Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off?

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No one can blame you from joining the acrylic nail trend. Acrylics simply makes the nails look effortlessly amazing. Plus, it lasts so much longer than regular lacquer. Say goodbye to chipped and peeling nails when you switch to acrylic nails!

However, it can be infuriating when the nails come off! You probably furiously Googled something like “Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off?” in frustration!

We get your pain.

How can you flaunt your nails when one or more of them lifted?

There are several reasons acrylic nails can pop off. We’ll go over those reasons in this article, and give you some pointers to help prevent separation from occurring in the future.

Let’s dig into it.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic Nail Kit

Simply put, acrylic nails are synthetic nails that go over your natural nails. They are similar to the SNS nail system that has gained popularity lately. The great thing about them is that you can have them in a variety of designs and colors.

Additionally, they can also be made into various shapes and lengths. The customization is endless! You can have exactly what you like. 

To create acrylic nails, an acrylic powder and liquid monomer  is mixed together. These will form a compound that can be shaped perfectly onto the nails.

Once it dries (no need for UV light!), it solidifies into a durable synthetic nail. It could also be painted over just like natural nails. 

The procedure looks pretty simple. However, if it is done incorrectly, then there are also unwanted consequences that could come up.

One of them is having the acrylic nails pop off, also known as lifting.

Usually, acrylic nails will last for up to 8 weeks. And you can’t enjoy that time if one of them has lifted!

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off And How To Prevent That?

Acrylic nails can separate from the natural nails for a variety of reasons. Let’s go over them here.

1. Nail Prep Problems

Nail Cleaner

To make sure that the acrylic nail properly attaches to your natural nail, it should be carefully prepped. To do this, oils and foreign objects stuck on the nails should be removed. This gives the acrylic nails a better chance to adhere to natural nails. 

There are solutions  that could help remove the oils. Additionally, when preparing the nails, they must be thoroughly dried. Moisture will evaporate during the curing process and cause spaces where the adhesive is not present. This can lead to problems. Smell is a sign of infection.

There may also be chemicals present on the nails that could be preventing the proper adherence of the acrylic nail. That is the reason why you shouldn’t just apply the acrylic nails on your nails without cleaning it or prepping it.

Failure to properly clean the nails can eventually lead to your acrylic nails coming off. The chemicals could have a different reaction to the adhesive. 

Dust and dirt will act the same way, and leave spaces where adhesives cannot stick to the natural nails. This makes the acrylic nail prone to disconnection. The best solution is to properly prep the nail before applying the acrylic nail.

Remove all dust, dirt and oils.

2. Unhealthy Nails

Another reason why your acrylic nails keep lifting is your natural nails themselves. In order to make sure that the acrylic nails stay put, they should have a strong and sturdy foundation.

That being said, you should learn to care for your nails. Nail technicians can give you advice on how to keep your nails healthier.

Additionally, proper removal of synthetic nails should be done to prevent damaged and unhealthy nails. 

3. Acrylic Nail Misuse

How do you open a can of sparkling water while wearing your acrylic nails? Have you ever considered the things you do that result in your acrylic nails popping off?

It is common for those who are new to acrylic nails to misuse their nails. Although they are durable and tough, they should still be treated with care so they don’t just pop off. And if you’re not careful, you can run into issues where the natural nail gets damaged underneath the acrylic.


Picking and biting on them could also result in acrylic nails popping off. There are certain activities throughout the day that you might be doing that could be causing the adhesive to loosen. If you’re not careful, the acrylic will pop off.

The best way to remedy this is just to be mindful of how you use your nails. Know that they are durable, but not indestructible! Be careful washing dishes, washing your hair, etc.

Plus take note that they are attached to your natural nails and damage to them might also lead to damage to your natural nails.

4. Quality Of Materials

Another factor that could lead to popping acrylic nails is the quality of the acrylic nails used. Apart from the quality of the materials, the two main ingredients that makeup the acrylic nails should be mixed in the right proportion.

That will also help ensure that it is built to last. 


The main reason why most people choose to use acrylic nails is due to their longevity. Acrylic could outlast the usual nail lacquers without chipping or breaking. However, there is still a chance for them to pop off.

Occasional popping off of the acrylic nails could happen. But when it keeps on doing that, then there must be some deeper reason.

Typically the nails pop off due to the following:

  • Improper nail preparation
  • Unhealthy natural nails
  • Nail misuse
  • Quality of acrylic nail materials used

By knowing these reasons, you can better take care of your acrylic nails to lessen the chances of them popping off. Good luck!

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