How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps

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Many women strive to have fuller and plumper lips to enhance their beauty and make them look healthier. One way to do this is through lip fillers.

There are many reasons why women choose to get lip fillers, including:

  • Hydration
  • Anti-aging
  • It gets rid of lip lines
  • Helps with asymmetry
  • Good for facial harmony

But there can be complications with lip fillers. One of the most common is lip filler lumps. 

In this article, look at what the lumps are, how to determine if you have them, ways to prevent them, and how to massage lip filler lumps.


Lip Filler Lumps: What are They? 

The last thing anybody thinks about when heading out to have the procedure done to make their lips fuller and plumper is lip filler lumps! These small bumps can begin to form under your lips once you’ve gotten your lip fillers. 

They are caused by a response to the filler that inflames certain areas of your lips. Often this is due to the lip filler being deposited unevenly so that it winds up amassing in one central spot.

Often this is due to the lip filler being deposited unevenly so that it winds up amassing in one central spot.

Some Ways to Prevent Lip Filler Lumps

Lip filler lumps can be quite annoying, so if you are someone who is looking to have this procedure done, you may want to know how to prevent them so that you don’t have to worry about massaging them later!

If that’s the case, here are a couple of suggestions that we think could really help you out.

Don’t Overfill

The first is that you want to make sure that the individual executing the filler doesn’t overfill your lips. Frequently, when overfilling, you will find an unevenness, resulting in lip filler lumps.

Let Your Lips Be

Most people suggest you stay away from massaging your lips for at least the first 24 hours after the injection has been done. Touching your lips will move the filler around and could cause lumps.

Ice Ice

Another way that you can prevent lip filler lumps is to administer ice to the area about 15 minutes after the injection. The application of ice will help with the swelling and reduce your chances of having a lip filler lump form. 

Most of the time, lip filler lumps even themselves out after a few days on their own. But if you’re uncomfortable and it affects your everyday life, you may want to look at other options.

Tips to Tell if You Have Lip Filler Lumps

Before you begin thinking about massaging your lip for lumps, you need to know if what you’re experiencing is actually lip filler lumps. For those that are unsure, there are a couple of ways that you might be able to tell if you have lip filler lumps. They are:

  • The best way to know if you have lip filler lumps is to gently feel around your mouth for any abnormalities. Before doing this, make sure you wash your hands as you don’t want to transfer any bacteria to the area.
  • Take a look at yourself in the mirror and really look closely at your lips. Most of the time, any lumps or bumps should be very noticeable upon a deep inspection.
  • If you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to a doctor to have them inspect your lips. In fact, this may be a great option for many to ensure that there are no harmful repercussions of you touching a newly treated area of your body.
  • If you find a lump, you can always use a warm compress for a few minutes in the area, which may help even them out.
  • The lumps are often inflamed, so taking an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen can help with inflammation and any pain that may come along with it.

How to Massage Lip Filler Lumps

If you weren’t able to prevent them and you identified that you are dealing with a lip filler lump, you can use a technique to massage them out. The basic first option when it comes to massage and lip filler lumps is to use a lip scrub. 

Lip Scrub and Ice

This will help get rid of any dead skin, which often causes lumps on your lips. Once you’ve done your lip scrub , you want to apply an ice pack and massage the lips in a circular motion.

This should be repeated every day until you notice the lumps dissipating.

Hydration and Massage

The second option for massaging lip filler lumps starts with a good thorough cleaning of your hand, or if you don’t want to do that, you can always use gloves.

Once you’ve got clean hands, use a lip gel or oil to hydrate your lips which will create a better situation when it comes to massaging them.

Next, you’re going to want to hold your lips with your fingers and press them. Keep pressing the lips as you move your two fingers at a rotational angle around the lump. (if this is painful, do not press too hard).

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to press your lips gently with your teeth on the inner part of your lips. This will help get rid of bruising and relieve some of the swelling.

Chat With Your Clinician

These are just two methods you can utilize to massage lip filler lumps, but if these don’t work, you can always consult with your clinician, and they may be able to give you some creams or topical applicants to help relieve the lip filler lumps.

Final Thoughts

Having healthy and plump lips is something that a lot of women strive for. By utilizing lip fillers, those with troubles with this can make it happen. But there are some side effects, such as lip filler lumps, that you need to be aware of. 

However, just because you have them doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them, and with luck, you can carefully massage them away without a trip back to the clinic.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).