How to Cover Bruises on Legs. 5 Ways to Conceal

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You want to wear that dress. You know the one. But how can you flaunt your legs when you have bruises? Oh, your clumsiness the other day has led to this purple bruise that you just can’t seem to easily get rid of.

The only thing left to do is to cover it up!

In this article, we’ll go over how to cover bruises on legs.

You can either use clothing or makeup to cover up the bruises on your legs. If you choose to use makeup, there is a proper way to do it to ensure that your bruise is fully covered.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to do that. But first, let’s talk about bruises and why they discolor the skin.


Bruises And Their Colors

What color is the bruise on your leg? Do you ever wonder why bruises have such a strong color appearance? When you first hit your leg, you might not notice that there is a bruise until later on when a bluish or purple color appears.

This discoloration is due to the blood that has leaked into the tissues.

The good news is that your body knows how to take care of it.

That’s the reason why color changes can be observed. At first, your bruise might appear reddish. It is also possible that there is a bump that goes with it.

Then as the bruise heals, it changes to a bluish or black color in a few days time. 

As another week passes, that bluish or purplish color could change into a greenish or yellowish color. It may also start to fade into a lighter brown color.

As it continues to heal, the discoloration fades until it isn’t noticeable at all. 


The color changes as a result of healing. When a bruise occurs, blood leaks into the tissues. The blood isn’t supposed to be there. So the body breaks it down.

As the components of blood, like hemoglobin, are broken down, the color changes.

That color change may look remarkable. But it can make it more difficult to hide or cover up the bruise. However, with the power of makeup, you can successfully hide that bruise and flaunt your beautiful flawless legs.

How To Cover Bruises On Legs With Makeup

You could easily cover the bruises on your legs with clothing. Simply wear pants or something that is long enough to cover the bruise. However, if you want to show off your legs, then makeup is a great alternative. 

1. Use Makeup for Legs

Leg Makeup Cream

You can use face makeup on your legs. Some of them will work… but there is some makeup that is made specifically for the legs.

They come in a variety of formulations like creams  and sprays .

They are usually waterproof and transfer-proof, too.

Leg makeup can make your legs look flawless. It may also cover bruises that aren’t too obvious, or those that are already fading.

2. Opt For Color Correction Concealer

Color Correction Concealer

Due to the different colors of the bruises, a color correction concealer  can be a good option to cover up the bruise.

The makeup you use should also depend on the stage of the bruises. 

If you have a fresh bruise with a purplish or bluish color, then you should consider using color correction concealers with a salmon or yellow-orange color. This will cancel out the cool tones of the bluish or purplish bruise. 

3. Choose Full Coverage Concealers Or Foundations

Full Coverage Concealer

If you want to use foundations or concealers, make sure that they have No products found. formulas.

These can really cover up the bruises — they can even cover tattoos!

Just make sure to choose the right shade for your legs.

Pick the closest shade you can, or consider mixing shades to end up with one that matches your skin. 

4. Try a Self Tanner

Jergens Natural Glow

Depending on your natural shade, and the level of darkness on your bruise, you could try using a self-tanning product like Jergens Natural Glow  on your legs.

If you have naturally pale legs, you can reduce the color difference between your natural color and your bruise by darkening your leg in general with a self-tanner.

5. Combine Products

To really cover up your bruise, you can go for the full suite. Use multiple products on the bruise.

The first thing you should do is to apply the right concealer. Then you can apply your desired leg makeup. That will not only cover the bruise but will also give your legs a seamless, sexy finish. 

Additional Tips On Using Makeup On Legs

Choose The Right Shade

The shade that you use for your face may not be the right shade for your legs. Make sure that you select the right shade to successfully cover the bruise.

Your face could be a little lighter than the other parts of your body. Don’t assume that what you use on your face is the same shade as what should be used on your legs.

If you are going to purchase new products, make sure that you swatch them on your legs. That is the area where you are going to use makeup.

In that way, you can clearly see if it matches your skin in that area or not.

Be Gentle While Applying Makeup

Although you really want to cover up the bruise, you don’t have to be harsh during the application.

Be gentle while applying the makeup. You need to prevent the bruised area from further damage.

If you’re not gentle enough, you risk further worsening the bruise, rather than just allowing it to heal.

Set The Makeup

Setting the makeup you used to cover the bruise can help it last longer. There are two ways on how you can do that. The first is to use a translucent powder .

Just take note that translucent powder makes the area matte so don’t use too much of it. 

Another way to set the makeup is to use a setting spray . This could either have a matte or a dewy finish. It helps prevent the makeup from smudging.

Final Thoughts

If you want to flaunt your legs but they have bruises, you’d need to figure out how to cover up bruises on legs.

You can use makeup to cover the bruise up. There are makeups that are specifically made for the legs, but you can also use makeup for the face to cover the bruise.

You can use a full-coverage foundation and concealers, a color correction palette, or a combination of multiple products to cover the bruise. You can also try self-tanners as well. Just remember to be gentle with the application and to set the makeup so that it lasts. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).