How To Make Dip Nails Shiny Again: Reverse the Gloss Loss!

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Have you ever tried powder dip nails? Don’t you just love how shiny it is? It simply looks like you have glass nails!

But over time, the gloss can fade. Is your dip powder top coat not shiny? Have you lost the gloss?

In this article, we are going to show you how to make dip nails shiny again!

We’ll go over what could have gone wrong and give a few tips to make sure your dip nails end up being shiny.


Why Is Your Dip Powder Top Coat Not Shiny?

If one of the main reasons why you decided to go for dip powder nails is because of the very shiny finish of the nails, it can be frustrating if yours didn’t turn out to be shiny at all.

There could be a few reasons why that could happen and they are as follows:

1. You Didn’t Apply a Top Coat

We have to start with this one. Are you sure you applied a top coat to your nails? Did you start watching a new Netflix show while waiting for your nails to dry, and forget to apply a top coat?

We have to ask, just to make sure!

If you haven’t applied a glossy top coat, well there’s your problem!

If you haven’t applied a glossy top coat, well there’s your problem!

2. Unmixed Or Old Dip Powder

It could be due to the old or unmixed dip powder that could create a cloudy appearance. 

Dip powders   can last for years. However, they could decompose prematurely, especially the lower-quality ones. 

That can affect not only their color but their ability to harden or dry up. It could cause the nails to look grainy or ultra-thick as well. 

One of the factors that could increase the deterioration of the dip powders is the environment it is stored in. So make sure to store them properly as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Furthermore, the components of the dip powder could separate and some could settle. Be sure to shake the powder before using it to avoid separation.

Be sure to shake the powder before using it to avoid separation. 

3. Contaminated Dip Powder

Another reason why the powder could cause cloudiness is that it is contaminated with the activator.

The activator helps harden the dip powder nails and it is possible that you placed the activator on the nails and then accidentally dipped the nail in the powder. 

That would contaminate the powder in the jar and could make it clumpy. The end result could be a cloudy dip nail. 

4. Oil On Dip Nails

Another reason why your dip nails could look dull and not shiny is because of your fingers.

If you accidentally touched the dip powder nails during the process or when they aren’t dried yet, you could end up with nails that are not shiny. 

5. Matte Top Coat

It is possible that you didn’t purchase the correct top coat. There are now matte top coats  that’s why they end up not having a shine at all.

You may have mistakenly purchased a matte top coat, so check the bottle before using it. 

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You may have mistakenly purchased a matte top coat, so check the bottle before using it. 

6. Contaminated Top Coat

Another reason why your top coat may not be shiny is that it is already contaminated. Just like contaminated dip powders, your top coat could get contaminated. 

Contamination could be due to loose dip powder that accidentally gets into the bottle somehow. It is possible that the brush of the top coat gets contaminated with the powder or the activator and is placed back into the bottle. 

How To Make Dip Nails Shiny Again

Dip Nails

If you already have the topcoat on your dip nails and it isn’t as shiny as you would like it to be, you could try adding another layer of topcoat. Usually, this is enough to make your dip nails shiny. 

However, if you have an older dip nail that you just want to restore the shine, then you should first buff the top layer to make sure that it is smooth. Scuff marks and scratches could make the nail dull, so you’d want to remove that first before applying a new topcoat layer. 

When applying the top coat, make sure that you use the fewest strokes possible. If you use a lot of strokes when applying the top coat, it will just create streaks and could make your nails look dull or imperfect. 

When applying the top coat, make sure that you use the fewest strokes possible. 

Additional Tips For Shiny Dip Nails

Although repairing your dull dip nails would be great to know, it’s best to do them correctly the first time! To do that, here are a few tips:

1. Proper Nail Prep

Proper nail prep is very important in making sure that you have beautiful shiny dip nails. This helps prevent contamination from the oils that could be in your nails. Additionally, it prepares your nails so that the substances can adhere to and work well with each other. 

Avoid Buffing Your Dip Powder

Sometimes, your dip nails could result in tiny bumps or uneven spots in the nail. Depending on the brand that you are using, some may be able to withstand buffing them out. 

However, you must be careful. There are some brands that can’t withstand buffing and will lose the shine if you do. 

If you buff your dip nails to remove the bumps, make sure that they can handle it. Make sure that you remove all the debris so the buffed surface is really smooth. A lint-free wipe will be best to use. 

Carefully Choose Your Top Coat

Standard Dip nail top coats  don’t usually require UV light to cure and dry on their own through air exposure.

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Additionally,  did you know that you could use[ amazon link=”B07FG7ZVFF” link_text=”gel top coats” link_icon=”amazon” /]  on your powder dip nails?

If you go in that direction, you will need a UV lamp to cure them. The upside is that the consistency is often better and their shine could last longer. 

If you do choose to use a gel top coat, you should “cap” the edge of the nail. This will help seal the dip nails so they don’t chip or peel easily. In that way, you can enjoy your shiny nails for longer. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).