Can You Use Lash Serum After A Lash Lift?

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What is your go-to procedure to make your lashes appear longer and thicker? Most of us will use mascara, but that only provides a temporary result. For longer results, many aim for semi-permanent procedures like lash lifts and lash extensions

A lash lift will curl your lashes to make them appear more dramatic and thicker. Although it is enough to give your natural eyelashes better results, most of us still want thicker lashes. 

Lash serums can also help bring out the curl, and improve lash health.

But can you use lash serum after a lash lift?

The answer is yes, you can use a lash serum after getting a lash lift. However, you should be careful about when and what type of serum to apply. 

Once you’ve got those two right, you can reap the benefits of using a lash serum and getting a lash lift.

In this article, we’ll go over the right way of using a lash serum with your lash lift so you don’t end up ruining your lash lift. 


What Is A Lash Lift?

Lash lifts are considered semi-permanent treatment procedures that are meant to curl your lashes upwards. With this procedure, your lashes are not extended. They’re just curled in a more flattering way (most of the time). 

Your natural eyelashes will just be altered in shape. The upward curl that results from this procedure makes your eyelashes more prominent and helps make your eyes pop. Your lashes could appear longer and thicker after the procedure, but again, they’re not actually longer. 

Sometimes, a lash lift procedure could be combined with a lash tint procedure to further enhance the appearance of your lashes. 

The results will usually last for about a few months. After the procedure is done, there is some aftercare you need to follow. For example, you are to avoid rubbing your lashes or getting them wet.

Skincare products as well as makeup products should be avoided right after the procedure. 

Oil-based products should be avoided. Plus, you have to gently brush your eyelashes so that they retain their shape. 

Lash Serum 101

Revitalash Lash Serum

Lash serums  are products that you can use on your eyelashes that are designed to help them grow and become healthy. They contain various ingredients like biotin that help your eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. 

The most famous serum (and the only one really proven to work) is Latisse, which is a prescription treatment. We’ve taken a close look at the popular non-prescription serum Revitalash here.

They could prevent your eyelashes from being brittle and damaged prematurely. Overall, lash serums will help improve the health of your eyelashes, though they have some unusual effects, including the possibility of changing your eye color permanently

They come in various formulations and many different companies produce them. It is important to carefully read the ingredients of your lash serum to know whether you can use them or not. 

Can You Use Lash Serum After A Lash Lift?

Revitalash Lash Serum Before After

As previously mentioned, you can typically use a lash serum after a lash lift, but you should always run the specific product you intend to use past your lash technician first. Make sure you wait at least 48 hours after your lash lift to use a serum.

That’s because you have to avoid getting your newly lifted lashes wet. That includes water, steam, or even your lash serum. 

You can typically use a lash serum after a lash lift, but you should always run the specific product you intend to use past your lash technician first. Make sure you wait at least 48 hours after your lash lift to use a serum. 

Using the lash serum may already be part of your routine but skipping it for about two days after the lash lift procedure will help make sure that the results last. 

Apart from that, you should also be careful with the lash serum you use. There are different kinds available. Many swear by castor-oil-based products, but they aren’t advisable after a lash lift. 

If you want to use a lash serum after getting a lash lift, make sure that it is oil-free or water-based so that it doesn’t affect the ingredients used during the lash lift procedure. 

Lash Serums And A Lash Lift Combined

Combining the use of lash serums and getting a lash lift is a powerful combo that will greatly help you improve how your eyelashes look. The lift helps make your lashes more visible while the lash serums help the health of your natural lashes. 

Combining the use of lash serums and getting a lash lift is a powerful combo that will greatly help you improve how your eyelashes look.

Essentially, lash serums can help boost the results of your lash lift when used properly. Remember that lash lifts curl the natural lashes, but if it is damaged or brittle, the curled lashes can easily fall off or break off. 

With the use of lash serum, you protect and strengthen the natural lashes so they could last longer. Apart from helping your current eyelashes, it could boost the growth of new lashes to help your overall lashes appear thicker. 

Lash serums should be used 48 hours after the lash lift treatment, but they can also be used weeks or months before getting the procedure. That will help grow your lashes thicker and longer so that more lashes can be curled upwards during the lash procedure. 

You have to remember that the lash lift procedure uses chemicals to reshape your eyelashes. When your lashes aren’t healthy or are already damaged, you may not be able to get the desired results. 

It would be best to get your eyelashes ready first by making use of lash serums before you get a lash lift. This is especially true for those who have short lashes due to breakage. 

Rules For Using Lash Serum After A Lash Lift

Using lash serum on your lashes after a lash lift can produce a positive impact on them. However, you have to remember the following rules: 

Rule 1: You must wait for about 48 hours before using a lash serum

This rule has something to do with allowing the chemicals from the lash lift procedure to fully work on the eyelashes. You don’t want to get them wet because of the risk of resetting the curled shape created during the lash lift procedure. 

Rule 2: Constantly apply your lash serum

For lash serum to work, you have to constantly apply it and make it part of your routine. You wouldn’t see results if you just applied it once. Make sure you apply it regularly as instructed. 

Rule 3: Choose a lash serum that’s water-based or oil-free

Be careful about selecting a lash serum to use. Go for water-baed ones or those that are oil-free so that it doesn’t reset the shape of your lifted eyelashes. 

Rule 4: Let the lash serum dry out before applying makeup

This helps make sure that the serum is first fully absorbed before you do anything to your eyelashes. You may not really need to apply makeup after all. Just in case you do,  make sure the serum is fully absorbed first. 

Rule 5: Confirm the specific lash serum with your lash technician

Some lash serums may not be good for lashes that have been lifted, frequently ones with castor oil. Always check with your lash tech before applying a serum.

Written by Kayla Young

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