How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home With Vaseline

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Are you enjoying your eyelash extensions after having them done or do they seem too long or too thick for your liking? If you are really not into the eyelash extensions that you have, you can have them removed by the aesthetician who did them for you. 

But what if you can’t go back to them? You can let them fall out naturally, but that takes time. Could you remove your eyelash extensions at home with vaseline? Wondering how to remove eyelash extensions with vaseline?

Although it is possible to remove your eyelash extensions with the help of vaseline, you should be careful in doing so. That is to prevent your natural eyelashes from being damaged. 

Read further below to know exactly what to do. 


The Best Way To Remove Eyelash Extensions

When your eyelashes don’t look right anymore because most of those with eyelash extensions have already fallen off, it may be time to have the rest removed. 

Sometimes, you may not be comfortable with eyelash extensions because they could be too long or too thick for your liking. Or maybe you’ve got them all twisted and gnarly looking.

If you are decided to have them removed, the best thing to do is to have them removed by a professional. The safest and easiest way is to go back to whoever did your eyelash extensions and have them removed. 

The safest and easiest way is to go back to whoever did your eyelash extensions and have them removed. 

Remember that eyelash extension removal should be carefully done. You could accidentally remove the natural eyelashes too while trying to remove the extensions. 

Professionals are knowledgeable and have the tools and products needed not only to place the eyelash extensions but to remove them as well.

They have professional-grade creams and gels that they could use to help remove the eyelash extension glue and free your natural lashes. 

However, you shouldn’t be thinking about using them on your own to remove the eyelash extensions. They are effective but they are also potent and could be hazardous if you accidentally get them in your eye because you don’t know what you’re doing. 

They are usually only used by professionals.

If you really want to remove your eyelash extensions on your own at home, there are a few other products like vaseline that would be gentler. But again, we don’t recommend it.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions With Vaseline

Vaseline is a very versatile product with many uses. It works as a great moisturizer! But this property could also be used to dissolve the permanent lash glue that is used to attach the eyelash extensions.

Vaseline is a brand of pure petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly comes from oil refining and can be really potent. Most suggest using Vaseline because it is a known brand that produces safe to use petroleum jelly. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to how you remove eyelash extensions with vaseline, if you have no other choice. 

Step 1: Remove Your Makeup And Cleanse Your Face

If you are still wearing your makeup for the day, it is best to work with a clean face. Remove all your makeup with your usual makeup remover

Oil-based makeup removers could also be used here because you are not worried anymore that your eyelash extensions accidentally fall off using them.

Oil based-cleansers are usually not advised for those with eyelash extensions because they tend to eventually weaken the bond of the eyelash glue. 

To make sure that your face is clean, you should also wash your face thoroughly. 

Step 2: Use Steam

Using steam could further help loosen the glue used to attach the eyelash extension to your natural eyelashes. You could make a steam bath for your face by simply taking a huge bowl and filling it up with hot water, or using a face steamer

Be careful when doing this because you are still dealing with hot water. The goal here is to expose your eyelashes to the steam. However, you should still be careful. Getting too near the steam can still burn you. 

In order to prevent the steam from spreading everywhere, you can use a towel and put it over your head to trap the steam. This loosens up the eyelash extension glue and also works well for your skin. 

Expose yourself to the steam for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Use Your Vaseline

When applying vaseline to your eyelash extensions, it is best to use a q-tip so you can better pinpoint where to place them. Using a q-tip helps you to easily spread a small amount of vaseline on the glue. 

With the use of the q-tip, gently glide the vaseline over your lashes. The presence or exposure of the eyelash glue to the vaseline will dissolve it gently. 

Swipe off the vaseline and repeat putting vaseline in your eyelashes until the glue is dissolved and the extensions slide off. 

Remember not to force the eyelash extensions from sliding off. Too harsh and you may pluck out your natural lashes. The glue will eventually loosen up, just be patient. 

Remember not to force the eyelash extensions from sliding off. Too harsh and you may pluck out your natural lashes.

Step 4: Wash Your Face Again

After removing all the eyelash extensions, you can now wipe off the remaining vaseline. The vaseline that’s left can be further removed by washing your face. 

After washing your face, don’t forget to use a moisturizer to help hydrate your skin. 

Alternatives To Vaseline For DIY Eyelash Extension Removal

If you don’t have vaseline at home or you are not confident in using it to remove your eyelash extensions, there are a few alternatives that you can opt for such as the following:

Coconut Oil

Another product that you may readily have at home is coconut oil. Coconut oil has many uses and our skin simply loves it for its moisturizing properties. 

Although it can help dissolve the eyelash glue, this oil is still gentle enough to use on your eyelashes. If you choose to use coconut oil, make sure that it is from a trusted brand. 

Most coconut oils  are natural and safer because they are free of harmful chemicals. 

Coconut oil could turn solid at room temperature but heating it up simply by rubbing it over your skin can easily turn it into a liquid. The fatty acid content of this product also helps repair and provide nutrition for the skin. 

One of the best things about using coconut oil is its additional benefits like its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Olive Oil

Apart from coconut oil and vaseline, you can also make use of olive oil   when you want to remove your eyelash extension at home. In the skincare industry, olive oil is considered a precious commodity even in the days of ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Similar to coconut oil, there are also lots of anti-oxidants that are present in olive oil. Aside from that, it also has squalene that helps make your skin feel smooth and soft. 

Squalene is compatible with our skin so it is easily absorbed. Using olive oil on your eyelashes also helps hydrate and nourish the skin on your eyes and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you choose to use vaseline or other oils, it is important that you don’t force the removal of the eyelash extensions. Be as gentle as you can to avoid accidentally ruining your eyelashes.

Other Related Questions

Does removing eyelash extensions hurt?

Whether you are using vaseline, other DIY methods, or having a professional aesthetician remove your eyelash extensions, it shouldn’t hurt. 

If it does, then you might be doing something wrong. If you forcefully do it, it may hurt because you are plucking out the natural lashes as well. 

If you use other chemicals or an eyelash glue remover, you may be using too much or you could be accidentally getting it into your eyes. 

Eyelash glue removers shouldn’t be used for home removal especially if you do it alone. You aren’t a trained professional. Don’t use removers designed for professionals. 

When should eyelash extensions be removed?

The decision to remove the eyelash extensions will be up to you. Usually, if you let the eyelash extension last for as long as it could, it will only last for about 8 weeks. That’s because our hairs naturally fall off, even our eyelashes. 

When the natural eyelash where the eyelash extension falls off, the extension is also removed. 

If you are irritated by your lash extensions or if they look uneven and you don’t like them, you may have them removed or do it yourself. 


It is always best to let a professional remove the lashes for you. But if you insist on doing it on your own, make sure that you are gentle and very careful with the process. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).