How To Fix Bent Eyelashes From Sleeping

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When we fall asleep, our bodies are still in motion. If you’re wearing lash extensions or have long lashes, chances are you’ll notice those becoming bent after you wake up. We’re here to answer your question, “How to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping?”

Throughout this article, we’ll explain the reason why your lashes are bending. We’ll give you a few techniques that can help it straight back to normal. By the end, you’ll have enough information to keep your eyelashes in good condition. 


How To Fix Bent Eyelashes From Sleeping

How to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping? Well first of all take your falsies off before you go to sleep. This is just good practice and will help ensure your lashes last as long as possible.

Ok, too late for that. Or maybe you have eyelash extensions, which is a different story.

Moving on.

Start by grabbing the base of your eyelashes with your forefinger and thumb. Make sure you’re targeting the adhesive where your eyelid meets your eyelash. 

Pull the eyelash ends away gently. Your hands need to be parallel to the floor and move horizontally throughout this process. If you notice tears coming from your eyes, stop and then re-grip your eyelashes near the tear line. 

Usually, you can continue to use the eyelashes as long as the tears don’t spread far away from the base. In the event of a tear, having a pair of tweezers is useful. 

Place a damp cloth over your eyelash. This will straighten your eyelashes and heat them up. However, the hot, damp cloth might damage your eyelashes’ adhesive property. So you might need to add more adhesive to the eyelashes. 

How To Fix Crooked Eyelashes

Sleep On Your Back

When you sleep on your stomach or your sides, the adhesive in your eyelashes can shift around. You’ll want to keep your eyelashes above the bedding. This way, they can remain straight once you wake up!

By sleeping on your back, your eyelashes will have reduced pillow contact. When used correctly, you’ll never have to worry about bent eyelashes ever again. 

Does sleeping on your side affect your eyelashes?

Yes, you’ll be more likely to wake up with bent, crooked lashes if you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back can take some getting used to, but it is better for your routine if you do.

Go to a Salon

Getting the help of a lash technician is the most effective method but should be done in severe circumstances. A skilled lash technician will be able to work their magic and restore your eyelashes to their normal appearance. 

Otherwise, the technician will remove the faulty eyelashes and make a new one.

While this isn’t the most cost-effective solution, this might be the only way to make the reflection appear right. 

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Sleep on Silk Pillows

No matter how good your eyelash extensions are, your eyes will appear exhausted, discolored, or puffy without a proper sleep routine. For belly sleepers, this is your excuse to buy some silk pillows.

Still, you’ll want to avoid excessive contact, but the pillows will allow your eyes to glide across the pillowcase. The material is soft enough for your extensions not to drag across the surface, ensuring more longevity for your eyelashes. 

When you try to get some sleep on cotton pillows, there’s a chance that the eyelash extensions will get dislodged. So if you want your lashes to last, go for silk!

Eyelash Serum

You can use eyelash serum to straighten your lashes. It works by promoting healthy growth in multiple areas of your body. Eyelash serums are designed to heal damaged hair follicles on your lashes and eyelids. 

To use eyelash serum, apply it on your eyelids before bed. After consistent application, you’ll start to notice results. 

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How Come My Eyelashes Are Bent?

UV Rays

Your eyelashes are sensitive to sunlight. Too much exposure to the UV Rays can reduce the adhesive’s stickiness, causing the eyelashes to bend. Make sure you avoid tanning beds and overexposure to the sun to keep your lashes straight.

Excessive Pressure

When applying cosmetic products, you can bend your eyelashes if you add too much pressure. For instance, avoid this by placing mascara on the lash line.

When brushing your eyelashes, only do it in short and smooth strokes. This prevents them from bending and gives your thicker eyelashes more volume. 

Bad Hygiene Habits

Like any cosmetic product, you’ll have to make sure you’re clean at all times. Not only does poor hygiene habits cause your eyelashes to bend, but also it can cause bacteria to get into your eyelids. By practicing good hygiene techniques, you’ll keep your eyes clean for the long term. 

Eyelash Curler

You can use an eyelash curler to straighten your lashes. This tool is used to help you curl your lashes before using mascara. It supports multiple types of curlers, including heated metal rollers or mechanical rollers. 

Place the curler on your eyelashes and apply pressure on them. Keep it on for 20 seconds and remove it afterward. 

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How To Maintain Your Eyelashes

Use eyelash primer before using mascara on your eyelashes. Your eyelashes are made of different materials (synthetic fibers, primers, human hair). The primer will ensure that the glue remains evenly distributed through your lash strands. 

Use an eyeliner pencil to define your eye crease. Make sure the pencil is in a color that’s close to your skin tone and line it from the lid’s inner corner throughout the entire area. Then use the product to fill up the extra corners. 

Separate your clumps of eyelashes before adding more mascara if needed. You can get an old toothbrush if you want to clean out build ups from spiky ends. 


Now that you know how to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping, you can remain confident when wearing them. Always give time to properly clean your eyelashes and remove them if they’re too much of a problem.

That way, you can maintain your beauty and keep those eyelashes straight. 

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