Krazy Glue on Nails? Does That Work?

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You go to open a can of sparkling water with those perfect almond-shaped acrylic nails then… crack! You expect that fizzing noise from the can, but no. That’s the sound of your acrylic nail cracking into two. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to take care of your well-manicured nails, you still end up having a split nail, a broken nail or having fake ones fall off. Hopefully, it’s not throbbing and painful.

When that happens, what do you do?

You might have the idea of gluing it back together. After all, it is a clean break. Can you use Krazy Glue on nails? Well, you can use Krazy Glue on your nails in some scenarios. But it isn’t the best solution because nail glue is!

Today we are going to tell you when you can and when you should not use Krazy Glue for your nails. We will also explain the difference between Krazy Glue and Nail Glue to better convince you to stick to the proper stuff (pun intended).

Also, we will give you a few tips to reduce the chances of your fake nails falling off your natural nails so you won’t have to think of using Krazy Glue on them. 


When You Can Use Krazy Glue On Nails

Krazy Glue

Some people turn to Krazy Glue when they get their nail breaks. It’s often in a junk drawer in the kitchen, pretty easily accessible when a nail breaks. Whether it is a real fingernail or an acrylic nail, Krazy Glue can connect them together.

It will form a strong bond between the two pieces. 


The reason most people believe that Krazy Glue can be used for nails is that it has a similar active ingredient to nail glue, namely cyanoacrylate. This material is a resin, which can be filed or buffed when it is already completely dry.

This ability to buff and file makes it possible for you to shape the nails and even add polish on top. The break wouldn’t be noticeable when it is used. 

Krazy Glue can be used to fix or repair small breaks in the nails, whether it is your real nails or acrylic nails. However, it still isn’t the ideal substance to do that.

Nail Glue

There are commercially available nail glues like the one shown above that are a better choice to fix your nails when they break. 

Additionally, you should never use krazy glue and apply it all over the nail on your nailbed to attach a fake nail or acrylic nail that has fallen off.

Depending on the type of fake nail, it is best to go back to your technician to have the acrylic nail fixed. Or use safer substitutes to attach the fake nail. 

What Happens When You Use Krazy Glue On Nails?

Hand outstretched nails

If you use Krazy Glue on your entire nail bed, it will be very difficult to remove whatever you attached to it.

Hard To Remove

In the process of removing your fake nail, you may end up ripping off parts of your natural nail.

That is unnecessary, plus it can be painful too!

If your acrylic nail has fallen off, it is best to have them replaced by the technician rather than to use Krazy Glue. Better to stick to regular nail glue, and you may be able to reuse your press-on nails.

Discomfort and Inability to “Breathe”

Even if the acrylic nail is still intact, using any household glue to attach it to your nail will just make your natural nails uncomfortable. Moreover, some professionals believe that Krazy Glue won’t allow your natural nails to “breathe” so it wouldn’t be good for them. Using the wrong nail glue can lead to pain.


Your nails may get discolored if you use Krazy Glue to attach fake nails. 

Bacteria and Infections

If there are bubbles between your fake nail and natural nail due to the Krazy Glue, it could be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This could lead to an infection. A bad smell is a sign of infection.

Krazy Glue Vs Nail Glue

Nail Glue

As we’ve said, Krazy Glue is multipurpos,e and designed to attach almost anything you need to glue together. It are also made of methylcynoaccrylate, which is an industrial-grade adhesive.

That is why it creates a very strong bond.

However, they are not intended for use on the human body as they are not refined substances. They are a lot cheaper than nail glues but can be dangerous to the body.

Nail glue, on the other hand, is usually made of ethyl cyanoacrylate. These glues are similar to a hospital or pharmaceutical-grade adhesives. Ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives are also used by dentists. They are more refined and stable even in moist environments.

They’re usually more expensive than the Krazy Glue, but are much safer. 

Some manufacturers may even add other ingredients to help support the nail and prevent damaging it. 

How To Make Fake Nails Stick Better


One of the most common reasons why someone could think of using Krazy Glue on their nails is to attach the fake nails that have fallen off.

This is a bad idea. Here are a few tips to help your fake nails stick better to your natural nails. 

Tip 1: Apply the adhesive on clean nails

Before applying the adhesive to your natural nails, make sure that your nails are clean and dirt-free. All traces of your previous fake nails and glue must be removed.

This will ensure that the adhesive attaches to the surface of the nail. If there is dirt on the nails, the adhesive will just attach to the dirt, and could easily fall off. 

Tip 2: Buff the nails

sefApart from cleaning, the nails should also be buffed. A smooth surface looks great but it isn’t ideal when it comes to attaching fake nails. When buffing your nails, make sure not to overdo it and carefully select the buffer you are going to use. Filing it too much will also ruin your nails. If you’re using an electric nail file, go gentle.

Tip 3: Minimize gaps between the fake nail and the skin

Having space in between the fake nail edge and the skin gives space for dirt and other materials to build up. This could lead to the faster breakdown of the adhesive. When it loses its stickiness, your fake nails will also fall off. Don’t forget to press firmly when attaching the fake nails to make sure the adhesive bonds with the entire nail. 


Even if you can use Krazy Glue on nails, that doesn’t mean you should. Using nail glue is the best option. These adhesives are designed for that purpose. They are safer and are designed for use on and in the body, unlike industrial adhesives like Krazy Glue.

Furthermore, using our tips above will help you make the fake nails stick better.

Press-on nails have a reputation for looking fake and being bad for your real nails. They don’t have to be, as long as you apply them and remove them the right way. And that means avoiding Krazy Glue and superglue!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).