Curly Hair With Bangs: 20 Great Style Ideas

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MYTH: You shouldn’t wear bangs if you have curly hair.

For some reason, there’s this idea that bangs and curly hair don’t mix. We’re not sure where that started, but it’s this false notion that’s had so many with curly hair thinking they could never wear bangs.

This is simply not true. 

The secret to rocking curly hair with bangs is to work with nature, not against it.


Curly Hair with Bangs

You need to choose a style that works with your hair texture. And just like anyone with straight hair going for bangs you need to choose a style that balances your face shape and complements your facial features.

That’s to say bangs that accentuate your best assets and minimize elements you want to downplay.

Whether they be blunt or layered, baby, wispy or curtain, bangs can most definitely work with curly hair.

Don’t believe us?

If you have curly hair and you never thought you could wear bangs, we’ve put together 20 curly hair styles with bangs to change your mind. 

1. Curly Hair with Blunt Bangs

If your hair is thick you can go for blunt bangs at brow length. This will draw attention to the eyes and add volume to the front which is often lacking in curly cuts with no bangs.

This is especially good to balance out square jawlines.

A blunt cut on curly hair will of course never be like a blunt cut on straight hair, but why would you want that if you could have bangs that look like this?!

Just make sure you leave more length on bangs for curly hair because they will dry shorter.

Credit: Instagram / curlynaturals

2. Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

If your hair is finer and has a looser curl, you can achieve baby bangs that cut straight across due to the hair texture and these bangs’ much shorter length.

Baby bangs and loose curls add a fun and playful vibe to your style.

Credit: Instagram / handcrafted_curls

3. Corkscrew Curls With Curtain Bangs

Going from shorter in the center to longer on either side allows curly curtain bangs to cascade down, perfectly framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes.

Credit: Instagram / briannalwright

4. Long Curly Pixie 

A short fringe is paired with lots of layers that graduate to just grazing the shoulders in the back.

Longer layered tendrils are styled in front of the ear. It’s a more contemporary, longer version of the pixie that is perfect for fine and medium-thickness curly hair.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

5. Soft Curls With Bangs

If you are blessed with natural curls – flaunt them! The layers throughout ensure big, soft, bouncy, beautiful curls.

Defined curls give bangs a wispy feel so they don’t look too heavy.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

6. Blonde Balayage with Defined ringlets

These perfectly formed ringlets are made even more beautiful with balayage highlights that give them a sun-kissed feel.

Side-swept bangs are the perfect complement.

Credit: Instagram / yasminattiaa

7. Curly French Bob

The French bob style originated in the 1920s and is characterized by a slightly shorter-than-chin length and bangs that sit on the brow line. The French bob on curly hair is just as cute (if not cuter) than its straight cousin. 

Credit: Instagram / headdress_hairsalon

8. Long Shag With Curtain Bangs

The weight of long hair can stretch out natural curls making them look limp and lifeless. The layers of a shag cut allow some of the extra weight to be removed.

You get the most perfectly formed, bouncy curls.

The new-found lightness of the layers adds more volume to the crown while curtain bangs that seamlessly blend into the sides ensure your fringe is not too heavy, which makes for a perfectly balanced look. 

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

9. Curly Shag With Short Choppy Bangs

Here’s another version of the shag on curly hair, but with shorter layers. This cut emphasizes volume at the crown and tapers down to thinner ends, just above the shoulders.

Choppy bangs work perfectly with this tousled look which gives off a Joan Jett rocker vibe.

Credit: Instagram / ernestomeneses

10. Blonde Spirals With Curtain Bangs

What’s not to love? If you are lucky enough to have hair that forms a whole heap of dense, perfect little spirals, then you go girl!

Bangs allow for you to shine through and will make sure your hair is not wearing you.

Just remember that if you have a tight curl, the more you cut, the shorter the curl will bounce back.

Make sure that your stylist specializes in cutting curly hair, so you don’t end up with shorter bangs than you wanted.

Credit: Instagram / magdelinembaye

11. Curly-Banged Up-Do

Curly bangs make for the cutest up-dos! Whether you go for a ponytail or top knot, add a headband or scarf, center-parted curly bangs that graze the cheekbones frame the face while adding a bit of playfulness.

Credit: Instagram / ana.vrscaj

12. Short Bouncy Curls

Curls this dense with a short, layered cut creates an almost halo effect. It is flattering for most face shapes because it softens the angles of a square jawline, shortens long, oval faces, and balances heart-shaped faces. 

Credit: Instagram / curlycrybabyy

13. Long Curtain Bangs with Long Curly Hair

If you’re not a fan of shorter bangs, long curtain bangs are great for long, curly hair as they give curly hair more movement and dimension while drawing attention to the face.

Credit: Instagram / brown_eye_curl

14. 70s Revisited

A nod to the look Farrah Fawcette made famous, this softer version (with a lot less hairspray!) is not quite as feathered. The curtain bangs are notably styled outward to take the hair away from the face, giving this cut a retro vibe.

Credit: Instagram / headdress_hairsalon

15. Curly Pixie Mullet

Like a longer version of a pixie cut with a little extra “party in the back”, this pixie-to-mullet cut uses lots of short choppy layers to create a fashion-forward style that’s a perfect choice for fine hair. 

Credit: Instagram / loveculturesalon

#16. Retro 80s Big Hair With Feathered Bangs

There’s a reason we look back at 80s high school yearbooks and cringe. So much teasing and hairspray… and those bangs!

Dried straight, brushed forward and curled under… with more hairspray, of course.

Thankfully this is a much more updated style that takes all the volume that made the 80s the decade of big hair and pairs it with soft feathered bangs, minus all the stiff hairspray. 

And we always love bangs with great glasses!

Credit: Instagram / bumbling_beautician

17. Wispy Bangs With A Whole Lotta Curls

When you have this much hair and curls this nice, the cut needs to balance it all out so the hair doesn’t look bottom-heavy.

Long layers throughout ensure each curl is beautifully defined. Wispy curtain bangs perfectly frame the face to accentuate cheekbones.  

Credit: Instagram / thatcurlblog

18. Everything But The Kitchen Sink

What do you get when you mix a long pixie with a shag, mullet, and wolf cut with a pop of intense color thrown in for added impact?

Well… this!

Lots of choppy layers and curls are perfect for giving fine hair more volume. Bold face-framing highlights that complement the skin tone add a definite ‘wow’ factor.

Credit: Instagram / headdress_hairsalon

19. Retro Flippy Curtain Bangs with Long Curly Hair

These center-parted curtain bangs add a touch of 70s nostalgia to long curly hair. The longer length allows for these curtain bangs to sweep and flip out to the sides without bunching up as curlier hair tends to do when cut shorter.

Credit: Instagram / mageofhair

20. Curly Layers And Full Fringe

Soft, shaggy layers with curly, thick hair and a full fringe create a casual, lived-in style.

Layers give volume to the sides to offset narrow face shapes and the full fringe draws attention to the eyes, making sure you are the center of attention.

Credit: Instagram / salsalhair

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).