Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

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There’s a rumor going around online that crying will make your eyelashes grow longer. Could that possibly be true? Sure, crying is going to provide moisture to the eyelashes, but does it increase growth? Does crying make your eyelashes longer?

Sadly, there’s no evidence at all that crying makes your eyelashes longer. Crying does a lot of things, and can provide emotional validation and release. But if you want longer lashes, you’re going to take another route!

In this article, we’ll discuss this rumor, and talk about your options for increasing eyelash length and volume.

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? – Short Answer

Does crying make your eyelashes longer? Crying is a natural emotional reaction, and it does provide water to the lashes. 

But it doesn’t increase their length. Even if scientists tried to test it to gain some evidence either way, it would be extremely difficult to measure scientifically. Are scientists going to have people cry in a lab and then measure their lashes to prove it?


There would be no way to prove it, and wouldn’t just standing in the shower and letting the water run through your eyelashes do the same thing?

How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Long, luscious lashes are a great goal. But crying won’t get you there. In fact, it’s pretty hard to get there at all without prescription drugs or lash extensions. Let’s look at your options.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great solution. These false eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes, lash by lash, by a skilled technician. They last for about six weeks, and over the course of that time, your lashes will slowly fall out and be renewed.

They’re not cheap, but they are probably the best path to beautiful, low-maintenance long lashes.

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False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

False eyelashes are another great solution to provide longer lashes. They come in multiple forms, by typically they are either glue-on or magnetic.

False lashes require some technique to apply and need to be taken off, cleaned, and stored carefully so that you can reuse them for as long as possible.

The initial cost for falsies is relatively low, but you can only reuse them so many times before they need to be tossed. If you wear them regularly, you may find that lash extensions are just as good of a solution, with lower maintenance.

Plus, false eyelashes can look fake, especially if you don’t have the right fit for your eye shape.

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Eyelash Serums


Eye serums are a bit of a complicated topic. There is one eyelash serum that will definitely work: Latisse eyelash serum. The problem is that is a prescription medication, and it is powerful and may have side effects (note: all lash serums, even OTC serums, have potentially significant side effects).

If you don’t want to go the prescription route, your best bet is certainly Revitalash Eyelash Serum . We have reviewed it here.

You may have some luck with other eyelash serums, but they will be hit or miss.

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Benefits of Crying 

Crying won’t grow your lashes, but it can provide several benefits, primarily emotional. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Relieves Emotional Grief

Crying is a great way to let out negative emotions. Grief is a slow, painful, and emotionally draining process. Through crying, you can help process and accept the difficulties that life presents you. 

Everyone has a different grieving process. And through crying, not only are you able to go through that process but also have your eyelashes increase in size as a result. 

Restores Emotional Balance

Crying doesn’t just occur when you’re sad. Instead, crying occurs when we feel moments of extreme stress, happiness, and excitement. When crying, you’ll realize that your body is recovering from the strong emotion you’re facing. 

Improves Mood

Did you know that crying can help lift your spirits? When crying, you’ll start to take a few cool breaths of fresh air. Breathing in this cool air will help you regulate the temperatures inside your brain.

Having a cool brain is better for the mind than a warm mind. As a result, you’ll improve your mood after a crying episode. 

Helps a Baby Breathe

When a baby cries when they are born, that is a sign of life. The baby cries because it allows their lungs to receive oxygen. Crying will help your baby eliminate extra fluid that’s found in the mouth, nose, and lungs. 

Receive Support

When you’re crying, you’re giving the people around a signal that you need their support. Since you were a baby, the function of crying was a way to obtain care and comfort for others.

Basically, crying is a great way to get support from your network when the going gets tough. 

Aids in Body Rest

Crying is a great way to self-soothe from emotional wounds. It activates your body’s parasympathetic nervous system and allows it to rest. While the effects aren’t instant, you’ll notice them a few minutes after crying. 

What Are The Different Types of Tears?

It’s important to know the type of tears that are coming out of your body. Here are the most common forms: 

Reflex Tears

As we previously stated, your reflex tears are made in the lacrimal gland. Your body makes those tears as a reaction to an outside stimulus. 

For instance, if small dust particles get in your eye, then your eyes will produce tears to flush them out. On some occasions, your eyes will produce tears without having anything to flush out. 

Emotional Tears

As its name suggests, emotional tears are produced when someone is overwhelmed with emotion. With emotional tears, you’ll find it occurring during moments of extreme sadness or stress. Scientists have learned that crying helps produce positive emotions in your brain. 

Basal Tears

 Basal tears are the most complex out of this list. These tears have three layers to protect your eyes. Most of the time, your eyes will produce basal tears naturally without any provocation. 


Crying can be cathartic and a significant release, but it’s not going to make your eyelashes grow any longer. If you want longer lashes, you could go for extensions, choose false lashes, or try an eyelash growth serum.

Good luck, and don’t forget: you may not necessarily want longer lashes, you may want more expressive lashes. Check out heated eyelash curlers to give your lashes extra life.

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