How Much Makeup is Too Much? Where Should You Draw the Line?

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Makeup can enhance your natural features or transform you into a glamorous model. How much makeup you choose to wear is purely down to personal preference.

But how much makeup is too much? And is there a way to reduce the number of makeup products you need to apply while still achieving the perfect look?

Let’s analyze the concept of “too much” makeup by looking at:

  1. How much is considered too much makeup
  2. Skincare tips that can reduce the need for heavy makeup
  3. Alternatives to thick or heavy makeup


How Much Makeup Is Too Much?

Is there really such a thing as too much makeup?

Society says yes.

Your makeup is your own choice, and is a way to express your individuality. But understand that others will judge you for your makeup choices, that’s just reality.

Your makeup is your own choice and is a way to express your individuality. But understand that others will judge you for your makeup choices, that’s just reality.

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much makeup for many people. Here are a few signs that someone is wearing too much makeup:

  • Their face and neck are two different shades
  • Mascara is clumpy and uneven
  • Too many colors are used on the eyelid
  • Lipstick on the teeth
  • Eyebrows are thick and resemble hairy caterpillars

But what does expert consensus say?

According to the experts, the only way to accurately measure the amount of makeup you wear is by timing how long it actually takes you to remove it!

If your makeup takes more than 15 minutes to remove, you are wearing too much. 

If your makeup takes more than 15 minutes to remove, you are wearing too much. 

This seems a bit unfair when we have just pointed out that the amount of makeup worn depends on personal preference, but wearing too much makeup can damage your skin. 

Skincare Tips for Great Skin

Makeup is great for covering up imperfections.

Got a pimple? Slap some concealer on it.

Puffy, tired eyes? Foundation, concealer, and powder will cover that up in an instant.

Pale skin? Let’s slap on some bronzer and blush to make our skin look tanned. 

But at some point, all makeup products are bound to affect your skin. Treating the underlying problem is better than simply covering it up with makeup. 

Let’s look at a few common skin problems and how to treat them without the use of makeup. 

Dry Skin

The weather, your diet, and various hormonal changes can all affect your skin. Sadly, some people are prone to dry skin and need that extra moisture to keep their skin hydrated and fresh.

A good exfoliating scrub can help remove dead skin cells once a week.

Follow up with a good-quality moisturizer used daily and say goodbye to dull, dry skin! 

Acne or pimples

Hormones and diet are the most common causes of acne and pimples. Keeping your skin clear, drinking lots of water, and using good skincare products can go a long way in treating and preventing acne.

Invest in a good skincare system comprising a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to keep your skin clean and your pores clear. You may also find some success with retinol and the retinoids.

A bottle of spot treatment can also treat those pesky pimples that spring up around “that time of the month.” Another great tip is always to wash your makeup off before you go to bed to prevent your pores from getting blocked.

Pale and dull skin

Some good old vitamin D can work wonders on your skin. There are, however, dangers associated with exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

For naturally tanned-looking skin, consider tanning drops and tanning waters. These new self-tanning systems are great, are easy to use, and are super fun!

Alternatives to Heavy, Thick Makeup

Unless you are going to a glamorous event like a wedding where there will be flash photography, you can make a few changes to your makeup bag to reduce the number of products you need. 

Here are our best makeup tips:

  • Always do your makeup in natural light. This allows you to get a much better look at your skin and see exactly what you are doing.
  • Choose a tinted moisturizer rather than the foundation, concealer, and powder combo to hydrate and lightly color your skin.
  • Choose a lighter blush and only apply this to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Choose one color palette and use variations of that color only.
  • Tint or dye your lashes and brows to reduce the need for mascara.
  • Watch a few natural makeup tutorials to get a glam look with fewer products.

There are various more natural makeup products that women (and men) can use on even the most sensitive skin. See How To Look Beautiful Naturally for more tips.


Using makeup to change your look is great, but using too much can leave you looking like a clown and possibly damage your skin.

While a bare face is possibly the best thing for your skin, a host of natural or “better” makeup products can give you a healthy glow without clogging your pores!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).