Can You Do Dip Powder On Your Toes?

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Pedicures typically last a lot longer than manicures. That’s because the toes receive less trauma, you’re usually not cleaning, typing, etc. with them, and water exposure and are shorter than the nails on your hands. 

Nonetheless, you might still want to find ways how to prolong your pedicure. There are a variety of nail products available as an alternative to regular lacquer that lasts longer. That included powder dip nails.

Can you do dip powder on your toes? The answer here is an absolute yes! You can definitely use dip powder on your toes. 

However, it is not as easy to do on the fingernails. Plus, some salons don’t offer this service because of the difficulty and sanitary reasons. 


Why Do Some Salons Salons Not Offer Powder Dip Nails For Toes?

Getting a manicure and a pedicure at your favorite salon is such a treat. It feels relaxing and is like taking a day off. 

When you select the kind of polish to use, it would be best to select something that lasts longer than just a week or a few days. Although other nail products like acrylics, gels, and powder dip nails are more expensive, they are worth the price as they last longer. 

Although other nail products like acrylics, gels, and powder dip nails are more expensive, they are worth the price as they last longer. 

Gel polish and acrylic are commonly done on toes as well. It is easy to apply those nail products even on the toes.

However, when it comes to powder dip nails on toes, there could be a problem due to difficulty.

Although most salons offer powder dip nails (and you can do them at home!), many don’t offer the service for toes. What’s that about?

Well, there are two main reasons why. 

1. Sanitary Issues

First of all, it could be due to sanitary purposes. Compared to the hands, the feet and the toenails are much more prone to having a fungal infection.

The process of dip powder nails involves dipping the toe into the powder until the entire nail is covered. It is not best to reuse the powder because the powder itself can be contaminated. 

Throwing away all the unused powder that has been in touch with the toes isn’t economical.

This could be a reason why some of the salons that offer this kind of pedicure charge higher.

2. Difficulty 

The second reason is due to the difficulty of the procedure. Although the procedure of using powder dip nails on the hands and feet is the same, it can be more challenging to maneuver the toes as compared to the fingers. 

The fingers are longer and can spread easily so it is easy to direct the fingers while dipping in the powder.

The toenails are shorter and are more close together so it can be more difficult to apply the multiple dip powders

How Can You Do Dip Powder On Your Toes?

If you are planning to do dip powder on your toes, you can certainly do it at home on your own. There are lots of dip powder nail kits online that you can purchase and you can choose to use them for your hands and toes. 

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Just make sure that your hands and feet are free of any infection (and don’t share the powder) so that you can reuse the powder. There are some products that can help you easily dip your toes on the powder. 

Just make sure that your hands and feet are free of any infection (and don’t share the powder) so that you can reuse the powder.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do dip powder on toes.

Step 1: Clean your feet and nails

The first step that you should do is to make sure that your feet are clean. This is the time to remove any old polish that you have. 

You can clean your nails removing or pushing back your cuticles. Now is the time to cut and file your toenails to your preferred shape and size. Once that is done, you can buff the surface of your nails with a nail file. 

Step 2: Use Alcohol To Sanitize Nails And Remove Excess Oil

On a cotton pad, you can add some alcohol and apply it to your nails. This helps further sanitize your nails.

This is a good way to remove the excess dirt and oil that is on the surface of your nails. 

Step 3: Apply A Coat Of Nail Bonder

Kits come with liquids and powder. They will usually label the liquid so you’ll know the first one that you should apply to the nails.

The first is usually the nail bonder a coat of this should be applied to the nails before anything else. After applying a coat of the bonder, you have to let it dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Apply The Base

The base is another liquid product that you apply to the nail. Make sure that you only use a thin coat of this. 

When applying the base, make sure that you don’t get into the cuticles. Wherever you place the base is where the dipping powder will stick. 

Step 5: Apply The Powder

The next step is to apply the powder to the nails. You can use a scooper to sprinkle the powder over the toenail. 

You may use a recycling tray  to catch the powder that doesn’t stick to the nails. In that way, you can reuse the powder for the other nails of the feet.

Tap to remove the loose powder or use a brush to help remove the excess. 

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Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5

You now have to repeat steps 4 and five twice until you build up on the color or thickness that you like. 

Step 7: Use The Activator

The activator is another liquid substance that you spread over the layers of base liquid and powder. This is what hardens the powder and could feel a little bit warm.

Step 8: File And Shape

File the nail to smooth the surface and fix the shape of the nail. After that, remove the dust particles using a lint-free pad and alcohol.

That helps completely remove the debris on the nail.

Step 9: Apply The Top Coat

The last step is to apply the top coat or sealer. However, you can apply another layer of activator before this to make sure that the acrylic dipping powder really hardens. Once the top coat is dry, which takes about 3-5 minutes, you are done.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).