How Many Times Can You Reuse Magnetic Lashes?

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There always seems to be something new when it comes to beauty products. One that has burst on the scene over the last couple of years is Magnetic Lashes. We know about mascaras, false lashes, and eyelash extensions. But magnetic lashes are kinda new and they promise the benefit of being reusable. 

But exactly how many times can you reuse magnetic lashes? What makes them reusable? There is no direct answer to that because it will depend on various factors. We’ll help you figure all that out below.

We’ll also help give you tips on how you can better maintain your magnetic lashes so you can reuse them over and over again. 

What Makes Magnetic Lashes Different?

There are plenty of great options for getting gorgeous eyelashes including some of our favorites like Revitalish . False lashes are popular but reuse is a bit complicated (but can be done).

Magnetic lashes are the newest, easiest at-home way to go!

Magnetic lashes are quite similar to conventional false lashes and eyelash extensions. However, instead of using eyelash glue, magnets are used to attach false lashes to the eyes.

It’s easy to pop them on and off, once you’ve got your system down pat. They’re more easily changed than eyelash extensions, but they don’t look as natural. 

There are two types of magnetic lashes available in the market today. One involves the use of two magnetic strips that attach to each other. The other type involves a single magnetic strip that attaches to a magnetic eyeliner. 

Single Magnetic Strip Eyelashes 

Single Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

This type of magnetic eyelashes includes false eyelashes with a strip of a magnet attached to them plus a magnetic eyeliner.

Some people say that this is much easier to apply because you just have to draw the magnetic eyeliner and the eyelashes will stick to it. You only have to control one strip of magnet per eye.

Double Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

Double Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

This type of magnetic eyelashes  involves two strips of magnetic eyelashes per eye. One will sit on top of your natural lashes. The other is located underneath. This can give a sensation that the lashes are heavy.

Due to the magnets in them, your natural eyelashes get sandwiched in between the false ones. 

This type of magnetic eyelashes can be trickier to apply. You can use either just your hands or the applicator that it comes with.

First, you have to place the top magnetic eyelash. Then hold the bottom underneath. It should click together due to the magnets. 

If use the applicator, you have a couple of steps. First, you take both of the magnetic eyelash parts. Place the top lash on the top side and the bottom lash on the bottom.

Then use the applicator to bring it as close as possible to the lash line. Allow them to magnetize together by bringing them closer to each other until they click together.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are completely reusable. In fact, that is one of the big benefits of these lashes compared to glue-on lashes. It is the focus of their marketing. However, the exact number of times the lashes can be reused will vary.

For double stripped magnetic eyelashes, you can reuse them as long as the magnets are still attached to the lashes and the lashes still look great. 

For those that are come with magnetic eyeliner, it’s a different ballgame. The number of times they can be reused will depend on how the amount of eyeliner available, as well as the condition of the magnetic eyelashes.

If your magnetic eyelashes still are in great shape, you can always pick up more magnetic eyeliner  if you run out.

Regardless, a general estimate of the number of times you can reuse your magnetic eyelashes is about 50 times. Magnetic lashes definitely last longer than regular false eyelashes that you attach with glue. 

Tips To Maintaining Magnetic Lashes

In order to maximize reusing your magnetic lashes, you should learn how to properly take care of them. Improper care and handling can lead to bacterial growth and a future eye infection.

No thanks!

Here are a few useful tips for maintenance:

Purchase Quality Products

The first thing you should do to make sure your magnetic lashes last long is to carefully choose which products to buy. Higher quality products are more durable and could last longer.

Remember that even if you take good care of lower-quality products, they are bound to get easily damaged. It is best to invest in higher quality products. 

Don’t Sleep In Them

Just like your makeup, you should remove your magnetic lashes a the end of the day. They are not meant to be permanently attached to your eyelashes. Sleeping on them could cause them to be permanently damaged 

Clean The Magnetic Lashes

After removing them from your natural lashes, you should also make sure that you keep them clean. Makeup could stick to them and could gradually build up a layer of gunk — especially if you use mascara with fake lashes.

That dried, old gunk will make your eyelashes feel uncomfortable to wear and can cause damage when curling.

Cleaning them with your makeup remover could work. However, there are also some magnetic lash companies that make their own cleansers.

Whatever cleaner you use, make sure they are compatible with your lashes. 

Properly Store Them

Magnetic lashes usually come with their own case or box, but often it’s pretty flimsy. Once you’ve removed, cleaned, and dried them, you should keep them inside the case. This protects them from dirt and from misplacing them.

Alternately, you can pick up a dedicated lash case . Click here for more information on lash storage.

Don’t Wear While Swimming

It can be tempting to wear magnetic lashes while swimming to keep your lashes looking beautiful. However, doing that will increase the risk of the magnetic lashes sliding off.

Don’t do that if you don’t want to risk losing your magnetic eyelashes. 


There are plenty of ways on how to make your eyelashes look more beautiful. One of them is to use magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes are reusable so your purchase is worth it.

The exact number of times it could be used will vary depending on the magnetic eyelashes that you use and how well you take care of them. People usually get around 50 uses out of them, if they are well cared for. 

The key to making the most use out of your magnetic lashes is knowing how to properly take care of them. Purchasing higher quality ones also improves the chance of being able to reuse the magnetic lashes more. You should also not sleep on them or wear them while swimming to avoid getting them damaged. Additionally, cleaning them and storing them properly will help also lengthen their life.

Written by Kayla Young

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