How To Type With Long Nails

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Long nails can look amazing. And with lengthy nails, you can also be more creative with the design that you want in them. 

Whether you have long natural nails or artificial ones, you will run into a challenge: typing on your keyboard.

If your daily activities or work involve typing, then you might be having second thoughts about growing your nails or choosing longer tips or forms

Instead of avoiding having them, why don’t you just learn how to type with long nails so that you can still do what you need to do and then enjoy having long nails. 


How To Type With Long Nails

For some people, it may seem impossible to type with long nails. Doesn’t matter if they’re acrylic or gel, press on or natural!

They simply get in the way.

They can also feel uncomfortable to you when you press the keys on your keyboard. 

If you really want to be able to type with long nails, it will take practice and patience.

Here are some tips for typing with long nails. 

1. Slow Down And Focus On Precision

You may be fast at typing with short nails but trying to type at your usual speed with long nails can be frustrating. That’s because you’ll tend to press different keys or multiple keys. 

You can end up hitting that backspace or delete button more than you usually do, or more than you want to. 

Instead, try to slow down first. Don’t simply focus on your speed but focus more on your precision.

You need to get a hang of it by practicing, and you need to relearn how to type with longer nails. 

By slowing down, you’ll better observe what keys are pressed, and from there you can improve your speed gradually. It is always better to focus on accuracy first.

You can easily speed up when you are already used to having long nails and typing. 

Be Mindful Of Your Posture

Another thing to focus on is your posture and position of your hands and body. Find the right chair and sit straight rather than slouching or lying on your chair. 

Make sure your hands are also rested on a flat surface so that you don’t strain your hands or your arms while typing. 

While typing, also try to minimize the movements of your hands. Focus more on reaching for the keys rather than moving your whole hand from side to side or up and down to find the right keys. 

This is typing 101.

Use The Pads Of Your Fingers While Typing

Typing with just the tips of your nails is possible with long nails, but it isn’t advisable. If you do, you’ll just make it more difficult for your fingers. 

Using your nails can cause you to make more mistakes. The tips of the nails could slide off the keys.

This could lead you to press the wrong key or even injure your fingers. 

Use the pads of your fingertips instead when pressing on the keys. This gives enough pressure for you to press the keys with every keystroke. 

It also helps you avoid missing out on some letters because you didn’t press hard enough. 

Review The Basics

Another thing that you can do is review the basics of typing. 

With years of typing, you may have already developed your own typing style. That could be helping you… or it could make typing more difficult for you. 

Relearning about the suggested hand placement could help you improve your typing accuracy and speed

How Long Nails Affect Your Typing

Typing with longer nails can feel awkward especially when you are a beginner! With practice, you’ll eventually get used to it. 

Aside from the actual length of the nails, did you know that the shape that you get can still affect how you type?

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are not only long, but they also have slightly tapered ends. This is usually the most difficult shape of nails to type with.

First of all, the length of the stiletto nails could already be a challenge. Second of all, the shape could also cause you problems because they aren’t completely tapered. 

The width of the nails can cause you to press multiple keys leading you to mistype. If you’re just getting into typing with longer nails, this should be the one you should avoid. 

Leave this shape for when you already have experience or have gotten used to longer nails with other shapes. 

Square Nails

This is another challenging shape to get when you plan to get longer ones. That’s because of the width of the nails. If coffin nails have slightly tapered tips, these don’t. 

This could also cause you to press multiple keys at the same time. Aside from affecting your accuracy in typing, it could also affect your speed. 

The best way to type successfully with square nails is to type a bit slower and just focus on hitting the keys accurately. 

Stiletto Nails

When you talk about long nails, this may be the shape that first comes to mind. Stiletto nails are long and pointed which can be challenging to use not only in typing but in other things as well. 

A perfect example of that is applying your contact lenses. 

However, surprising as it seems, these could be easier to type with as compared to other nail shapes. The reason for this is because of the width of the nails. 

They are pointed and aren’t that wide so it is less likely for you to hit the wrong keys. Do take note that although it is easier to type with them, you should still be mindful when using them because you could still have typos due to them.

Oval Nails

Oval nails are longer round nails. They have a rounded free edge and the wider body could also cause you to have difficulty in typing. 

If you want to learn how to type fast with longer nails, having oval nails will serve as good practice. 

Round Nails

For complete beginners getting around nails is the best one to get when you are worried about typing. Although they may not be very long, they can still be longer than the short nails that you’d prefer when typing. 

Even if they don’t seem that long, there are still people who could find it difficult to type when they have round nails. That’s because the nails could also hit other keys which could lower your accuracy. 

Before you even try to type with longer nails with various shapes, getting used to shorter or medium-length round nails will be the best first step. 

If you don’t do that, you might simply be frustrated in trying to type with your long nails. You may end up having to have them redone or worse, cutting them on your own. 

Selecting A Keyboard

If you have a budget for a new keyboard and if you think you deserve an upgrade, selecting the keyboard can also help you type easier even with long nails. 

Each person may have their own preference when it comes to the keyboard that they want to use. Some may prefer the clicky and clackity ones while others may love the silent ones.

Generally, those who type with longer nails may be more comfortable if they type with keyboards that have raised keys. This gives more room for the nails while you are typing as compared to the flatter ones. 

Additionally, there may also be keyboards that come with a padded rest. This can greatly help your wrists so that it doesn’t hurt while typing. You can also buy this separately for added comfort and support. 

Apart from that, here are other things you could look for when selecting a keyboard to use:

Easy-to-press Keyboards

One of the things that you could look for is the easy-to-press keyboards. These are the ones that you just have to put a light pressure on them to recognize that you are typing. 

In this way, you don’t have to press the keyboards too hard just to type a letter. Pressing too hard could cause you to damage your nails which is why you should avoid them. 

Keys That Are Rounded

Keys are commonly square in shape but there are also others today that are rounded. This type of keyboard  is better because they are more similar to the shape of your fingers. 

This can make it easier for your finger placement and it also makes it easier to press them. 

Arched Keyboards

Another good choice will be arched keyboards. These keyboards could be better because it is more comfortable due to the arch that they have. 

It follows the natural shape of the hand, which is better than using a flat keyboard. This could be of great help especially if you tend to type a lot or for a long time. 

Keyboard Pillow

This isn’t a type of keyboard but an accessory that you can buy to make typing more comfortable for you whether you have long nails or not. 

Some also call this a wrist rest  It can help prevent soreness of your wrists due to constantly typing. The pressure is relieved making your hands more comfortable while you use the keyboard. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).