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Will Spray Tan Stain Nails?

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There are plenty of ways to achieve that glowing tan. There are sunbathing and tanning beds that use good ol’ UV rays. And then there are sunless tanners that use chemicals. These self-tanners can come in various forms like lotions, creams, foams, or spray solutions.

Spray tanning is loved due to the deep, even tan that it produces. If spray tanning can create a dramatic change to your skin, you might wonder what it does to your nails. Will spray tan stain nails too? The answer to that is yes, spray tans can stain the nails. But it usually doesn’t. 

That answer is kinda vague, we know. That’s because spray tans may or may not stain the nails. We’ve put together this article to explain the situation.

How Do Spray Tans Work?

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To help us understand the possibility of spray tan solutions such as Norvell Spray Tan solution  tanning your nails, let us first go over how spray tans work.

This tanning procedure works by spraying a mist of the tanning solution on the areas of the body where you want to tan. 

The spray tan solution works due to the chemical called DHA or dihydroxyacetone. It reacts to the amino acids that your skin cells naturally have.

When that happens, it turns the skin darker.


How Will Spray Tan Stain Nails?

The target of spray tan solutions is the skin cells, specifically dead skin cells on the outermost layer of skin. They are meant to darken the shade of the skin to produce that bronze color. Some manufacturers explain that spray tan solution isn’t supposed to stain the nails or hair because those have different protein components from those found on the skin. 

The DHA isn’t supposed to react with your nails and skin. However, there are still ways solutions may stain the nails.

First of all, there is still skin around the nails. It is possible that the solution could accumulate there so those areas can appear darker than the other areas of the body. 

Another way for the spray tan to stain the nails is if they contain bronzers. Spray tan solutions mostly use DHA to give you that tan.

However, that tan doesn’t show up instantly. It needs time for the DHA to react to the skin.

To give instant gratification, many manufacturers add bronzers to their formulation. Bronzers can instantly give a darker shade of color to the areas of the body that it reaches. 

Spray tan manufacturers add bronzers to their solutions to help their clients feel satisfied with their products. Some people need to instantly see results. Bronzers provide this. Bronzers can instantly darken the skin as the DHA works on developing a darker shade that will stay for a week or so

Bronzers also help with a more even spray tan application. With bronzers, the person spraying the tanning solution can clearly see which areas have already been done. Bronzers can also work as a guide to identify how much spray tan solution an area already has. 

How To Prevent Spray Tan From Staining Nails

Although you want your skin to look tan, a dead giveaway that you’ve used fake tan is your hands and feet. If the tan is poorly done, there is often streaking in these areas.

Improper application on your hands can lead to the color of your nails changing. Tanning under the sun won’t change the color of your nails. However, the bronzers from spray tans could.

We can avoid that problem by either of these methods.

1. Use A Barrier Cream

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One of the most common things a professional will do to your nails to avoid it from staining is to use a barrier cream .

This product will prevent the spray tan and bronzers from darkening areas of your body that you don’t want to darken. This is often applied to the hands and feet, and could be applied to your nails.

2. Use Nail Varnish

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Another alternative you can use is a regular nail varnish. Use any color that you want. You may just stick to the transparent color or you can opt for other colors. Nevertheless, this will protect your nails from the exposure to the spray tan.

If you are using a regular nail polish , you first have to allow the spray tan to develop the color within the designated time before washing it off.

Once you washed the spray tan off, you can now remove the nail polish that you used to protect your nails from the spray tan solution.


A spray tan is a fantastic way to get luscious, glowing skin with relatively few dangers and side effects. However, it can also cause your nails to have an unsightly color due to the reaction of the spray tan.

Use a barrier cream or nail varnish, and you should be able to keep your nails looking just as good as your skin!

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