Haircuts For Frizzy Hair: 15 Great Cuts for Inspiration!

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Frizz is a common problem that can ruin your day. The root cause of frizz is generally lack of moisture, processing, or natural hair texture.

The number one game changer for frizzy hair is getting the right cut, regardless if your hair is straight or curly.

In this article, we’re gonna dig into the style bin and go over 15 great cuts that will work with frizzy hair, as well as discuss how to tame the frizz before it gets too bad!


Haircuts To Avoid With Frizzy Hair

Avoid any type of razored cut. A razor is used to create a wispy effect on the ends and this will make your already frizzy hair even more frizzy. If you have frizzy hair, scissors are your best friend – step back from the razor.

If you have straight frizzy hair, avoid blunt, smooth cuts that will require you to use a flat iron and lots of product to keep it looking that way. Think layers!

For those of you with frizzy curly hair, embrace the curls and waves! Don’t go for a style that requires you to fight your natural curl and “smooth it out”!

You won’t win.

Instead work with what you’ve got.

This goes for both those with curly and straight, frizzy hair.

Lack of Moisture or Overprossing

If your hair is frizzy because of a lack of moisture or over-processing, there are several things you can do to combat your unruly mane.

1. Stop Processing!

First of all, stop processing… coloring, bleaching, toning. Give your hair a rest!

2. Hydrate!

Get a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that contains humectants, which seal in moisture.

3. Deep Condition

Use a deep conditioning hair treatment about once per week.

4. Cool it On the Alcohol

By that we mean avoid styling products with alcohol, not your glass of Chardonnay! This includes many hair gels.

5. Keep it Cool

Avoid heat styling – curling irons, flat irons & blow dryers. If you really must use a blow dryer, always use the lowest setting and use a heat protectant spray.

Following these steps above will do wonders for getting your frizzy locks rehydrated.

Now if your natural hair texture is frizzy – it happens, all of the above will go a long way to help you as well. And there are also various anti-frizz serums available that will discipline uncooperative tresses.

Another thing you can do is to make sure you are using the right styling tool, as in brush, comb, pick.

Using the wrong styling tool for your hair can make your hair look much frizzier. If you have curly hair, brushing it will just make it more frizzy.

Using the wrong styling tool for your hair can make your hair look much frizzier. If you have curly hair, brushing it will just make it more frizzy.

One thing you need to realize is that curly and frizzy are not the same thing. Curly hair can be frizzy, but straight hair can also be frizzy.

What’s The Right Haircut For Frizzy Hair?

There is no one-size-fits-all “right haircut” for frizzy hair. The haircut that’s right for you will depend on your hair.

The good news is that you have options! What’s even better news is that all of the latest trending hairstyles actually work with frizzy hair.

This is why we’ve put together 15 of the best haircuts for frizzy hair, from short to long and for curly and straight.

The Pixie

There’s no more sure-fire way to deal with frizz than to cut it off! While the idea of getting a really short haircut may seem like taking things to the extreme, you’re probably here reading this because you’ve had enough of your frizzy hair.

And chances are you’ve been feeling this way for quite some time.

Maybe a drastic change is exactly what you need!

There are so many reasons to think about a pixie, apart from doing away with a lot of that frizz.

Not only will your shampoo last you forever, but there’s a lot less hair to style and a lot of pixies are literally just wash-and-go.

The pixie has evolved to include different styles that incorporate longer bangs, different textures, and layers that have made the pixie so versatile.

Regardless of your hair type, face shape or age, there is a pixie cut out there that will suit you.

Regardless of your hair type, face shape or age, there is a pixie cut out there that will suit you.

1. Classic Pixie

While some of the newer hybrid pixie cuts do require a little more styling and more regular trimming to keep them from losing their shape, the classic short pixie is about as low-maintenance as you can get and it’s so super cute!

Credit: Instagram/ christinaperez93

2. Spikey Pixie

The great thing about pixies is that they are short! A little styling product goes a long way without making your hair look heavy or like it needs to be washed.

As long as you’re using hair products that don’t contain alcohol (which are killer dying for your hair) and you don’t need heat styling tools, you can pretty much rock any pixie cut, even with your frizzy hair.

Credit: Instagram/ foreverpixie

3. Asymmetrical Pixie for Straight Hair

Now if you want to go a little more au-naturelle, this asymmetrical pixie for straight hair doesn’t require as much styling product.

Lots of short choppy layers cut back on the frizz and whatever you have left just adds to the texture.

Credit: Instagram/ desertforesthairdesign

4. Asymmetrical Pixie for Curly Hair

An asymmetrical pixie cut for thick curly hair is a great choice.

Short curls are easier to maintain. And this cut still lets you flaunt your curls without a full head of them to take care of!

Credit: Instagram/ pabloquefez

The Bob

While a dead-straight, blunt bob will do you no favors if you have frizzy hair, there are a whole host of other bob styles that work particularly well with frizz.

5. Textured Bob

Fine hair has a tendency to be frizzy, more so than thicker hair. A textured bob is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

A textured bob will not only add volume, but textured layers will make frizz less obvious.

It’s one of those great styles that’s meant to look a little messy so your frizz will fit right in!

Credit: Instagram/ salsalhair

6. Stacked Messy Bob

A stacked bob is cut shorter at the back and longer at the front. This is a style that is not only great for cutting out excess bulk of really thick hair, but it also adds more volume to finer hair, concentrating the volume at the crown.

And though the straighter, smoother, stacked bob has been (in certain circles) referred to as the “Karen” haircut in the past, this definitely ain’t that cut.

The more updated and super trendy stacked messy bob won’t have people running away from you afraid you’re going to ask to speak to their manager.

Not to mention it’s another great cut that’s good for masking frizz!

Credit: Instagram/ shmoakin_hair

7. Wavy Bob

Surf’s Up!

The wavy bob is another great cut that has a bit of beachy, wind-blown vibe. This means it’s perfect if you have frizzy hair.

It’s a look that’s meant to be a bit tousled, so you have a leg up on all the smooth-haired gals who need to use a texturizing spray to get this effect!

Credit: Instagram/ styled_by_carolynn

8. Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

Again if you’re working with curls that can get a bit frizzy, don’t fight it. Let your curls fly free!

Pair them up with baby bangs to balance out the mayhem. Blunt-cut bangs aren’t always easy with curly hair. So to get the straight angled look, the shorter the better.

As long as your curls aren’t super tight, half a squirt of hairspray over a barrel brush is all you really need to get this look.

Credit: Instagram / handcrafted_curls 

9. French Bob

This updated version of the French Bob has all of its classic defining characteristics – slightly shorter than chin-length, with blunt bangs that sit on the brow line.

Even the trending version of the French Bob has textured layers and a tousled look to it.

This is great news if you have frizzy hair – the messier the better.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

10. French Bob For Curly Hair

The French bob on curly hair is just as, if not cuter, than its straight cousin.

And again the look everyone wants right now is tousled and natural.

Credit: Instagram/ tigereyehair


The Shag

If ever there was a haircut that was meant for working with frizz, it’s the shag cut.

It’s slightly unkempt and effortlessly cool vibe appeals to a wide range of people… not to mention its low-maintenance, pretty easy styling.

It’s a great hairstyle that screams “I woke up like this” yet still looks sultry and feminine.

The best part is that your frizz will actually make the shag even better.

11. The Shag For Thick Hair

Adding long, shaggy curtain bangs to complement long, short, and mid-length layers in thick, slightly wavy hair gives this style a truly raw and wild look — thanks in part to frizzy hair refusing to be tamed.

Adding long, shaggy curtain bangs to complement long, short, and mid-length layers in thick, slightly wavy hair gives this style a truly raw and wild look — thanks in part to frizzy hair refusing to be tamed.

Heavily layered cuts, like the shag, long curtain bangs, and frizz go together like rock and roll.

Credit: Instagram/  rachelwstylist

12. The Shag For Fine Hair

A medium-length shag with blunt bangs is optimal for thin hair if you want to wear your hair tousled and care-free.

Blunt cut bangs ensure you’re not losing volume up top, while the longer, wispy bang (frizzy is the new wispy, btw) layers give it an almost ethereal look.

Credit: Instagram/ salsalhair

 13. Short Shag

Shag cuts aren’t reserved for only those with long hair. They can look great on short hair, too!

A shorter shag is better for thinner hair, as the different lengths add more volume.

Due to its casual look, a short shag requires very little styling and your frizzy hair will just complement the look.

Credit: Instagram/ desertforesthairdesign

14. Curly Shag with a Full Fringe

The shag is all about the layers.

Long curly locks can be a handful, but adding shag layers will make styling easier. Soft, shaggy layers with curly, thick hair and a full fringe create a casual, lived-in style that will make any frizziness look like it was always meant to be there.

Layers also help to define curls by taking some of the weight out that’s pulling them down.

Credit: Instagram/ salsalhair

15. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Frizzy Shag

The woman in this photo does not have frizzy hair, but they’ve razor-cut it (and used a few styling products) to get this effect. This is why we said earlier to avoid any sort of razor cutting if you have frizzy hair because it will just make your frizzy hair look even more frizzy.

But this goes to show you that frizz is in!

Lucky for you all of these hairstyles on our list work with hair that tends to get frizzy because of the whole messy, tousled, sexy vibe thing it has going on – but only if you get the right cut!

So all your girls out there with frizzy hair – this is your time to shine!

Credit: Instagram/ salsalhair

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).