Wash-And-Wear Haircuts For Over 60: 30 Cuts for Inspiration!

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If you looking for simple, stylish, easy-to-maintain hair, you’ve come to the right place!

Wash and wear haircuts are effortless to style. Not only do they not require lots of styling products, but they save you a lot of time.

We’ve put together this article on wash and wear haircuts for over 60 and gathered 30 style options for inspiration.

We’ve also included some styling tips and issues you need to take into consideration when trying to choose the right style for you.

Let’s begin!


Wash-And-Wear Hair Cuts For Over 60

Here are thirty of our favorite wash-and wear cuts that work great at any age!

1.  Long layered Stacked Bob With Curtain Bangs

Rather than the short choppy layers stacked bobs are usually known for, this bob has longer layers on top. The stacked back keeps hair off the nape of the neck. Short curtain bangs add softness to the look and work well if you wear glasses.

This is a perfect cut for those with fine and thin hair. Longer layers are better for concealing the scalp if your hair is very thin.

Credit: Instagram / erika_cuts

2. Short Pixie With Baby Bangs

A short pixie is one of the lowest maintenance cuts when it comes to styling. All over short layers means you can just literally wash and wear.

Rather than getting the edge of blunt baby bangs, ask the stylist to texture the ends of the bangs for a softer look.

Credit: Instagram / boazhair

3. Choppy Layers For Fine Wavy Hair

Medium-length choppy layers give fine hair lots of texture and the appearance of more volume. Short, layered haircuts can lose their shape and quickly become hard to manage without regular salon visits for a trim.

Make sure you talk to your stylist about how often you should expect to book appointments to keep up your wash and go cut looking good.

Credit: Instagram / l.v_hair_styling_grafton

4. Textured Blunt Bob With Side Parted Full Fringe

Bobs with bangs are ideal if you are looking for a style that you can just wash and go.

Bobs with bangs are ideal if you are looking for a style that you can just wash and go.

This cut will work for almost any hair thickness. Layers will eliminate excessive bulk in thick hair, while creating texture and fullness for finer hair.

A side-parted full fringe gives your forehead coverage and blends seamlessly into the rest of the hair, minimizing larger facial features that you want to downplay.

Credit: Instagram / letscoloryourhair

5. Center-Parted Curtain Bangs On A Chin Length Bob

This is a perfect cut for round faces. Centre parted curtain bangs not only beautifully frame the face, but they are also face-slimming.

Credit: Instagram / hairdesignbyviktoria

6. Pixie For Women Over 60

A short pixie works well for medium to thick hair. It’s also ideal for hair that has a wiry texture that may not work as well with longer, straight styles.

Credit: Instagram / hairdesignbyviktoria

7. A-Line Bob For Straight Hair

The a-line bob is one of the best wash-and-wear haircuts for women over 60.

Not only is it no-fuss when it comes to styling and maintenance, but it’s also a classic cut that will never go out of style.

Credit: Instagram / boisebalayagegirl

8. Lob For Women Over 60

The long bob is also a classic and can look sleek and sophisticated with very straight hair. There’s also no styling involved. However, this is where taking your hair texture into account when choosing the right cut for you becomes really important. 

If your hair has changed to become more wiry, you might want to think twice about this style. Wiry hair won’t sit flat and will require a blowout and a flat iron, plus a smoothing serum, taking this style far from “wash and wear”.

Credit: Instagram / from_my_porch_swing

9. Lob With Bangs Blunt

If you would rather have more forehead coverage, but like the idea of a long bob, pair it with bangs!

A blunt fringe at eyebrow length draws attention to the eyes and won’t require as many salon visits for trimming as some of the other shorter styles.

Just bear in mind what we mentioned above about hair texture if you are thinking about going for a long bob for straight hair.

Credit: Instagram / suzandro

10. Wavy Shag

If you like the idea of a long bob, but have wavy hair, or a wiry hair texture – No problem! Try a wavy, long layered shag! The layers will play up your natural waves.

Coarser, more wiry hair textures can also get away with a wavy shag because of the layers.

Go for curtain bangs for wavy hair instead of blunt bangs to soften the look. This style does not require trimming as often as some of the other shorter styles.

Credit: Instagram / beautymeetsartistry

11. Wedge Cut For Women Over 60

This classic wedge cut is perfect for older women looking for a shorter cut. This cut can work with different textures, giving thinner, finer hair more volume.

Adding an undercut to the wedge will cut out the bulk of really thick hair. This cut softens the angular lines of a square jaw and also suits those with square, round and oval face shapes.

Credit: Instagram / stone_johair

12. Pixie for Fine Hair

Choppy, forward-styled layers give dimension to fine hair. While fine hair can look limp and lifeless in a long haircut, it can be light and airy when cut short.

Adding lots of layers will add movement and volume to fine hair. Longer layers on top add fullness to thinning hair.

Credit: Instagram / pophairart

13. Layered Curls For Women Over 60

Layered curls for women over 60 are absolutely stunning and can suit any face shape. It’s a great way to create a full, voluminous, no-fuss style that is relatively easy to manage.

Credit: Instagram / juliassilvercurls

14. Tapered Bob With Curtain Bangs

A beautiful and sophisticated style, this tapered bob with curtain bangs highlights cheekbones and perfectly frames the face. This cut will work with most hair textures.

Credit: Instagram / hairxaya

15. Blunt Bob With Blunt Bangs

The wash and wear ease of a blunt bob with blunt bangs is almost unmatched.

But if you do want to change things up a bit, try a bit of texturizing spray at the roots for a more tousled look.

Credit: Instagram / boisebalayagegirl

16. Chin Length Bob With Glasses

A middle or side parted chin-length bob for straight hair is a classic look that works well with glasses because there are no bangs that awkwardly rest on or compete with the glasses.

Credit: Instagram / still_la_v

17. A-Line Bob With Undercut

Perfect for those with thicker hair, the undercut takes out the excessive bulk of thicker hair.

The steep angle of the a-line creates a short style that’s easy to manage, but still leaves a bit of length at the front so it doesn’t feel like you’ve chopped it all off.

Credit: Instagram / suzandro_

18. Lob With Wispy Bangs For Women Over 60

Wispy bangs are the perfect solution for those with finer hair looking to frame the face and soften angular features.

They are also great for minimizing attention to a prominent brow, hiding forehead wrinkles, and balancing out longer face shapes.

Credit: Instagram / sylvie.lequay

19. Red Pixie

If you want to take your wash and wear style up a notch, consider adding a splash of color that complements your skin tone. This fiery red copper/crimson color gives this pixie a more youthful appearance.

Longer forward directional layers are great at making thinning hair look fuller. 

Credit: Instagram / hairby_ebonyjade

20. Bowl Bob With Wispy Fringe

This short style at a cheekbone grazing length uses long layers to round it in at the bottom edges. The wispy fringe blends into the rest of the hair courtesy of gradually layered sides that bring attention to the eyes and highlight cheekbones.

Credit: Instagram / chicatanyage

21. Super Short Pixie

This is about as wash and wear as you can get. This super short pixie lets your natural beauty shine through. If you are not sure if this extremely short style will suit you, pull all of your hair back off your face into a ponytail, or pin it back to see how you’d look.

Really short pixies like this tend to suit those with oval and heart-shaped faces.

Credit: Instagram / women.60.plus

22. Jaw length cut

This is a great cut. The front is all one length and long layers in the back give it movement and dimension. The longer front allows you to wear this style straight down or tucked behind one or both of your ears.

Credit: Instagram / xianforbeauty83

23. Asymmetrical Bob

Much like the bobs we featured before, this cut is best suited for those with hair that’s naturally straight if you want to get this sleek look.

It can work with all thicknesses of hair. But if your hair is more wiry, then you will require a bit more work and hair products to get it to lie flat and straight like this.

Credit: Instagram / pophairart

24. Choppy Shag

If you need to add volume to thinning hair but don’t want to resort to the “Karen” haircut, try a choppy shag with longer layers and wispy bangs. It’s got volume and it’s fashion-forward. 

Credit: Instagram / hairbyelaa

25. Edgy Pixie

Now granted she has some styling product going on in the photo, so what you see is not really wash and wear. But it actually wouldn’t take much to recreate this look – just a little texturizing spray at the roots to give it some lift and some texturizing paste to create defined sections.

That said, this hairstyle would still look great without the product in it and just look a little less defined and softer. Having a hairstyle you can change up a bit for different occasions makes it versatile.

Although a wash and wear style is no-fuss and great for everyday, it’s sometimes nice to have the option to do something a little different once in a while.

Credit: Instagram / legends2salon

26. High & Low Lights with Choppy Waves

Icy highlights on a deep base combined with choppy, wavy layers create movement and depth, not to mention the illusion of more hair. 

Credit: Instagram / spotlightthesalon

27. Short Curly Hairstyle for Women over 60

If you’ve got natural curls – flaunt them! Longer hairstyles can weigh down naturally curly hair making it look bottom-heavy and lifeless.

A shorter, stacked style brings curls to life, adding definition and loads of volume.

Credit: Instagram / mouseybrowne

28. Long Hair with a Fringe for Women Over 60

So many women cut their hair once they reach a certain age. Shorter hair really does tend to be easier to manage with the right cut. If your hair becomes wiry or thins out, a shorter hairstyle can do wonders to make it look thicker and cover thinning areas.

But if you have thick, healthy hair, there is no reason you can’t wear it long. The easiest long hairstyle to wash and wear would be all one length with just a few face framing shorter pieces at the front with a fringe.

Granted it will take a lot longer to dry if you have long thick hair.

And if you live in a cold climate, you’ll want to use a blow dryer before going out in the winter so you don’t get pneumonia. But if you don’t want to chop your locks and are looking for a relatively low-maintenance style, this is a great option.

Credit: Instagram / livingmysilverlife

29. Dark Grey and Silver Pixie

If you’re lucky enough for your hair to go grey with different shades, a short pixies is a great way to show off your natural highlights. That said you could always visit your stylist for low lights if your hair is all one color to get this stunning effect.

Credit: Instagram / mane.ness721

30. Bold-Colored Wash-And-Wear Haircut

With age comes wisdom and the realization that you’ve paid your dues and you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

There are no rules that say when you turn a certain age you have to wear your hair a certain way or it has to be a certain color.

There are no rules that say when you turn a certain age you have to wear your hair a certain way or it has to be a certain color.

The only thing your wash and wear hair has to do is make you look good and feel good. As long as you pick a style that works with your hair texture and face shape, and the color you choose works with your skin tone, you go girl!

Credit: Instagram / pophairart

A Few Hair Factors to Consider

When you’re deciding on a new haircut, you want to keep a few factors in mind that will help determine if the cut you’ve chosen will work well with your face and hair.

1. Hair Texture & Density

Hair changes as we age. This is just a fact of life. But not everyone’s hair changes the same way.

As we get older, hair tends to become finer. That’s to say the width of the hair reduces in diameter. This reduces the tensile strength of the hair and it becomes less elastic and more prone to breaking and can take on a stiff, wiry appearance in some people.

Not only does hair often become finer as we age, but some follicles also stop producing new hair which causes hair to become thinner.

In some cases, the scalp may become visible.

In addition, prolonged exposure to environmental factors, such as UV light, humidity, chemicals in hair products, and environmental pollutants can cause hair, over time, to weaken, lose elasticity and become dull. 

Not everyone’s hair gets really fine. And some people have more follicles that stop producing new hairs than others, so there are of course many people over 60 that still have thick, dense hair.

You will want to choose a haircut that works with your hair’s texture and density.

2. Face Shape

You need to take your face shape into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. Not every cut looks great on everyone, so speak to your stylist about which cuts are best suited to your face shape.

Find cuts that frame your face and bring out your best features.

3. Facial Features

Which facial features do you want to highlight? Which facial features do you want to minimize? The right cut will emphasize your best assets while drawing attention away from those features you want to down play.

4. Maintenance

While a wash-and-wear haircut cuts down on styling time, certain styles will require regular maintenance.

If you are leaning toward a shorter wash-and-go style, be prepared to be booking regular salon visits to keep your cut looking good. It’s just the reality of the pixie cut or the shorter bobs. They require maintenance!

Make sure you speak with your stylist about how often you will need to get trimmed to maintain your wash and wear cut.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).