Foreo Espada Review: Blue Light Therapy Magic!

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The Espada acne treatment device by Foreo (for-AE-oh) is a premium skincare product that is designed to deliver medical-grade light-therapy technology to the home. 

This blue light device, which is about the size and shape of a small flashlight, is intended to emit a frequency of light as well as special sonic pulses that produce therapeutic results on the treated skin. 

The treatment is meant to reduce and eradicate blemishes like acne and some scars in a non-invasive and pain-free way. It’s also supposed to make the skin look cleaner and healthier. 

Overall, the handheld light provides good value insofar as it delivers professional technology that would be more expensive to access through clinic appointments. This Foreo Espada Review will help customers understand the value, benefits, and downsides of this product. 


Foreo Espada Review

Foreo Espada

Consumers who are shopping for acne treatment devices should look into light therapy devices like the Espada. 

After going over the basic features of the light, this review will discuss a few different things about it in more detail. These include its look, build quality, functionality, ease of use, maintenance and operation instructions, and available accessories. 

Let’s start with a short introductory video before we dive in.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Handheld blue light for acne and blemish treatment, prevention 
  • Targets bacteria that causes acne and pimples 
  • Built-in timer 
  • 2 year warranty
  • 10 year quality guarantee 
  • 240 uses/battery charge 

Dimensions and Specs

  • 4.89 x 0.98 x 0.98 in.
  • 3.7 oz
  • Batteries included

The Details

Foreo Espada in Use

The following several sections of this Foreo Espada review will be organized in terms of the various concerns skincare consumers might have about this type of product. 


Foreo Espada in Use

This device is small, sleek, and available in four colors. It is unlikely that many consumers will find the design of this product to be unappealing, and virtually no users have voiced displeasure with this particular aspect of the product in reviews. 

Moreover, many have praised its small size. Its design and appearance is, overall, a positive aspect of this product. It is a convenient, portable device that can be stored easily and out of sight in places like the bathroom. 

This tidiness is enhanced by the fact that it does not require any chords or extra components.


Users of Foreos Espada acne treatment light have generally been happy with how well it has performed its intended functions. As a reminder, these functions are to eliminate and prevent acne and other blemishes as well as improve the overall look and health of facial skin. 

Many consumers have reported that this product prevents blemishes while drastically shortening the time it takes for pimples and other breakouts to heal and clear up.

In addition, users of this light appreciate the fact that it produces results after only a single use. So this is an especially convenient, effective device in terms of urgent care. 

While pills and other, more traditional treatments may also be effective at eradicating conditions like acne, they will likely take longer to produce the desired results. 

Many users report acne, cysts, eczema, and pimples beginning to shrink after the first use, and clearing completely after a few more. 

Although the device can be effective after even a single use, patience is important, especially if the target areas of skin cover a larger area. 

That’s because the light needs to be treated on target areas for about 30 seconds, so it can take a few minutes to treat an area that is more than a few inches across. 

Nonetheless, this product is considered to be fast in producing results, since it often begins shrinking acne after only a single use. 

Moreover, many consumers have claimed that their skin appears healthier and smoother after routine use of this light. 

Foreo Espada in Use

This dual-purpose that the light serves improves its value, especially since this device can be used as much as the buyer desires. 

Unfortunately, there is a minority of users who claim that the light does not work on their skin. Although if this is the case, users can find recourse through the 2 year warranty policy. 

Another critique of the product has been that the battery life of the light is not as good as advertised, or as other Foreo devices. And finally, this treatment does not work on rosacea.

Overall the Espada blue light device accomplishes its intended tasks quite well, and brings to consumers professional skincare technology that speeds the healing of acne breakouts and improves the look of the face’s skin.


Foreo Espada in Use

There are a few simple steps to using the Foreo Espada blue light device. First, it’s recommended that users clean their faces before treating them with the light. The device produces the best effects on clean, dry skin. 

Then, after making sure its batteries are charged, users must press the center button on the light and aim it a couple inches away from the target area on their face. Each treatment lasts 30 seconds, and there is a built-in timer. 

Although it can be used multiple times a day, or as needed. Periodic preventative use is also recommended for between breakouts.

Material and Build Quality 

Consumers have not voiced complaints about the quality of this device. Most reviews are more occupied by discussing the attractiveness of its design and how well it works. The build quality is good overall with this device. 

It is covered in a soft-looking plastic or rubber material, and has premium looking metallic accents. Overall, customers report being happy with the attractive look of this product, as well as the impression it gives of being a premium device. 

Ease of Use

Consumers have also generally found the Foreo blue light to be easy to use. The device is very simple, with few steps for its operation. Some consumers even report using it in the shower, though it is not officially waterproof. 

Moreover, the simplicity of its design contributes to a very easy and fast user experience. These features seem to satisfy most users, many of whom have voiced their satisfaction with its simplicity and ease of use. 


This product has very few components. All that is in the box is the device itself, a manual, and a charging adapter. 

And since the battery is designed to remain charged for hundreds of uses, consumers don’t have to worry about disassembling and reassembling the device routinely. Overall, customers have been happy with the simplicity of this product’s packaging and design. 

They consider this to be a highly portable, easy-to-use product that can be assembled fast.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

This product should be cleaned with water or gentle soap regularly for general sanitary purposes, though ultimately, this is a very low-maintenance device. 

Consumers who have purchased the Espada have reported no trouble with keeping this device clean and effective. They are generally happy with how easy the product is to take care of.


There are few accessories skincare consumers consider to be crucial to use alongside this device, although it is important to protect the eyes from the light it emits. 

For that reason, possible buyers of the Espada may also want to consider a pair of protective goggles or glasses which provide adequate shade. Besides that, this handheld blue light can be considered an all-in-one device that will not need to be modified or added to. 

The Bottom Line

Foreo’s Espada blue light acne treatment device provides a fairly high value for its price. That’s because routine visits to a skincare clinic for similar light therapy will cost a lot more. 

Moreover, the cost of this particular device relative to other light therapy devices is very reasonable. This is a decent product in its class because it performs its intended function quite well. 

It performs the dual role of speeding the healing of and preventing acne while also making the skin look clearer, smoother, and healthier over time. In addition, this product is attractive due to its simple, portable, and cosmetically appealing design and how easy it is to use and assemble. 

One reason this item is popular is because it comes in a sleek, portable, and easy-to-use package. And finally, its material and build quality give the impression that the Espada is a high-end, luxury product. 

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