Undercut Bob: 20 Cuts You Will Love

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The bob has become the hottest haircut of the moment. And it just got a bold update! – enter: the undercut bob hairstyle.

Adding an undercut can not only give an edgier vibe to any bob, but it has become a bit of a necessity. With the soaring popularity of short, stacked, and layered bobs, EVERYONE wants one.

The only problem with that is that some bob styles don’t work as well for really thick hair.

Take an inverted bob, for example. For those with really thick hair, the shorter cut removes the hair that was weighing it down. Without that extra weight, thick hair will just end up totally poofing out and looking completely unbalanced.

What’s a hairstylist to do when their client insists on getting a hairstyle that doesn’t work so well for their hair?!! An undercut is the perfect solution!

An undercut removes the excess bulk of really thick hair so it can accommodate styles that would not normally work with really thick hair.


Undercut Bob Hairstyle Inspiration

As well as being on-trend, undercut bobs are also very versatile! There are options to suit every style and taste.

From understated to brazen, we’ve put together 20 undercut bobs you will love to inspire you.

1. Hidden Undercut Bob For Thick Hair

Credit: Instagram / styled_by_carolynn

If you’ve been wanting to get a layered bob, but you are struggling with extra thick hair, making a shorter cut really hard to manage and style, an undercut might be exactly what you need.

Don’t worry if the idea of taking a razor to your head is way out of your comfort zone – you’re not alone. A visible undercut can give a regular bob an edgy, modern look.

But if you’re going for something a little bit more traditional mainstream, a hidden undercut will have you rocking a layered bob without looking like Mrs. Conehead and still leave you with enough volume for gorgeous hair.

And no one will be the wiser!

2. Long Bob with Hidden Undercut

Credit: Instagram / educesalon

You can add a hidden undercut to any longer bob style. While it’s great to get rid of the excess weight and bulk of thick hair, a hidden undercut can be added as a stylistic choice for even those with thinner hair.

While wearing your hair down, it’s completely hidden, but wearing an updo reveals your little secret. Make an even bigger impact with your undercut by introducing an eye-catching pattern.

3. Stacked Bob With Undercut with Straight Hair

Credit: Instagram / tanyusha_younusova

The cleaner lines of a traditional stacked bob with straight hair looks great on everyone, including more mature ladies. It works well with medium to thick hair.

The undercut keeps the nape neat and makes this a more updated, cool and breezy easy-to-style cut.

4. Steep A-Line Bob with Undercut

Credit: Instagram / hairbykristinagarcia

An undercut at the nape of the neck is required for the sleek A-line angles of this bob. It’s an effortless style that infuses a little fun while still maintaining a mature, professional look, not to mention being really easy to style!

5. Temple Undercut with Short Bob

Credit: Instagram / de.ja.hue

If you want a subtle visible undercut, this is perfect for you. This hairstyle features a short sleek bob with a shaved temple undercut.

The section of shaved hair is barely visible if the hair is not tucked behind the ear, so it is great for those who want to try the look without going all out.

6. Inverted Bob with Undercut

Credit: Instagram / shmoakin_hair

This inverted bob with an undercut at the nape has side face-framing longer pieces at the front. It’s a great choice for those who love volume in the crown area and who prefer getting their hair off the back of the neck, especially in warmer weather.

The undercut removes the excess bulk of really thick hair. If it still seems like too much volume, you can extend the undercut further up, underneath to reign it in.

7. Longer Stacked Bob with an Undercut

Credit: Instagram / shmoakin_hair

The stacked bob is currently having a resurgence. The more modern version is far from the ‘mom’ cut it was kind of known for.

With more texture and a slightly messier look, it’s paired with a temple undercut for a much more contemporary feel.

8. Pixie Bob with Undercut

Credit: Instagram / emilyandersonstyling

Looking to go a little shorter, or growing out a pixie cut? A side undercut will give your pixie bob a dash of fierce. This is a clean, feminine look with a pinch of punk that will keep them guessing.

You never want to lay all your cards on the table, but rather reveal just enough to keep them intrigued and let everyone know they are not dealing with a one-dimensional personality.

9. Curly Bob with Side Undercut and Braid

Credit: Instagram / chloenbrown

Curly hair can be notoriously hard to manage because of the extra volume it creates. An undercut is a great way to de-bulk while adding interest.

The soft curls and added braid give this look a romantic feel.  

10. Asymmetrical Straight Bob with Undercut

Credit: Instagram / giorgioparrucchieribybonaldo

An asymmetrical bob for straight hair is characterized by one side longer than the other, graduating at an angle in a straight line to a shorter side.

This hairstyle allows you to go as daring as you want with the undercut. Undercutting just along the back will keep the lines clean.

Or you take it all the way up the short side, for an even edgier look.

11. Quarter-Side Undercut with Blunt Bob

Credit: Instagram / passionnhustle

Feeling like trying something a little more bold and daring? How about a blunt bob with a quarter-side undercut? An undercut of a contrasting color will make even more of an impact.

This cut can work with finer hair where the undercut stops at just behind the ear on one side.

For thicker hair, you can choose to carry on the undercut all the way around below the top layer of hair to remove the weight and bulk, making it smoother and easier to style.

12. Layered Bob for Straight Hair with Baby Bangs

Credit: Instagram / mslameylynn

Neatly shaved sides and blunt baby bangs give super straight, fine hair a sculptured, sleek look.

13. Blunt Bob with Bowl Bangs and an Undercut

Credit: Instagram / undercut_ral

Be prepared to be best friends with your flat iron and de-frizzing serum to maintain this look. These precisely cut, wrap-around bangs go waaay back and are undercut beneath the overlying hair with shaved sides to the bang line.

This unique and dead-straight blunt cut creates a retro-future, almost androgynous look. This style works best with medium to fine hair.

14. Side-Swept Edgy Undercut Bob

Credit: Instagram / heatheraustrie

Let out your inner wild child with this side-parted bob and edgy undercut. The undercut goes to just above the temple. Depending on how much hair you have and how thick it is, will depend if the undercut goes partially or all the way around.

Make sure you speak to your stylist about what is best for your hair density.  

15. A-Line Bob with Patterned Undercut

Credit: Instagram / _anastasia_shkilevich

While an A-line undercut bob looks fantastic on all hair, adding a bold color takes it to a whole other level. Take it a step even further by incorporating an intricate pattern into the shaved nape.

Having the undercut in a contrasting color makes it an even more striking hairstyle.

16. Choppy Layered Undercut Bob

Credit: Instagram / chloenbrown

If you’re SO over your long hair, a choppy layered bob with an undercut is a shorter hairstyle with a casual, lived-in look.

With a piece-y, wavy, side-swept style, this haircut works well with medium to thick hair. 

17. Purple Bob with Side Undercut

Credit: Pinterest / Sunny_Lee

Short haircuts are perfect for experimenting with color. Long, soft layers with a deep side part gives this cut a soft and sultry look.

When matched with the unexpected purple color and side undercut, it strikes the perfect balance between feminine and fierce.

18. High V-shaped Undercut with Blunt Bob

Credit: Instagram / tomomi_iwata

This style is perfect if you are looking to shed some hair weight. A high undercut removes a large portion of the underlying hair and makes for a super edgy updo and easy styling.  

19. Yoga Top Knot Undercut

Credit: Instagram / hairmastertanya

As long as your bob is long enough to bun it, an undercut is a unique way to give a nod to your interests and lifestyle while keeping your hair out of your face when you’re doing your sun salutations.

20. Pink Punked Out Bob

Credit: Instagram / educesalon

Pink is a shapeshifter. There’s no other color that says feminine, romantic, and sweet like pink. At the same time, pink is punk!

If you are looking to leave no question as to what side of pink you embody, a disconnected choppy bob with a deep side part and a contrasting undercut will leave nothing up for debate.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).