How to Get Pink Hair Dye Out of Hair: When You’re No Longer Tickled Pink

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Dyeing your hair can be fun and an excellent way to improve your look and dynamic. For example, you can pick a hair dye that goes well with most outfits in your closet.

Pink is a good example of a color that is often used as a hair dye for its fun e-girl stylish taste. The color pink can help you achieve that perfect balance of fun and mystery when going out for a party. 

But maybe you have work tomorrow, or you just don’t dig the color anymore.

We’ve put together this article on how to get pink hair dye out of hair to help you out.

Fortunately, undying your hair is not expensive or complicated, as long as you know how to do it on your own. Just follow the steps provided in this article to learn how to safely revert to your original hair color within minutes and in the comfort of your home. 


How to Get Pink Dye Out of Hair

Do you miss your original hair color or want to dye your hair another color but don’t know what the results will be?

With the right products, you can switch back to your original hair color without resorting to extreme measures, such as shaving off all your dyed hair.

Here are a few ways to get the pink out of your hair without visiting your local salon.   

1. Use Hair Dye Removers

Just as the name suggests, hair dye removers like Color Oops  are products specifically meant for removing hair dyes. Hair Dye Removers are safe to use for both semi-permanent and permanent dyes since they are made from gentle formulations that remove your hair dye without damaging your natural hair’s color. 

Color Oops has saved many a hair dye pioneer!

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You can get them inexpensively at a drug store or online. The only major downside is that they have an odor that some people may find irritating at first.

You’ll also have to thoroughly clean your hair after applying hair dye removal products to ensure all the dye comes out before your hair dries up.

Hair Dye Removers are safe to use for both semi-permanent and permanent dyes since they are made from gentle formulations that remove your hair dye without damaging your natural hair’s color. 

So, here’s how to use hair dye removers at home:

  1. Start by applying shampoo to your hair to eliminate dandruff and any excess oils or hair treatment chemicals.
  2. Don’t use a blow-dry to dry your hair; instead, gently towel-dry 
  3. Take your hair dye remover from the packaging and mix it with the ingredients mentioned in the instructions.
  4. Once you are done mixing the ingredients. Apply the dye remover on your hair and cover your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap for approximately 30 minutes or less, depending on the instructions
  5. Finally, when time is up, rinse your hair to get rid of any dye residue left behind and deep condition to restore moisture and nutrients lost during treatment.

2. Dish Soap For Color Removal

Dish soap is great for removing grease, and it will also remove hair color as well! A solid rinse with dish soap, combined with a hydrating moisturizer, and your pink will fade to a light hint.

Just be aware that dish soap is incredibly drying to your hair, so treat it with care after you hit it with dish soap.

3. Bleach Bath

You can use a bleach bath to lift the pink color from your hair. A bleach bath is a fairly easy at-home technique for lightening your hair. But keep in mind that bleach is pretty harmful to your hair, and it shouldn’t be your first option.

But yes, bleach will work!

4. Vitamin C Wash

Besides its benefits to the human body, vitamin C also functions as a hair dye remover. You can purchase vitamin C in tablet or powder form. Ensure you use it in moderation, as excessive use can cause your hair to lose moisture and become dry. 

Here is how to remove hair dye with vitamin C:

  • Measure half a cup of vitamin C powder. If you are using tablets, pick 15 and crush them until they are in powder form. 
  • In a container, mix clarifying shampoo with the vitamin C powder 
  • Carefully apply the shampoo-vitamin C mixture to your dyed hair
  • Leave the mixture for approximately fifteen minutes for it to do its work
  • Rinse your hair until all the pink dye comes off 
  • Deep condition your hair 

5. Vinegar

A vinegar hair mask is another effective way of removing semi-permanent pink dye. It works best if you dyed your hair recently.

Since vinegar is corrosive, you’ll need to dilute it before using it. It will emit a foul odor that subsides within a short period. 

You can use apple cider or regular white vinegar, depending on your preference. So, this is how to use a vinegar hair mask to remove pink dye from your hair:

  1. Mix an equal ratio of vinegar with moisturizing shampoo or a diluting liquid of your preference
  2. Afterward, dampen your hair and apply the vinegar solution to your hair
  3. Wait for about 25 minutes, then thoroughly rinse your hair with water 
  4. Once done, condition your hair to restore moisture  

6. Baking Soda-Shampoo Mixture

The baking soda and shampoo mixture works similarly to vinegar. It is best suited for removing semi-permanent hair dye by stripping off the pink color from your hair. Furthermore, it can deeply penetrate your hair and easily remove dye shades. Here is how to prepare and apply the mixture:

  1. Measure 1 cup of shampoo and mix it with half a cup of baking soda
  2. Dampen your hair and then apply the mixture evenly to the areas with pink hair
  3. Use your hands to spread the mixture across your hair but ensure you do not expose your eyes to it as it can cause irritation
  4. When done, leave the mixture on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes
  5. Moisturize your hair with oil

7. Bath Salt

Bath salt (not those bath salts!) is probably the easiest way to remove your pink hair dye. It is simple to use. All you need to do is sprinkle bath salt on your bathtub and submerge your hair in the water. The longer your hair is in contact with the bathtub, the better the dye fades; therefore, the faster the results start showing.


Pink is beautiful… until it’s not. Fortunately, removing pink hair dye from your hair is easy. However, how fast the dye comes out will depend on the type of dye you chose and how long you had it.

With the methods provided above, you can change back to your natural hair color whenever you feel like doing so. 

Lastly, if you are allergic to some of the products listed above, ensure you talk to a professional before proceeding with treatment.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).