Silk’n Infinity Review and Information

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For cosmetics consumers who want a fast and relatively painless permanent hair removal solution, IPL devices like the Infinity by Silk’n are great options. These devices rapidly flash high-intensity light onto the skin in order to eliminate hair growth. 

With the Infinity Laser, this light also emits Galvanic and eHPL energy, which also disables hair growth. 

This Silk’n Infinity review will cover how well the machine’s features generate its intended effect, as well as the directions for its operation and other details of the product that consumers might be interested in. 

Is the Silk'n Infinity  worth buying? Read on!

Silk’n Infinity Review

Silk'n Infinity

There are a few different areas of concern consumers might have when it comes to high-end cosmetics products like the Silk’n Infinity and other IPL and laser hair removal devices. These include a given product’s functionality, build quality, maintenance,  and ease of use. 

To begin, however, listed below are some of the Infinity’s most important features, as well as its dimensions and physical specs. Such information provides a condensed overview of Silk’n’s hair-removal device.

Let’s start with a short video going over the basics of the Silk’n Infinity.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Hair removal system with light pulse and galvanic energy technology 
  • Unlimited flashes (no cartridges)
  • 5 intensity settings
  • Stimulates and smoothes skin 
  • Quartz light bulb 
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with fabric case, manual, power adapters, and cleaning cloth 
  • Biweekly treatment recommended to start

Dimensions and Specs   

  • 500-800µs pulse duration
  • 2.7 cm2 light coverage area 
  • 475-1200 nm wavelength
  • 5.08 x 3.05 x 2.03 in; 4.79 oz

The Details

Silk'n Infinity

This Silk’n Infinity review will proceed by discussing a few different areas of interest for consumers. These include the product’s functionality or how well it performs its intended function, its build quality, how it should be maintained, and how easy it is to use.  

Finally, accessories that consumers may want to consider purchasing alongside this product will be discussed.


Silk'n Infinity Process

After a few uses over a period of weeks, this product is meant to create hairless spots in areas of the body where hair is unwanted. These include the arms, legs, bikini lines, upper lip, etc. 

Consumers have been quite happy about the hair removal results this device brings them after a few uses. 

Although some hair may continue to grow after this product has been used on a given area of skin, after a few weeks, many users report hairless areas forming. It works (for most)!

While it might take up to a month, many users are very happy with the product’s long-term results.

Since the treatment might affect different patches of skin at different rates, users have experienced some patchiness and inconsistent hair growth over their bodies. This effect usually marks only a temporary stage of the treatment.

Eventually, the light pulses should make treated areas consistently smooth. 

Although it takes months to get a full impression of how well this machine works, the Infinity has a reputation for being fairly effective. In the long term, it does remove hair parts of the body where it is unwanted

And though maintenance uses are usually necessary for the long term, consumers report that it does a good job of preventing hair growth overall. 

Unfortunately, there is a significant minority of consumers who report little or no hair elimination caused by this product.

Many frustrated users reported that it does not work on black or brown skin. This is an unfortunate result of the design of IPL hair removal. It just doesn’t work very well on darker skin. If and when this changes, we will certainly update the review.

You can see how well it will work on various skin tones and hair colors here.

Silk'n Infinity Skin and Hair Color Chart

Build Quality 

This product has good build quality and achieves a premium user experience. The materials are sturdy but cosmetically appealing. It looks and feels like a high-quality product. 

And the fact that the Silk’n Infinity doesn’t require cartridges makes it quite attractive.

That’s awesome!

Another high-quality feature is this convenience, as the Infinity provides a lifetime number of light pulses. The fact that the Infinity doesn’t cause much pain or discomfort in the treated area demonstrates the advanced, refined quality of the technology it uses. 

The bulb this device uses is an improvement over other hair removal lights, too, since it provides a faster pulse rate.

Finally, this product comes with a storage case that has received praise as well.

Overall the Infinity IPL Laser hair removal system is of high build quality and comes with a list of features that will give the impression of a premium product. It uses the appropriate materials and technology needed to make it last a while. 

So cosmetics consumers looking for a hair removal device of high build quality might want to consider Silkn’s hair removal system. 


Since the device plugs in and does not require replacement light cartridges, not much is required in terms of maintaining this product. Although it is recommended that the system be sanitized with gentle agents after use, since it may contact the skin. 

Besides this, keeping the device in a dry place such as its storage case is likely a good idea. Good storage is one key to preserving such a device. In addition, the device comes with a cleaning cloth.

Generally, this hair removal system is a low-maintenance product, so consumers should not worry about any major upkeep requirements for it. 

Ease of Use 

While the maintenance demands of Silk’n’d Infinity hair removal system are low, the device is fairly easy to use too. Consumers have reported that it is easily maneuverable and has an adequately long cord. 

Moreover, its continuous operation is useful, as the light continues to pulse as long as the activation button is held down. 

Although using the device itself is not hard, the manual for it has received some criticism for its length and lack of clarity.


There are a few basic steps to using this hair removal system. First, it is recommended for best results that users shave their intended treatment area before using the device. 

Then, users just plug the system in and hold down the power button to turn it on. Next, the power button should be pressed again to allow for the power level to be selected. 

After that, the large button on the front must be held down to keep the light pulsing. While it is activated, the light should be placed against the skin.

Users can use one of two methods for moving the device across their skin: the pulse application method, whereby users move the device to the next spot on their skin after each pulse, or the glide method, where the device is moved slowly but continuously across the treatment area. 

After completing a treatment, users may desire to moisturize their skin, as some heat might come off the hair removal system.


Although products like these don’t typically demand too many extra accessories to perform their function well, safety products like special UV glasses might be smart to use with this device. 

That’s because the light it emits can cause eye damage over time. Amazon offers UV glasses designed for cosmetic treatments.

In addition, many cosmetics and hair-removal brands produce moisturizers and serums made to be used during laser hair removal treatment. These products are useful to use alongside laser hair removal systems, since UV light can dry out the skin.

The Bottom Line

Based on the high cost of professional hair removal treatments using similar technology, Silk’n’s Infinity IPL laser hair removal system delivers a fairly high value. 

It’s not cheap compared to many competitors, but it’s not terribly expensive, either. And it functions with infinite flashes, so there’s no need to purchase more cartridges as you go.

It may take a while to generate noticeable results in terms of eliminating current hair and preventing future growth; it is widely considered to work well over time. 

So ultimately, cosmetics consumers who are looking for a professional-grade hair removal device should give this one a go! 

We should mention, though, that the Infinity won’t work on people with darker skin tones who have lighter hair. This is a problem for all IPL devices, and we hope they work out a solution soon!

Silk'n Infinity - At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men, Lifetime of Pulses, No Refill Cartridge Needed, Unlimited Flashes - IPL Laser Hair Removal System
  • PAINLESS & EASY TO USE: At home system...
  • WORKS ON ALL SKIN TYPES: Suitable for...
  • NO REFILLS REQUIRED: Unlimited flashes...

Written by Kayla Young

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