Short Layered Bob: 25 Hairstyles for Inspiration!

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Short layered bob haircuts are all the rage at the moment. And it’s easy to see why. Bob styles offer such a variety of styles that can work wonders to give fine hair more volume while taming excess bulk for very thick hair.

Oh, and let’s not forget that a short layered bob hairstyle looks great at any age.

It’s no wonder short layered bob hairstyles are so popular!


Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

From shoulder-length beachy waves, feathery layers, and chin-grazing, texturized cuts to razored, edgy styles, tousled, casual coifs, and sleek, elegant looks – there is a short layered bob style out there for everyone.

We’ve put together 25 short layered bob hairstyles for you. Now is the chance to get inspired to diversify and update your look.

#1. Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Short layered bobs look fantastic on thin and medium hair. But thick straight hair with a short layered bob can run the risk of settling in a bulky, triangular, top-heavy shape.

But the thoroughly texturized ends and heavy layering of this cut work to take out the excess weight that makes for a well-balanced, textured style for thick hair.

Credit: Instagram / stylist.miranda 

#2. Shoulder Length Bob with Textured Layers

It can be daunting going from long hair to a shorter cut! If you are thinking about taking the plunge from long hair to short, but are apprehensive about parting with your long locks, here’s the solution. Go for a shoulder-length bob with long and medium-length layers to ease the transition.

The longer layers still give you a fair bit of length and won’t make you feel like you’ve chopped it all off.  And those longer layers will still give you the movement of longer hair, just without the length…. and the extra drying and styling time!

One of the other added benefits of cutting long hair shorter is that it reduces weight. And you’ll find that your shorter cut will not only feel a lot lighter, but will have more volume and fullness.

Credit: Instagram / robbiedoeshair

#3. Wavy Bob with Highlights

Long wavy layers with highlights create a casual look with added depth. A perfect layered bob style for thinner hair, the blonde highlights and loose waves generate more volume while giving off a breezy, sun-kissed feel.

Credit: Instagram / maxwellmathson

 #4. Rounded Bob with Long Bangs

For a sleek, more elegant bob, opt for a round shape with textured ends, and long layers that seamlessly blend into long side-swept bangs. This style works for any hair thickness and it’s a great cut for any age.

Credit: Instagram / gulevich.vladimir

#5. Short Layered Bob with Full Bangs

A very short bob with layers is perfect for dense hair. Bangs that start further back on the head will ensure thicker hair will be weighed down and not be too bulky.

Ironically, bangs that start further back with thinner hair will give bangs a much fuller appearance, if you are not going for the wispy bang look.

Graduation in the back and layering throughout create a round, soft shape.

Credit: Instagram /

#6. Urban Bob for Thick Straight Hair

Long layers combined with framing pieces and wispy bangs gives this layered bob a sculpted, urban vibe. The choppy layers take the weight out of thick, heavy hair without sacrificing volume.

Credit: Instagram / chrisjones_hair

#7. Chin Length Layered Bob with Side Part

A short layered bob with a deep side part creates a fullness for thinner hair that you just can’t get with a middle part.

And although side parts had fallen out of favor for a few years, they are definitely coming back.

Because let’s face it, anyone can wear a side part and they have a sultry, sexy thing going on.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

#8. Undercut Long Layered Bob

An undercut bob with longer layers in the front allows you to keep a bit of length while keeping the hair off the back of your neck, making this a great cut for hot, sweltering summers.

This cut amps up the volume closer to the crown to give those with medium and finer hair textures more fullness and dimension.

Credit: Instagram / styled_by_carolynn

#9. Shoulder-Length Bob with Wispy Layers and Lowlights

Usually, the longer the hair, the heavier it looks, but this long-layered bob looks as light a feather with the right cut and coloring.

If you’re looking for an airy hairstyle that breathes with freshness, go for wispy layers and subtle lowlights.

Credit: Instagram / styled_by_carolynn

 #10. Short Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

A layered short bob haircut is a fantastic way to style thin hair, as it helps to create volume. It also works to tame very thick hair and stop it from looking lifeless and outdated.

Side-swept bangs give a modern flair to this short layered bob.

Credit: Instagram / sarahprenticehair

#11. French Bob

The French bob style originated in the 1920s. Just slightly shorter than chin-length, this updated French bob with long layers is paired with blunt bangs that sit on the brow line.

The cheekbone length, combined with an eyebrow-grazing fringe, frames the face and accentuates the eyes.

Looking equally cute with the ends curled under or flipped out.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

#12. Bob with Soft Feathery Layers and Wispy Bangs

This short layered bob is not only as delicate and feminine as it is elegant, but it’s also modern. If you are looking to update your look without going to extremes, the soft, feathery layers and wispy bangs are a contemporary approach to a classic style.

Credit: Instagram / adambrodericksalon

#13. Messy Bob

The messy bob is all about effortless casual. Easy to style – all you need to do is add some texturizing product, scrunch and allow it to air dry and you are good to go with amazing-looking hair.

Credit: Instagram / anarabyanalerida

#14. Wavy Bob with Piecey Bangs

For a casual, effortless style, go for mid-length wavy layers with a piecey bangs. As opposed to a full, blunt fringe, especially if you have thicker hair, the piecey bangs lighten the load and uplift the look.

Credit: Instagram / tatiana_kotova31

 #15. Barrel Curl Bob with Peekaboo Highlights

For a stunning, dimensional bob, opt for a style that reveals a flash of unexpected color. Adding curls with a large barrel curling iron will make your peekaboo highlights much more noticeable.

Credit: Instagram / cabelos_coloridos

#16. Asymetrical Ombre Bob

A lighter ombre on medium to dark brown hair will add a whole new dimension to your style. The asymmetrical cut, deep side part, and choppy, tousled layers all come together for a playful and boho-esque alternative to a plain old bob.

Credit: Instagram / prissyhippiebeautyshop

#17. Blunt Bob. But Better

If you are not a fan of the short choppy layered styles that are really popular at the moment and prefer the look of a blunt bob, consider layers! Adding long layers and textured ends will give an otherwise lifeless style more movement and dimension.

Slightly shorter layers at the back will add even more volume.

Credit: Instagram / styled_by_carolynn

 #18. Layered Bob with Alternating Curls

Take your layered bob to the next level. If you are going for a tousled (but not messy) look, curl the bottom, the top, and the middle layers in alternating directions with a large barrel curling iron.

Credit: Instagram / beautybysarahbacius

 #19. Stacked Layered Bob with Side Part

A short shaggy stacked bob with layered side-parted bangs creates a lived-in, casual look. The layers add natural-looking volume, keeping the bulk of the hair at the top, creating an almost weightless feeling.

Credit: Instagram / hairdresser

 #20. Medium Length Bob with Tousled Layers

This mid-length cut is on point with its wavy, tousled tresses. You can rock these locks loose or pin your hair back for a more sophisticated look. This style also looks great in a messy updo.

Credit: Instagram / yukistylist

#21. Orange Layered Bob

Never underestimate the power of color! With everyone sporting the latest trend of short, layered bobs, it can sometimes be hard to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Color is a great way to do that.

The short layered bob lends itself fantastically well to pretty much any color you want to try. This fiery orange color will make sure you don’t go unnoticed.

Credit: Instagram /

#22. Wispy Inverted Bob

Short back layers gradually become longer towards the front is a stunning option for those looking for face-framing hairstyles. Coupled with wispy ends that add more of an edge, this haircut may be just the update you’ve been needing!

Credit: Instagram / spiritsalonlondon

#23. Layered Bob with Color and Shadow Roots

The darker roots showcase the violet color to make this a style that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Credit: Instagram / cutyourhair

#24. Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Give your tired bob an edgy update with shaggy layers. Curtain bangs soften features while highlighting cheekbones.

Credit: Instagram / yukistylist

#25. Layered Chestnut Bob

We are giving you a bit of a head’s up as chestnut will be THE winter hair color this year. A combination of the boldness and warmth of reds and the natural earthy browns makes for a rich color that will warm up any brunette’s hair. Like a blanket in front of the fireplace.

Credit: Instagram /

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).