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Foreo UFO Review. An Out of this World Smart Mask

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The Foreo UFO Led Thermo Activated Smart Mask is a powerful beauty product that can improve your skin. It bridges the gap between beauty and technology, bringing modern innovation and power to skincare.

Foreo (pronounced Foray-Oh) is at the forefront of the marriage of skincare and technology. Their Luna 2 is our favorite Sonic Facial Brush, and everything they produce is worth checking out. The UFO is also quite compelling.

The main goal of the Foreo UFO is to enhance the effects and speed of a face mask through the use of vibrations, heating, cooling, and light therapy. In this in-depth Foreo UFO Review, we’ll dig deep to see if the UFO is really Out of this World.

Foreo UFO Review

Let’s start with a very brief video showcasing the Foreo UFO, and then we’ll dig into the specifics.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Warming Function
  • Cooling Capability
  • T-Sonic Pulse
  • RGB LED Light Therapy
  • Smart Device With App

Dimensions and Specs:

  • Size: 4.7 x 3,6 x 15
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces

The Visual Appeal

Foreo UFO Smart Mask

At first glance, the Foreo UFO can certainly capture your attention. It is shaped like a little UFO, and the lights that blink when used bring to mind a space ship. It is a cute device that fits neatly in your hand.

Looking closely at the unit, you will see the beautiful dotted pattern on the back. It is finished in a golden metallic color but is actually made of plastic. The tiny dots aren’t only for design, they also help improve grip.

The sides are made of silicone, with three color choices available: pearl pink, fuchsia, and mint. The front side is designed for a mask to be placed in the middle. The clear plastic that surrounds it keeps it in place. This also provides a path for the different colored lights to access the skin.

Hyper-Infusion Technology

Foreo UFO In Use

As a smart mask device, the Foreo UFO uses hyper-infusion technology so that the ingredients of the masks (sold separately, though one is included in the package) can be easily absorbed by the skin. It does so by taking advantage of how the skin naturally reacts to hot or cold temperatures.

The UFO gently warms up once it is in the thermo-therapy mode. This will feel soothing and relaxing to the skin and will open up the pores. This causes the mask to more quickly infuse into the skin.

There is also a Cryo-Therapy mode, exclusively developed for the Foreo UFO, that helps reduce puffiness and pore size.

One known beauty secret to help reduce the pore size is to store skincare in a refrigerator and use it while it’s cold. With the Foreo UFO, you can do that with a simple touch of a button. The cooling sensation will feel invigorating and refreshing to the skin.

The hyper-infusion technology ensures that the ingredients of the masks are absorbed efficiently and also provides a soothing and relaxing sensation.

Using the Foreo UFO is a luxurious and indulgent experience, perfect for at-home skincare

Sonic Pulse Treatment

Foreo UFO Smart Mask

Aside from the temperature changes, the sonic pulsations that this device produces can also help boost the absorption of the mask ingredients. This patented technology feels relaxing just like having a facial massage.

Apart from that, it also helps boost circulation on the skin and better penetration of light from the phototherapy.

Light Therapy

Another technology included in the device is LED light therapy, a powerful new technique with many benefits. The UFO produces lights in the red, green and blue wavelength, which will painlessly help rejuvenate the skin. The lights are UV-free so you don’t have to worry about tanning your skin or UV-induced damages to the skin.

Different colors of LED lights are used for different skin concerns. Green light is great for pigmentation such as sunspots or dark under-eye circles. It can also help calm down irritated skin. Blue light, on the other hand, is best for acne (similar to these devices for acne) because it targets and kills the bacteria acne vulgaris, which is responsible for some cases of acne.

The red light is used to prevent inflammation, similar to these devices. Some skin conditions that may be due to inflammation include rosacea, acne, and some pigmentations.

The UFO’s light therapy is not the primary focus of the device, but it is certainly a welcome addition!

Smart Skincare Device

This smart device can be controlled fully through the free app. There is a specific pre-set for different kinds of treatments depending on the mask used. This is accessible only through the app but if you don’t install the app, the Foreo UFO can still be used. It will run the “Make My Day” or “Call It A Night” treatment presets.

With the app installed, users can more precisely control the UFO, and users can even personalize their skin profile. The app can suggest which masks are best for your skin type. Also, you can keep track of when you used the mask or even set-up reminders to use the mask to help you keep up with your schedule.

However, Foreo doesn’t recommend using the UFO without the mask. Even if it offers phototherapy, it shouldn’t be used on its own. The results won’t be the same or as efficient when used with any of their activated masks.

Product Assembly And Use

The Foreo UFO is very easy to assemble and use. The first thing you have to do is to download the app and pair it with your UFO device. Once successful, you may now scan the barcode on the mask and it will automatically select which program should be used with the mask.

You can choose to start the treatment through the app whenever you’re ready.

At this time, you can now place the mask in the UFO device.

First, turn your UFO front side up. The front side is the one that has a flat surface. The attachment ring is then removed the mask is placed in the middle. It is secure in place by putting back the attachment ring.

After the assembly, the treatment session can be started through the use of the app. Gently glide the device all over the face in a circular motion. The UFO will automatically switch off once the treatment is done.

Use the remaining essence on the sachet of the mask by gently patting them on the face with your fingertips.

Clean-up is also pretty easy. All you have to do is to remove the attachment ring, remove and dispose of the used mask sheet, and then rinse off the Foreo UFO and let it dry. The mask is 100% waterproof so you don’t have to be afraid of getting it wet.

Foreo UFO Facials In Minutes!

The treatments vary from 90 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on the type of mask used. This length of time is extremely fast as compared to an hour you’d likely spend for a facial. This is because the absorption is enhanced and phototherapy is done at the same time.

This makes it a great beauty product for people who don’ t have a ton of free time to have a full hour of facial. Many customers can’t believe how great their skin feels even if they only had the treatment for a few minutes.

It’s easy to find a couple of minutes for treatment using the UFO. This speed makes it an attractive choice. Facials are so much faster, so you’ll be able to do them more frequently.

Portable And Rechargeable

The Foreo UFO is a portable and rechargeable device so you can even bring it with you on your vacation. It’s small enough to fit your cosmetic pouch and it charges through a USB so you can use it anywhere.

The initial charge is of about 2 hours will get you through multiple treatment sessions before you need to charge it again.

Variety Of Sheet Masks

Korean skincare has popularized the concept of regularly using sheet masks. Foreo has a huge variety of masks that you can choose from, including Korean masks, the Advanced Collection, and the Farm to Face Collection.

The available variety of Foreo Activated Masks are as follows:

Korean Formula:

Make My Day

Foreo Make My Day

This is an everyday moisturizing mask that hydrates the skin and helps protect it from free-radicals and pollution. It contains the moisturizing hyaluronic acid and red algae that areds filled with antioxidants.

Foreo Make My Day Activated Mask for Unisex, 1.47 Oz
Foreo Make My Day Activated Mask for Unisex, 1.47 Oz
Thermo-Therapy opens pores and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface

Call It a Night

Foreo Call It a Night

Ideal for night time use, this mask contains ginseng to help rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, it also has olive oil for softening and nourishing the skin so it feels soft and supple.

Foreo Call It A Night Revitalizing & Nourishing Ufo Activated Mask By Foreo for Unisex, 7count
Foreo Call It A Night Revitalizing & Nourishing Ufo Activated Mask By Foreo for Unisex, 7count
Thermo-Therapy opens pores and infuses the nourishing serum deep below skin’s surface

Advanced Collection:

Shimmer Freak

Foreo Shimmer Freak

This mask is specially formulated for the eye area. It contains caffeine that helps to revitalize the skin around the eye. It makes the skin look more refreshed and radiant. Also included in the ingredients list is niacinamide to even out skin tone and target fine lines.

FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, Shimmer Freak, 1 Count
FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, Shimmer Freak, 1 Count
Niacinamide brings new life to ageing skin with its anti-ageing properties; Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO

Glow Addict

Foreo Glow Addict

Glow addict is a mask formulated for the whole face. Its key ingredient is natural pearl extract that helps brighten the skin for a luminous glow. It also has niacinamide and vitamin E that help achieve a dewy glow and even skin tone.

FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, Glow Addict, 1 Count
FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, Glow Addict, 1 Count
Moisturizing face mask, for an instantly luminous, more radiant complexion; Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO

Youth Junkie

Infused with collagen, this mask helps deal with fine lines and improves the elasticity of the skin. It’s also combined with Vitamin E for protection from free-radicals that cause premature aging. Nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and olive oil are also present to help achieve the youthful plumpness of the skin.


Foreo H2Overdose

For intense moisture, this mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid. It makes the skin more supple and hydrated for a long time. It also has ceramide 3 that helps retain the moisture in the skin.

FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, H2overdose, 1 Count
FOREO 6 Piece Ufo,Activated Mask, H2overdose, 1 Count
Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO

Matte Maniac

Foreo Matte Maniac

With charcoal in the formula, this mask helps clean the face by removing impurities in the skin by drawing them out. It also contains witch hazel and snow lotus extract that soothes the skin and reduces the size of the pores. It’s great for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

FOREO 6 Piece Ufo-Activated Mask, Matte Maniac, 1 Count
FOREO 6 Piece Ufo-Activated Mask, Matte Maniac, 1 Count
Charcoal fights acne and leaves the skin bright, gently removing all toxins and bacteria; Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO

Farm To Face Collection:

Bulgarian Rose

Foreo Bulgarian Rose

This hydrating mask prevents the appearance of dull and dry skin by using Bulgarian rose water. It helps trap moisture in while the rich jojoba seed oil emollient helps restore the skin’s oil balance. With this combination, the skin is left nourished and soft.

FOREO UFO Activated Mask Treatment for Anti-Aging, Bulgarian Rose
FOREO UFO Activated Mask Treatment for Anti-Aging, Bulgarian Rose
Improves skin’s appearance by soothing, toning and hydrating the skin.; Needs to be paired with UFO device by FOREO.

Manuka Honey

Foreo Manuka Honey

A revitalizing mask that helps achieve younger-looking skin. This is formulated with Manuka honey from New Zealand. It contains antioxidants to help fight free-radicals. There is also allantoin in the formula that helps moisturize the skin.

FOREO Manuka Honey UFO activated mask
FOREO Manuka Honey UFO activated mask
Nourishes skin to keep it smooth and soft.; Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO.

Acai Berry

Foreo Acai Berry

For fine lines and wrinkles, this acai berry mask will help produce firmer, plumper and glowing skin. The acai berry is a rich source of antioxidants, which has anti-aging properties. It is also combined with shea butter to prevent dry skin.

FOREO UFO Activated Mask Treatment for Anti-Aging, Acai Berry
FOREO UFO Activated Mask Treatment for Anti-Aging, Acai Berry
Packed with antioxidants to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.; Needs to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO.

Green Tea

Foreo Green Tea

Purify your skin with this green tea mask. It helps soothe irritated skin due to the environment. With the antioxidants in green tea, the skin is rid of various toxins from the environment. The formula also includes Ulmus davidiana root extract for hydration.

FOREO Green Tea UFO-Activated Mask, 6 pack, 1 ct.
FOREO Green Tea UFO-Activated Mask, 6 pack, 1 ct.
Helps soothe skin irritated by environmental stressors.; Rich in antioxidants to help protect and rejuvenate skin’s appearance.

Coconut Oil

For a dewy and radiant glow, the coconut oil mask helps deal with dull skin. The coconut oil is deeply nourishing for the skin. Coconut water is also included due to its vitamin C and amino acid content. These help dehydrated skin come back to life by providing the protein it needs.

Price Vs Value

One of the big concerns beauty junkies have regarding the UFO is the price. It’s not cheap, and you still have to pay for the masks!

However, many users and reviewers are quite surprised by the power and efficiency of the UFO. It takes a 20-minute+ process and turns it into a 90-second process. For many of us, this significant change in timing brings a facemask from an occasional “when I have time” process to a “whenever I want to” process. It truly opens the door to using face masks more often, and therefore, to better skin.

Yes, it has a high price tag. And it’s not absolutely essential. But most users and reviews have sung its praises, saying that the Foreo UFO is worth the cost. They were able to feel the difference in their skin right after their first treatment.

Many reviews comment that the time-saving aspect of the UFO is significant. Most of us can easily spare 90 seconds. But for those of us with busy schedules, finding 20 minutes for beauty treatments can be difficult!

The Bottom Line: Smart Skin Treatments

The Foreo UFO is an innovative beauty product that is quite expensive but is also effective at improving the skin. You’d also have to purchase sheet masks to use it, but it also means you can choose which one is best suited for your skin.

You can target different skin conditions by just changing the mask. And we all know the skin also tend to change through the seasons.

It combines heating and cooling functions with sonic pulses and LED light therapy for that home facial that you can do in minutes.

It’s a luxury item and not a necessity. But when it comes to beautiful skin, sometimes a little luxury is just what is needed!

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