Hollywood Wax vs Brazilian Wax

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Dealing with hair in your pubic region is about as personal as it gets! There is no right or wrong way to handle it. However, waxing as a hair removal method is preferred by many over other methods like shaving.

Waxing is preferred by many because:

The most popular waxes are the Brazilian wax and the Hollywood wax. What’s the difference?

In this article, we’ll look at Brazilian Wax vs Hollywood Wax, and compare them. The short of it is the Brazilian wax focuses on the pubic area, while the Hollywood wax covers the whole shebang, including the bum area as well.

There is confusion because different spas and salons offer various options. In addition, they have divided intimate waxes into various categories to help the client get what they need, but the naming can overlap.


Brazilian Wax vs Hollywood Wax  

The Brazilian wax is known for removing most pubic hair and waxing the bikini and navel line to the buttocks area. The only thing that is sometimes left is a thin strip of hair on the upper part of the pubic area.

It is similar to how the bikini wax leaves an upside-down triangle-shaped hair after clearing everything around the thigh. 

The Hollywood wax, on the other hand, clears everything, and no spots of hair are left behind. Everything from the pubic area, the thighs, and back to the bum crack is waxed.

If you are looking for a complete waxing, the Hollywood wax is what you are looking for.  

If you are looking for a complete waxing, the Hollywood wax is what you are looking for.  

Similarities Between Brazilian and Hollywood Wax

Both Brazilian and Hollywood procedures are considered intimate waxing. It can feel a bit embarrassing the first time you go, but the technicians have seen it all a million times before.

They require a lot of care, especially the first time. The skin needs to acclimate to the wax for first-timers.

For instance, a person waxing their groin area for the first time will feel more pain than just waxing their legs. 

Over time and with experience, it does get easier.

Most estheticians don’t go for Brazilian or Hollywood waxing if it is their client’s first time, as clients might feel uncomfortable due to the requirements of intimate waxes.

In addition, both procedures require sitting or lying in a specific position for several minutes without any skivvies on. During this period, the esthetician must get up close to ensure precision and prevent skin harm.

Both procedures require sitting or lying in a specific position for several minutes without any skivvies on. During this period, the esthetician must get up close to ensure precision and prevent skin harm.

Spas and salons need to have a really pleasant and relaxing-friendly environment because of this reason.

A professional must do this, as there is no way an individual can reach down there without compromising the wax accuracy. Clients can also trust licensed estheticians to keep the whole experience professional and have their safety and comfort in mind.

In terms of the procedures, they share several similarities. The following are some of them:

  • For both types, the hair must be around half an inch long before waxing.
  • Washing and exfoliation should be done in advance.
  • The client should avoid friction, physical exertion, and sunlight 48 hours after waxing. Keep off tight clothes, sexual encounters, and exercise for the aftercare period.
  • Get some post-wax calming oils that have enriched natural ingredients and cooling pads to soothe the skin after waxing.
  • In professional wax services, antiseptic products are used before and after waxing. However, this does not mean not throwing caution out the window. Keep an eye on the skin should there be any infections. We also recommend keeping off artificial beauty products.
  • Avoid booking wax appointments during your period or after you stop menstruating.

Remember that in most instances, your hair will grow back in around six weeks. And the sting you feel on your first time will also go down as you keep returning for waxing.

As you continue with your wax regime, your hair will also take longer to grow. The hairs gradually grow thin and become easier to pull out. 

Your hair will grow back in around six weeks. And the sting you feel on your first time will reduce as you keep returning for waxing. 

Are There Male Brazilian and Hollywood Waxes?

What we have discussed above involves female treatments of both types of waxing. When it comes to males, it is the same. For Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the undercarriage between the cheeks and leaves a triangle or strip at the front.

The Hollywood wax involves removing everything.

How Are Both Waxes Done? 

The Brazilian wax varies depending on where you decide to get it. Here is what will likely occur when you try your first Brazilian wax:

  • You must disrobe from the waist down and get on a table.
  • Before starting, the technician will ask you what you want regarding your preference. 
  • The technician will then do some cleaning. This is done to ensure that the wax sticks onto a clean surface.
  • When clean, the technician will then use some pre-wax treatment. It can be powder or oil to make sure your skin is protected. They may use a numbing cream, but many don’t.
  • Now comes the waxing part. Here the procedure may vary. The professional might use cloth or paper when removing the hair. The trim strips work great for the underneath part and anus region, while the large strips are perfect for the frontal pubic region.
  • Should the technician miss any hairs, they can use tweezers to remove them.
  • For the final touch, rejuvenate the area using cream or serum to help eliminate irritation will be done. It will also prevent ingrown hairs.

The Hollywood wax follows the same procedure, except here, every bit of hair is removed, including in the bum regions, whereas in Brazilian wax, a strip of hair might be left behind and the bum is not necessarily focused on.   

Should You Choose Brazilian or Hollywood Wax?

When deciding which one to go for, it is essential to know that there are no significant differences between the two. It all depends on the client’s preferred look.

If you are a beginner, we recommend giving standard bikini wax a try and seeing how you are fair with the pain. If you can take the pain, wax the rest of the pubic region. 

When deciding which one to go for, it is essential to know that there are no significant differences between the two.

Remember that the pubic region is sensitive, and clearing off the pubic hair exposes it to infections if you decide to skip a session. Aftercare is necessary for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax to be considered successful.   

Some benefits come with choosing the Brazilian wax other than giving you a smoother bikini region.

For example, it clears dead skin cells from the top part of the skin, thus promoting collagen production and boosting topical treatment efficacy.

Brazilian wax is also the least irritating on the skin. However, it does not just have positives. Some risks come with a Brazilian wax.

After getting a Brazilian wax, you might notice bumps, discoloration, redness, and even some blood spotting. It should, however, be subdued in around 24 hours.

Serums and lotions made for the pubic region can help heal.    

Will Waxing Hurt?

Waxing is considered painful by many, the main reason being the existence of many nerves in the groin area. Depending on the person, pain may vary from person to person. W

axing may be more painful when leading up to, during, or after your period. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your waxing for after a week or two.

In addition, we recommend remaining calm and following your esthetician’s instructions during the process.

How Do You Prepare for Waxing?

  • First things first, cleanliness and hygiene are critical. When you pick the salon, you will ensure it is sanitary, and if you prefer soft wax, your waxer should not do double-dip applicators.   
  • Psychologically prepare yourself and do your best to stay relaxed.
  • If you plan on exfoliating your skin, do not do so aggressively as this might cause the skin to be lost and thus be prone to ripping.
  • Assess your hair and ensure that it is long enough to be waxed. Very short hairs are not recommended to be waxed.
  • Wash the area gently with soap.
  • An hour before the appointment, take some over-the-counter medication.
  • If you want to use a numbing cream, check with your technician.

When Should You Shave?

If you are a regular shaver, give your hair around two weeks before you decide to wax it again. For non-regular shavers, hair length should be between the index and middle finger, which can be at least a fourth inch.

It is also essential to remember that hair grows differently depending on the person, and it is faster for younger people and slow for older adults. 

Before shaving, wash the skin using a gentle soap. Aveeno and Dove are good soaps to use, and as stated earlier, don’t exfoliate before the appointment to prevent tears and skin sensitivity.

What Happens After the Wax?

Your practitioner should offer you some advice on what to do after waxing. You can expect redness, irritation, and swelling, and to avoid ingrown hairs, use ULTRA .

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The pain should go down in a few hours, but there are a few things you can try to speed up recovery:

  • Keep off hot showers and baths
  • Put on loose clothing
  • Any strenuous activity that can irritate the area should be avoided
  • Over-the-counter pain medication can help
  • A cold pack on the area can help relieve pain
  • After the waxing, avoid sexual activity for at least 24 hours
  • Find any open sores and cuts. If there are any, consult a doctor or a dermatologist.  

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).