30 Chin-Length Hairstyle Ideas

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There are so many reasons chin-length hairstyles are so hot right now.

Chin-length hairstyles are so versatile. Whether you want to go smooth and sleek or layered and choppy, curly or wavy, edgy or elegant, there is a chin-length hairstyle out there for everyone. One of the best things about chin-length haircuts is that you don’t have to choose just one style.

Most cuts can be styled differently with a few styling products to take you from the beach to the boardroom.

Not to mention that the shorter the hair, the faster and easier it is to style!

We’ve put together 30 of our favorite chin-length hairstyle looks for your inspiration.


1. Short Beach Waves

This style is great for all face shapes. It works particularly well to give thinner hair volume. The waves soften the jawline and flatter any face shape. The loose-styled waves at the front and sides add volume and length while keeping it short in the back.

Credit: Instagram / shmoakin_hair

2. Shaggy Stacked Layers

A short shaggy stacked bob with layered side-parted bangs creates a lived-in, casual look. The layers add natural looking volume, keeping the bulk of the hair at the top, creating an almost weightless feeling.

Credit: Instagram / hairdresser

3. A-Line Bob

The classic A-line bob keeps the length at the front and off your neck, giving the illusion of longer hair — almost a neck-length cut.  You can change up your look with this style by parting it to the side or in the middle. Either way, the sweeping front pieces will perfectly frame your face.

Credit: Instagram / ro.hsiqueira

4. Long Asymmetrical Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

This is a slightly longer version of the pixie. It’s almost like a ¾ pixie with a little extra. The back and one side are layered and kept short, while a side part has the top swept over.

Longer layers taper down to about chin length, while a side-swept fringe and a section on the opposite side, which is left longer, complete the look.

Credit: Instagram / kelsey.beautifulreaction

5. Long Pixie

This is also a longer version of the pixie haircut, but instead of the front being longer, this version is more like the pixie mullet. It’s an edgy and stylish option if you think you can pull it off.

A short fringe is paired with lots of layers that graduate to about chin length in the back. Longer layered tendrils are styled in front of the ear. This is a great style for those with thin hair.

Credit: Instagram / lak_salon

6. Curly A-Line with Side Parted Curtain Bangs

Embrace your natural curls! This is a standard A-line cut. It’s shorter at the back and longer at the front.

Curtain bangs have been added so the curls at the front start a bit shorter and gradually get longer to seamlessly blend into the side length.

Credit: Instagram / greysfulcurls

7. Chin-Length Blunt Bob

There is nothing special about the cut. It’s basically straight across the bottom, with a little bit of feathered edging at the ends.

But its simplicity is what makes the chin-length blunt bob a classic and perfect for just about any occasion.

Looking equally great with jeans and a t-shirt, or a cocktail dress. You can part it on the side or in the middle. This is a perfect cut for thinner hair.  

Credit: Instagram / hirohair

8. Blunt Bob with Color

Chin-length cuts are great for adding a splash of color. The classic blunt bob in a fiery copper-orange looks surprisingly chic at this length.

The same color on longer hair would not have the same effect.

Credit: Instagram / chrisweberhair

9. French Bob

The French bob style originated in the 1920s. Just slightly shorter than chin-length, this bob is paired with blunt bangs that sit on the brow line.

Looking equally cute with the ends curled under or flipped out, this vintage style has us saying: “Oui!”

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

 10. Curls with Curtain Bangs

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, a layered bob with curtain bangs is a great option. While long hair weighs down natural curls, this shorter length adds more volume and fullness to waves and curls.

The curtain bangs nicely frame the face.

Credit: Instagram / rodrigues_ricardo

11. Asymmetrical Razorcut

The textured cut generates volume gives this blonde bob a sexy tousled look. The off-center parting frames the face. Very loose and subtle waves and short cut at the nape of the neck are what make this style.

Credit: Instagram / katierosehair

12. Blunt Bob with Bangs

You can’t go wrong with a blunt bob and blunt bangs. As long as the bangs are resting at the brow line, this cut gives off a classy and sassy vibe.

It’s a stand-out style that does wonders for accentuating cheekbones and the jawline.

This style looks great on anyone with a round, square, or heart-shaped face.

Credit: Instagram / teazedxlatavia

13. Side Parted Stacked Bob

Another style you simply cannot go wrong with. Slightly A-line, the stacked layers give this cut volume while maintaining a longer overall length.   

Credit: Instagram / hairdresser

14. Long Textured Layers with Bangs

Textured longer layers give this style a clean and sculpted, yet fun and edgy look that will take you from day to night. This is a great style for both thin and thick hair.

The long layers will add volume to thinner hair, while the same long layers will get rid of the unnecessary bulk of thicker hair.

Credit: Instagram / chrisjones_hair

15. Bob with Widespread Curtain Bangs

The beauty of this style is that it is low-maintenance and takes little styling.

Wearing the hair to the outer edges of the forehead creates a more youthful appearance. This is one of the few fringe styles that will work with a cowlick.

The widespread bangs keep hair away from the face drawing attention to features.

Credit: Instagram / michaela_neu

16. Textured Chin Length Cut for Thick Hair

Chin-length bobs look fantastic on fine and medium hair. But thick straight hair in a chin-length bob can run the risk of settling in a bulky, triangular, top-heavy shape. The thoroughly texturized ends and heavy layering of this cut work to take out the excess weight that makes for a well-balanced, textured style for thick hair.

Credit: Instagram / stylist.miranda

17. Jet Black Dead Straight Chin Length Bob

While everyone is dying their hair blonde, going to the opposite extreme will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Black is mysterious and a little edgy. When paired with a dead straight chin-length bob, you can add ‘sophisticated’ to that list.

Credit: Instagram / nicolasfloreshair

18. Wolf Pixie

The wolf pixie is a hybrid of the short pixie and the layered, choppy wolf cut. It’s a perfect combination of texture and volume, ideal for almost any type of hair texture.

Credit: Instagram / rachelwstylist

19. Razored Chin Length Waves

A razor-cut bob creates a ‘wispy end’ effect. When paired with loose waves, it will add an edginess to your style. This cut will work with any thickness of hair.

But if your hair is prone to frizziness, a razor cut might not be the right choice for you because it will make frizzy hair even more frizzy.

Credit: Instagram / jcamphair

20. Chin Length Cut with Glasses

Bangs can sometimes be difficult with glasses, depending on the shape and size of your frames. Bangs can get caught under your glasses or awkwardly rest on top.

A center-parted chin-length cut is perfect for those who wear glasses, especially if you have a shorter forehead.

Credit: Instagram / hairstylesocial

21. Chin Length Bob with Side Part

A chin-length bob with a deep side part creates a fullness for thinner hair that you just can’t get with a middle part.

And although side parts had fallen out of favor for a few years, they are definitely back! Because let’s face it, anyone can wear a side part and they have a sultry, sexy thing going on.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

22. Gray Blended Chin Length Cut

More and more people are electing to embrace their grey rather than trying to cover it up. That’s all well and good, but it’s kind of hard to embrace if it’s not growing in evenly or your gray is much lighter than your hair color.

Enter: gray blending! 

Gray blending is a technique that involves blending naturally graying hair with colors similar to your natural tone for a more even, balanced overall color. 

It’s an effortless wash-and-wear cut.

Credit: Instagram / anhnguyensalon

23. Chin Length Peekaboo Highlights with Short Hair

Peekaboo highlights aren’t just for long hair! The bright colors of these peekaboo highlights will make people stand up and take notice. One of the big benefits of having short hair is that you can get away with more visible, wildly colored highlights than you would be able to with long hair.

If you are going for higher visibility highlights, for darker hair, choose richer, more saturated colors. Lighter hair will fare better with more muted pastels.

Credit: Instagram / bobbedhaircuts

24. Straight Stacked A-Line Bob

The A-line stacked bob keeps the length at the front and the hair off the back of your neck, giving the illusion of longer hair.  You can change up your look with this style by parting it to the side or in the middle.

Either way, the sweeping front pieces will perfectly frame your face.

An A-line stacked bob works well with medium to thick hair and looks great on those with a round, square, or heart-shaped face.

Credit: Instagram / bobbedladies

25. Chin Length Bob with Money Piece Highlights

Money piece highlights are a type of balayage that involves making the front strips of hair on either side of your face lighter than the rest of your hair.

Because the highlights are right at the front, it becomes the focal point of the hair and draws attention to the face.

Credit: Instagram / spacebyalexbrown

26. Chin Length Wavy Bob with Balayage

Another chin-length bob style, but this one pairs a full fringe with subtle balayage that accentuates the cheekbones and offers more forehead coverage than the bangless bob.

This cut will work with every face shape.

Credit: Instagram / michaela_neu

27. Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

If your hair is finer and has a looser curl, you can achieve baby bangs that cut straight across due to the hair texture and these bangs’ much shorter length. Baby bangs and loose curls add a fun and playful vibe to your style.

Credit: Instagram / handcrafted_curls

28. Chin Length Layered Bob with Deep Side Part

The short, tousled bob with a deep side part is a breezy, lived-in style for thicker hair textures. The deep side part adds more volume, while the face-framing layers make sure all the attention is focused in the right places.

Credit: Instagram /  chrisjones_hair

29. Side Parted Chin Length Cut For Medium To Thick Hair

You’ve grown your hair out – you’ve been waiting so long! And now what do you have? Long hair, yes, but what is it actually doing for you? This is a perfect example of how getting a chin-length cut can make a world of difference.

Even if your hair is thick, length can weigh it down making your hair look thinner, drab and lifeless.

A properly-cut shorter style will accentuate your hair’s natural volume and highlight all your best features. With the right parting and layers for your face shape, you can take your look from plain Jane to sophistication personified, for a whole new you.

Credit: Instagram /  ruteboazhair

30. Edgy Chin Length with Undercut

Let out your inner wild child with this side-parted chin length, edgy undercut. The undercut goes to just above the temple. Depending on how much hair you have and how thick it is, will depend if the undercut goes partially or all the way around.

Make sure you speak to your stylist about what is best for your hair density. 

Credit: Instagram /  heatheraustrie

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).