Do Press On Nails Look Fake?

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There are many ways on how you can make your nails look beautiful for that special event. You can have them done at the salon and opt for acrylics or light-hardened gel polishes

You can also simply use fake nails for a quick fix.

Have you seen the press-on nails on the box? On the box, they look gorgeous!

But what do they look like when you actually use them? Do Press On nails look fake?

For some people, they can look fake. However, press-on is still a great wait to make your nails look longer and trendy without causing too much damage to your nails.

Additionally, there are techniques that you could use to make your press-on nails look more natural. 

Today, we’ll let you in on that little secret. We will help you know what to do to make your nails look more natural when you use them. 


Why Do Press On Nails Look Fake?

Press On nails

Press-On nails look really pretty inside their boxes. Some of the most famous celebrities also use them. 

Most often than not, when we use it we regret it because they look fake. 

There are different reasons why Press On nails could look fake. First of all, some are made of low-quality materials. Many manufacturers are no-name overseas brands with low quality control. Brands like Kiss Press On Nails will likely be higher quality.

The second reason why they would look fake is that they are too big for the fingers. Press-On nails come in different sizes. However, not all of us have the same sized nails.

If you get the wrong size, it’s going to look weird and fake. 

The Right Way Of Wearing Press On Nails 

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Although Press On nails looks really pretty, they can look fake when they are already in our fingernails. The key to making them look more natural is the proper use of the Press On nails.

Here’s how you do that:

Choosing The Right Size

One of the most common reasons why the Press On nails don’t look natural on your nails is because it isn’t the right size. 

Press-On nails come in different sizes, and by default they won’t be exactly the same size as your nails. If you can’t find the exact size for your nails, you should get the one that is a little bigger than yours. 

Then you can file the edges a little bit to make it into just the right size for your fingernails. You can use a standard nail file or an electric nail drill.

When trying to find the correct size of Press On the nail, don’t just put it on top of your nails. You should apply some pressure so you can see what it looks like when attached. 

If you don’t, chances are, the ones you choose would be too big. That would definitely make it look fake. 

Properly Prep Your Nails

Press-On nails that are properly attached will look more natural than those that are lifting. To make the Press On nails attach properly to the natural nails, you have to prepare them well. 

After you push or trim the cuticles, you have to dehydrate your nail. Removing excess moisture will help the nail glue better stick to the natural nails. 

Using an alcohol pad is one way of dehydrating the nail and prepping it for the nail glue.

Use Glue Instead Of Tape 

Double-sided tapes could come with your set of Press On nails. You could use them, and they will help the Press On nails stick. But it is almost always better to use nail glue. 

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Nail glue is much stronger and would be able to last longer. Apart from using glue, you should also avoid soaking the nails in water to make sure they stick and last longer. 

And don’t use Krazy Glue or any other random glue!

File And Shape Them

Filing the Press On nails on the side helps make sure they fit perfectly over your natural nails. However, you should also file them to shape them. 

Some Press On nails looks unnatural because they are too long. Know that you can trim them and file them too.


Press-On nails can look fake when you use them. The main reason for that is because they are not the exact size of your natural nails. Plus, they may also be made of cheaper materials that simply look fake. 

Although they may look fake, you can make them look more natural by properly prepping and applying them.

To do that, you have to select the correct size. You can file the sides to make them fit your nails as perfectly as possible. 

You should also prep your nails properly so they stick well and do not lift. Using nail glue is a better option than using the double-sided tapes provided. 

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