How Many Lash Extensions Per Eye?

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Eyelash extensions are a fantastic way of giving your eyes a little more magic without veering into I’m wearing false lashes, everybody! territory. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Extensions are more complicated than false lashes, and require professional placement. Many wonder how many lash extensions per eye are placed

how much mascara is too much, and what’s the best product for removing it all?

And making rookie mistakes early on can be severely embarrassing, especially to someone young. This blog will go over some of the dos and don’ts of salon care that you’ll have to learn quickly.


How Many Lash Extensions Per Eye Are Done?

Answers can range anywhere from 200-300 in total, so 100-150 per eye are usually placed. And when one considers human hair, it’s understandable why!

Can anyone honestly say how many hairs they have on their head at any given time?  Of course not, that’s absurd. 

The number of lash extensions per eye actually used typically is between 90 and 150, depending on the client, the eye width, the number of actual lashes currently there, etc.

If you’re wondering how many lash extensions per eye you need, we’d recommend talking to your beauty tech, as each of us will need a different number.

Now, a few other tips for your first appointment!

Show Up As Plain As Possible

It’s understandable when headed to a place known as a “beauty” salon, that you may want to put a little make-up on before the appointment. But it’s always best to go in as bare-faced as possible.

That includes not curling your eyelashes prior to the visit. 

Curling your eyelashes leaves a crease in the root, making it harder for the technician to apply the extension. You also want to avoid doing anything that would upset the adhesive after the appointment. If you work out, go before your appointment and be sure to shower first as well. 

You can’t get lash extensions wet for 24 hours. 

Don’t Expect To Leave Quickly

Your salon appointment is not going to be an in-and-out sort of meeting. You’re going to want to leave at least two hours open in your schedule, if not longer.

You should also avoid a lot of caffeine before the appointment. Lash extensions require you to remain very still, and excessive moving could ruin their application. 

They Will Feel Odd

It’s perfectly natural for lash extensions to feel a little foreign to you for the first few days of wearing them. They are foreign to you, literally, and your body won’t quite understand what they are. It’ll take some getting used to, but in time you’ll get used to them. 

In the meantime, excessive scratching could pull them out, so it’s best to keep your hands away from your eyes, lest you need to schedule an emergency touch-up. 

Also remember to protect them from water in the beginning. Wear shower goggles until they’re fully set.

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