Remington iLight Pro Review

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Getting rid of body hair and maintaining that smooth and hairless skin is not easy because the hair will eventually regrow. Whether you shave, wax, or pluck them out, they’ll just regrow and sometimes thicker and darker too.

However, there is a technology called IPL or intense pulse light that can help to permanently get rid of body hair. One such device which uses the IPL technology is the Remington iLight Pro, which is popular but not necessarily the best in the market. In this article, we have put together a Remington Light Pro Review in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this unit, as well as some potential alternatives.


Remington iLight Pro Review

Remington Light Pro IPL

For this review, we will see why you should be thinking twice about buying the Remington iLIGHT Pro. We look at the following: its appearance, capabilities, settings, flashes, user experience,  and competing options. In the end, we suggest you look at the options discussed in our article best laser hair removal device and aim for something like the Tria Laser Hair Removal Device (if you want to spend a bit more) or the Fezax (if you want to spend a bit less).

Key Features at a Glance

  • Permanent Results
  • Built-in Sensor
  • 5-Level Adjustment
  • Skin Contact Sensor
  • FDA-Cleared
  • Free Replacement Cartridge

Here’s a short video that shows the Remington Light Pro in use:

Dimensions and Specs

  • Size: 10.1 x 9.6 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Power Source: 110v or 220v Power Cord

The Details

Remington Light Pro on Bikini

At first glance, you can say that the iLight Pro looks professional. It doesn’t only have the handpiece device but it also has a platform where you place the handpiece when not in use. The platform

has the on/off switch and is very stable that it doesn’t wobble while on a flat surface. It looks good but it would have been better if there is a dust cover.

Up To 94% Hair Reduction

Remington iLIGHT Pro claims that it is capable to remove up to 94% of hair in as little as 3 treatment sessions but the results may vary from one user to another. They also claim that on average, the clinical test conducted resulted at an average of 66% reduction in the hair within a year even with just three treatments.

With a variety of results, different customers report different experiences with the Light Pro. Some loved that it was really able to lessen the hair on the treated area but it doesn’t show results fast. It takes time to see the effectiveness of the product.

On the other hand, there were many users who used the product for months but didn’t experience any significant results. Others reported that the product just doesn’t work for them and opted to go to professional clinics where they had better results. Skin color and hair color may play a part in this, as we discuss below. But it is concerning regardless.

Using this IPL device leads to a permanent reduction in the number of hairs regrowing. This can be observed in the long run, and may not be immediately felt. There are customers who claim that it really does help and with continued use, their hair growth is significantly reduced. The frequency of treatment also lessens the more the device is used.

Powerful Flashes And Multiple Settings

Remington Light Pro on Back

Remington uses high-quality bulbs, which is why it can produce powerful flashes measuring 16 joules per flash. The output they provide is similar to the machines that professionals in a spa or clinical setting. With the powerful flashes, each treatment session gives off more energy to damage the follicles so that it can’t grow hair.

Apart from powerful flashes, this IPL machine also has 5 settings. If it is your first time using the machine, it is best to set it to the lowest setting. It is possible that you’ll feel pain when using this machine and setting it low will lessen the pain.

Some users don’t feel any pain at all even when it is at the highest setting. On the other hand, some users feel that each flash is very painful and they can’t bear it at all. Some feel that they are getting significant shocks, which is obviously a big negative (unless you’re into that sort of thing!)

Safe Non-UV And Non-Infrared Light

Remington Light Pro FDA Cleared

Safety is also a concern for Remington. That is why they made sure that even if their devices produce powerful flashes, it is still safe for the skin because it doesn’t emit UV or infrared light. That also means that your skin will not get tanned when using this product. The light only targets the dark pigment on the hair strands and not damage the skin.

This is why it is considered safe and cleared by the FDA.

Note that FDA Clearance is not the same as FDA Approval, and only means that the FDA clears devices of the IPL type for use in hair removal.

Skin Tone Tester

Remington Light Pro Product

Although using IPL devices works in reducing hair growth, the Light is only suitable for those with light to medium skin tones. The skin tone tester determines whether your skin tone is suitable or not. Darker skin tones may not be suitable because the device targets melanin on the darker hair strands against the lighter skin tone.

Darker skin tones are more prone to get hurt because the light can also affect their skin. Instead of targeting only the darker hair strands, the energy can also target the skin. You have to check your skin color before each treatment session as you could have gotten a tan and the device might not be suitable for you at this time.

As with other IPL devices, it targets the dark color of the hair, which just means this device is more suitable for removing dark hair. It is not advisable to use this for the removal of grey, light blond, or white hair.

See this article on IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal for more information.

Skin Contact Sensor

Remington Light Pro

The skin contact sensor prevents the unit from flashing when it is not in contact with the skin. It can help prevent accidentally flashing and affecting the eyes when it is not pressed against the skin. Using this unit doesn’t require the use of protective goggles but accidentally flashing should still be avoided.

Suitable For Full Body Use

This unit is meant to be used all over the body, anywhere below the neck. However, some have used it in their cheek area and had success. Although this is not advised by the manufacturer, some were still confident enough to use it.

However, for safety purposes, it is best to use this IPL machine anywhere in the body below the neck only. If you really want one that’s approved by the FDA for face and body use, you could try the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System or look at our list of the best laser hair removers for the face.

No products found.

Comfortable And Non-Slip Handpiece

The handpiece is easy to use and control. It is connected to the base with a long cord so it can be comfortably used throughout the body. It has a non-slip grip so that it won’t accidentally fall off your hand as you treat various areas of the body.

Some reviews complain that the window is too small that it would take a long while to treat the whole body. However, the window is not small enough to be used in tight corners or smaller areas like the face. This is also why it is not advised to be used on the face and should be limited to the body only.

Corded Power Source

For this unit to work, it needs to be plugged in constantly. For some, this makes the unit less portable. Some wished it worked with a rechargeable battery so that there is no cord to mess with.

Other users, on the other hand, liked that it comes with a power cord because it means each treatment is uninterrupted. There wouldn’t be a risk of the unit having not enough power to finish your treatment session.

Setup And Use

To set-up the unit, you should first check if the cartridge is properly installed. To do this, remove the nose cone by pressing the release buttons on the handpiece then gently pull the nose cone with your other hand. This gives you access to the cartridge where you can see if it is fitted snuggly on the handpiece. Then you can snap the nose cone back.

To use the unit, you simply need to plug it in and switch on the power cord. Make sure you use the skin tone tester to see whether you can use the device or not. Select the appropriate energy level that suited for your skin.

Then wait for 24 hours before you start with the treatment. Make sure the test area looks normal before proceeding.

Before you use the device, prep the area by cleaning it and shaving off the hair. If you don’t shave, it is more likely for the hair to touch the other surface of the skin and direct the energy on the surface. This can burn your skin and the energy won’t be able to go to the follicles where it should be.

Also, don’t forget to always clean your device before and after you use it.

Once you are ready to start, select the appropriate energy level. Place the handpiece against the skin. The skin contact sensor on the nose piece will determine if there is full contact. If there is, then you will hear beeps which will tell you that you can push the flash button.

Then move the handpiece to a new area while pressing the flash button for it to flash again after 2 seconds.

Repeat until all areas are covered. Then switch off and unplug the unit. Treatments should be done 2 weeks apart.

Easy To Clean

Cleanup is easy and simple. First, make sure that the unit is unplugged, then use a lint-free cloth, which is provided, to gently wipe the flash window, contact sensor, and skin tone sensor. If there is a buildup, you can damp the cloth with a mild soap and water solution.

Price And Value

Pricewise, this IPL device is much more expensive than some competing devices. Although it has the Remington brand name, there are still aspects that can be improved to make it worth the price.

The main one being the longevity of the bulbs. Although it claims that the bulbs can last for up to 1500 flashes, many feel that they had to replace theirs sooner than expected.

Replaceable Cartridge

The unit comes with 1 replacement cartridge. This provides up to 1500 flashes, which is enough to do 2-3 full-body treatments. Additional Remington replacement cartridges are also available for purchase. This is great because you don’t have to replace the whole unit just to continue with your hair removal treatments.

Remington SP6000SB Replacement Cartridge for iLight Pro Hair Removal System (Models IPL6000, IPL6000USB, IPL6000P and IPL6000COS)
Remington SP6000SB Replacement Cartridge for iLight Pro Hair Removal System (Models IPL6000, IPL6000USB, IPL6000P and IPL6000COS)
At-home professional hair removal that last 6 months; Fastest ipl flash rate for quick treatments
$14.99 Amazon Prime

On the other hand, some find that it can get costly due to replacement cartridges and the unit itself isn’t cheap. Some find that the bulb doesn’t last that long so you need to replace the bulb in order to continue with treatments.

As others have said, it worked well for them but if you discontinue use hair will grow back and it can be darker and thicker than what it used to.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about buying the Remington iLight Pro, we suggest that you investigate some competition before choosing your device. Although it works for some people, there many users who find the product to be not reliable at all. If the effectivity doesn’t make you think twice, the price might.

As compared to other IPL units, it is an expensive one and although it runs on replacement cartridges, the bulbs have a reputation of not lasting long.

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