How To Get Black Hair Dye Off Your Skin

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Whether you go to have your color done in a salon or do it at home, there are times when the dye gets into your skin. Hair dyes are meant to penetrate the hair so it can color it. But it is capable of penetrating through the outer layer and causing a stain. 

This is not good if you have light skin and are aiming for black! It will contrast deeply against your skin. Need to know how to get black hair dye off your skin? Getting black hair dye off your skin may be a little tricky, unfortunately. 

There are various ways to remove black hair dye on the skin. This depends on which part of your skin has been affected. We’ll tell you all about that below. 

Black hair dye can semi-permanently stain the skin. That is why no matter what skin it gets into, you have to remove it as soon as you notice it.

Don’t wait for it to stain because it gets a lot more difficult to remove. 


How To Get Black Hair Dye Off Your Skin On The Face And Hairline

Black hair dye

One common site where black hair dye could get into is the face and the hairline. This is because these areas are close to the hair. Drops of hair dye could fall or the dye could accidentally be applied beyond the hair. 

We are talking about the face here! So you need a gentler cleanser for that like a beauty bar. Bath soap may be too harsh and dry to the skin on the face so avoid that.

You could also try to use oils such as argan oil or coconut oil to remove the black hair dye. 

It’s quite common to have hair dyes impact the skin. That’s why there are now beauty companies that have created a product specifically for this purpose. They can come in the form of wipes  

Color Killer Wipes

You simply use these wipes to wipe off any of the hair dye that touches the skin. Use them immediately right after noticing that there are some that got to your face. 

Skincare products that contain chemical exfoliants can be used to remove the black hair dye from the face. These products will help shed off the top layer of the skin, which may be the only part of the skin that was stained. 

In case all those fail, try using alcohol. However, be careful in using it and don’t scrub too vigorously. As an alternative, you can use hydrogen peroxide. 

How To Get Rid Of Black Hair Dye From The Scalp

The scalp can be trickier to remedy than the skin on the face. That’s because although you want to remove those on the scalp, you still want to maintain the color in your hair. 

One way to do this is to use a gentle or mild shampoo that has exfoliating ingredients. Gently scrubbing it on your scalp can help remove the hair dye that has settled on it.

How To Remove Black Hair Dye On Hands And Nails

If you did the hair-dying procedure on your own, you may have gotten some of the dye on your hands and nails.

Even if you wear the gloves included, sometimes the dyes just find their way in! You may not notice that your hands are already stained until after dying your hair. 

It’s a good thing that the hands are less sensitive than the skin on the face. They are more prone to wear and tear compared to the face and the scalp. 

The solution here is to wash the hands with dishwashing soap and baking soda. The dishwashing soap is strong enough to remove the stains and the baking soda will help scrub off the top layer of the skin. Dish soap will even remove hair color from your hair!

Sometimes, even that may be enough so you might have to use more powerful cleansers like body scrubs, hand sanitizers, or nail polish removers. 

If your nails are stained, you can use a cuticle remover on them. They work effectively just like they would when you’re getting a manicure.

Note: After removing the black hair dye from your skin, it is best to use a moisturizer because cleansing agents can dry the skin.

Prevention Is The Best Way

Trying to remove the stubborn black dye from the skin can be frustrating. It takes a lot of patience to do and sometimes you have to repeat the process. Sometimes, you can’t completely remove them at all. 

To avoid such frustration, one of the best things to do is to avoid getting your skin stained in the first place. Here are ways on how to do that:

Protect the skin that’s prone to staining of the hair dye. 


You can make use of petroleum jelly over areas like your hairline, the backs of the ears, and the back of the neck. This will act as a barrier so that the dye doesn’t get in contact with your skin. 

In case you don’t have petroleum jelly, you can use other alternatives like coconut oil, or a clear lip balm. 

Be Careful When Applying The Dye

While applying the dye to your hair, be careful in doing it. You have to take your time because doing it haphazardly will show up as black spots on your face and scalp. 

Wipe Off Stray Dye

Whether you go to the salon or dye your own hair at home, it is best to always wipe off any hair dye that gets into your skin.

These spots are easier to remove if they have just fallen. You may be able to remove them by simply wiping them off with a damp towel.

Wear Quality Protective Gloves

Make sure that you protect your hands when you are dying your hair. The kits usually have gloves. But many of thowse gloves are poor quality, and will rip easily.

Be watchful for those tear. Even a small one can cause a large stain on your fingers. 

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