How to Keep Lipstick On. Say Goodbye to Lipstick Fails!

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If you like bright lipsticks, you’ve probably faced this challenge.

Whether you’re going to work or out for the evening, you want your lipstick to stay put.

Is there a way to keep lipstick on your inner lip intact? With the proper application, you can avoid getting lipstick on your teeth or smeared around your lips, gums, and teeth. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to keep lipstick on, and how to avoid getting it on teeth, gums, etc.


How to Keep Lipstick On (Particularly Inner Lip)

Here are some tips and tricks for keeping lipstick on your inner lips.

1. Exfoliate

When you don’t exfoliate your lips, the color adheres to the loose, dry skin on the top layer of your lip skin. Because they are loose, they will eventually fall off.

Exfoliating at least twice a week removes loose top skin, keeping your lipstick on longer.

2. Line the Inside Portion of Your Lip

When applying lip liner, most people only concentrate on the outside of their lips and ignore the inside. Lip liners can also be used on the inner lips.

When applying lip liner, target as far back on your inner lip as possible. This way, you are lining the inner portions of your lips to keep your lipstick on longer. 

3. Use a Lip Primer

Even if you use good lipstick, your inner lips may fade quickly. This is due to more saliva closer to the inside of your mouth. Using a primer on your lips before applying lipstick helps your lipstick last longer. 

Why would you skip a lip primer if you use a face primer to keep your makeup in place?

Lip primer is a game-changer. It keeps your lipstick in place so you don’t get it all over your teeth or coffee mug.

Lip primer is a game-changer. It keeps your lipstick in place so you don’t get it all over your teeth or coffee mug.

Keep your lip liner sharp so that it gives you a nice crisp line.

4. Wipe Off Your Lip Balm

Your lip balm is an absolute lifesaver. It keeps your lips hydrated and oily, prevents cracking, and gives them a glossy appearance. However, the oils in the balm can make your lips slick, making it difficult for your lipstick to adhere properly. 

This causes feathering and increases the likelihood of smearing on lip contact. If you want liquid lipstick to stay on your inside lips, you must first remove the lip balm.

5. Avoid Rubbing Your Lips Together

When applying liquid lipstick, keep your lips separated. This is because liquid lipstick differs from regular lipstick. If you’re using a tube of lipstick, you must apply it to each lip separately, then rub your lips together to help distribute the product evenly. 

However, you should not do this with liquid lipstick. It is more like paint than lipstick and will dry off after application.

If you need to blend liquid lipstick, lightly tap your lips with the tip of your finger and remove any excess product with a wipe.

6. Ensure That Your Lips Aren’t Dry and Flaky

Even if you don’t wear lipstick, it is essential to keep your lips hydrated. Lips that are flaky, cracked, or chapped are unsightly and uncomfortable.

Lipstick fades faster on dry lips than on moisturized, smooth lips. 

Prepare a smooth canvas for your lipstick, just as you would for your face’s skin. Lip scrubs are a fantastic lip canvas hack. You can make your lip scrub or purchase one from a cosmetic store.

7. Use Matte Lipsticks Instead of Glosses

If highly pigmented lipstick shades don’t adhere well to your inner lips, try matte lipsticks. They last longer and are more resistant to moisture on your inner lips than other types of lipsticks, plus they’re a great choice for the workplace

This formula has a matte finish and reduces clinging, giving your lipstick a better chance of lasting longer.

Combining a matte lipstick with a lip liner is another way to ensure that your inner lips retain lipstick for as long as possible with the least effort.

8. Avoid Layering Liquid Lipstick

Unlike traditional lipsticks, which must be reapplied frequently, liquid lipsticks stay put all day. After drying, liquid lipstick has a matte appearance. Adding more on top of the original coat results in clumps or crusts on your lips, neither of which is appealing. 

These may not stay in place, leaving you vulnerable to smears and smudges.

If you need to reapply the lipstick, start from scratch, or try another lip product on top. You can also use your finger to apply liquid lipstick to the areas on the lips that aren’t well distributed.


Lipstick is considered the finishing touch for most makeup styles. This is why you should invest in proper lipstick products to have lipstick on your inner lips look fabulous all day. 

Liquid lipsticks are stickier and more long-lasting than traditional lipsticks. Always use liquid lipstick together with lip liners and primers to retain lipstick with the least effort.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).