How to Hide Colored Hair for Work, a Job Interview, or a Professional Event

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If you’ve spent lots of time, effort, and money creating a stunning colorful look with your hair, it’s never fun to have to cover it up.

However, many of us find that there are some occasions when you have to blend in with the collective crowd… like when you go to work, for example.

Regardless of how you feel about your boss, keeping your colored hair covered doesn’t need to be a big deal. In this article, we show you how to hide colored hair for work — or even for an interview.


When Colored Hair At Work Is a No-Go

There are a few reasons why rocking your colorful hair at work may not fit in. For example, if you work in a standard corporate environment, then it may be against the dress code mandated for the employees.

When it was mostly work from home, who cares? But many are back in the office, at least part-time, and if you have client-facing work, your presentation matters.

Or if you work in uniform, then perhaps you have an unnatural hair color that clashes with it. Or maybe your boss finds your hair too loud.

Or perhaps where you work is really old-fashioned and your unicorn locks just don’t fit in with the environment.

Whatever the reason may be, there are things you can do to hide your colored hair for work, so that it doesn’t stand out too much from the crowd.

But before you read about the following solutions to hiding your hair color at work, you should talk to the head of HR at your company.

Find out if it’s really part of the rules and guidelines. If not, then you shouldn’t be made to hide your hair, just because someone else like your boss may not like it.

If you’re off to an interview, though, it’s probably best to hide the color until you speak to the HR head there.

Be mindful, though, that depending on the industry you choose to work in, many will see unnatural hair color as an indication of rebellion. You may be seen as someone who won’t follow rules — especially if you plan to work with people who like wearing suits.

How to Hide Colored Hair for Work

There are four very simple steps you can take that will do a good job at hiding your unicorn hair at work. They are all cost-effective solutions, and your colleagues won’t sneak behind your back to tell your boss, because they’ll be none the wiser.

1. Used Colored Hair Spray

If it’s a very quick fix you need, like for an interview, then you can simply use a temporary hair spray to cover your colored hair. Hair color spray comes in brown and black, which will work to cover unnatural hair colors like pink, purple, blue and aqua.

They’re often designed to color grey, but other bright colors will work as well.

These sprays generally wash out easily when you wet your hair to wash it again.

2. Try Hair Mascara

Depending on how much color you have, you may be able to use hair mascara in a dark color to cover up your rainbow. Hair mascara works like eyelash mascara, and like colored hairspray, is often used to color grey.

But it will cover any color you want!

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3. Tie Up Your Color in a Bun

If you wear your hair tied back, sleek, and pinned up in a neat bun, this can take a lot of attention away from a headful of unnatural color, especially if you have lots of root showing.

You can also add a colorful silk scarf to wrap around your head ‘70s style, using one that will blend in with any hair color that might be showing.

4. Accessorize!

Barbie is a gal who’s all about the accessories, and hiding colored hair for work can be made easy with the right hair accessories. For example, scrunchies, bobby pins, hairbands, flower clips, and more can be used to accessorize, which will take the focus off the color of your hair.

5. Wig Out

Take all the worry about getting your hair redone, and just find a good wig that you can use whenever you need to hide your colorful mop-top. You are bound to find a wig that you’ll like and that will suit your face and usual hairstyle.

Your boss and fellow colleagues will be none the wiser — if you don’t tell them.

Final Thoughts – Hair Freedom For All

Now that you know how to hide colored hair for work (or an interview), just have a quick think about what other aspects of yourself you might have to hide in this job. Keeping your true personality under wraps for a job can cause anxiety, and will probably make you miserable.

It’ll be way more fun in the end to work with people who actually accept you just the way you are — whether you have colorful hair or not.

You can also think about how you can work color into your hairstyle in a stealthier way. For example, we love peekaboo highlights!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).