signature e-girl looks.

Credit: Instagram / yviescarlet

#2. Pink Front Streaks

Ramp your e-girl front-streaked hairstyle up a notch by adding an eye-catching color instead. For those with dark hair, you will have to bleach those front sections in order to get a vibrant color.

Credit: Instagram / zalimelverton

#3. One-Sided Stripe

Another version of the above front streaks is to get a chunky highlight in a contrasting color on just one side. Adding a flash of pizazz will take a one-dimensional bob to the next level.

Credit: Instagram / angel.iica

#4. Pastel Pink Peekaboo Highlights

There’s nothing that says feminine, romantic, and girlie like pastel pink. Peekaboo highlights are a great way to add color, whether you want to go bold or subtle, while at the same time being able to decide how much of the color you want to have visible.

So if you’re digging the e-girl trend but want to dial it back a notch, peekaboo highlights are the perfect way to do that.

Credit: Instagram / hairbysroth

#5. Bangs With Highlights

Dial-up the drama to longer hair with face-framing bangs and smokey grey highlights at the front. Loose barrel waves transform thin, lifeless hair into voluminous, luscious locks.

Credit: Instagram / aestdolls

#6. Bold Sectioned Highlights

There is nothing subtle about these highlights.

Whole chunky sections are dyed to create this effect. If you are going for this look, you need to choose highly contrasting colors to make sure it looks purposeful.

Black and platinum blonde makes it a super dramatic look.

Credit: Instagram / faketeeth

#7. Two Tone Pastels

Two-tone hair is another one of the signature e-girl styles. What to do when you can’t choose between two colors?

Use both!

Credit: Instagram / kidjess

#8. High Contrast Two-Tone With Pigtails

This high contrast two-tone hairstyle in high pigtails and barrettes screams e-girl with its half gamer girl and half anime character vibe.

Credit: Instagram / aestdolls

#9. Short Pigtails and Pastel Highlights

You don’t need long hair to rock e-girl pigtails. Just add a little pastel color and center-parted bangs.

Credit: Instagram / alineh_a

#10. Contrasting Bangs

You do not always have to go for bright hair colors to hit the e-girl hairstyle aesthetic. Contrasting bangs in a subtle silver with matching wispy highlights throughout makes this a hairstyle that’s wearable for any occasion.

Credit: Instagram /cakefacedcutie

#10. Anime Blue

Anime characters are a big influence on e-girl cuture. And nothing says anime like blue hair! If you are going all-in for the bright hair, you need to compliment that with some dramatic eyeliner.

Credit: Instagram / elyserox00

#11. Shag-E

Shag hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles at the moment and can be perfectly adapted to an e-girl hairstyle by adding face-framing highlights in a soft pink.

Credit: Instagram / elyserox00

#12. E-Girl Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is also a super popular hairstyle right now. Here it’s been adapted to an e-girl hairstyle with the addition of neon watermelon highlights.

The look is completed with winged eyeliner.

Credit: Instagram / flamingoloungehair

#13. Periwinkle With Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

Capture the playful side of the e-girl look with rainbow peekaboo highlights.

Credit: Instagram / beautybyrue

#14. E-girl Ombre

Capture the e-girl aesthetic with an ombre style that transitions from strawberry blonde to pink and rose gold.  

Credit: Instagram / ombrehairr

#15. Butterfly Clips

Looking for the e-girl look without the commitment of hair color? Add some butterfly clips and a little winged eyeliner, and you are good to go.

Credit: Instagram / nicaphan

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).