Shower Goggles for Eyelash Extensions

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You’ve just gotten some brand new eyelash extensions that look amazing! But you’re wondering how to take a shower.. 

Your beauty tech probably told you that you’ll want to avoid getting your extensions wet if you want to be sure that they’ll last long and keep looking good.

You’ll need Shower Goggles for Eyelash Extensions!

In today’s guide, we’re going to explore how you can use shower goggles to preserve your eyelash extensions while still being able to hop in the shower and keep yourself clean.


Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

The most pressing concern is whether you can shower with eyelash extensions in the first place. And you’ll be happy to hear that your extensions won’t automatically disintegrate the moment you step into the shower.

However, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

The first thing is that you’ll want to avoid showering within the first 48 hours of getting your eyelash extensions. 

Hopefully, your beauty tech told you this while they were being applied. But if the tech didn’t tell you, you need to stay out of the shower for a couple of days. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can take a bath, but don’t get your face wet.

Hopefully, your beauty tech told you this while they were being applied. But if the tech didn’t tell you, you need to stay out of the shower for a couple of days. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can take a bath, but don’t get your face wet.

Longer term, you can actually shower with eyelash extensions and without any protective gear like shower goggles, but there are a few caveats. 

First off, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t rub your eyelashes while you’re showering. You’ll have to be a little more careful when you get to washing your face.

You should also avoid facing the water jets of your shower directly. The excess pressure might dislodge your eyelash extensions with their force, or lead do drying glue getting into your eye, red eyes, etc. 

Luckily, it’s pretty uncomfortable to have shower jets pouring directly on your eyes, so it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll end up doing this willingly. But you should take extra care not to do so.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to use a protective shield or lash goggles when you shower, if you want to keep your lash extensions as long as possible.

Why Can’t I Shower Within the First 48 Hours?

Keep in mind that the exact amount of time that you should avoid showering depends on the exact application method that was used for your extensions as well as the adhesive.

Some of the more modern adhesives can cure in as little as 12 hours, but between 24 and 48 hours tends to be the most common amount of time that you should wait for.

This period of time without getting your lash extensions wet gives the adhesive that is used to keep them on your eyelids time to cure.

If the adhesive is not allowed to cure, then your extensions will start drooping and they might even fall entirely off of your face.

Even if you’re careful not to get your lash extensions wet while you shower during this period, even the steam in the air might be enough to weaken the adhesive enough to compromise it.

When the adhesive is compromised, it will likely harden prematurely, making it easier for lashes to break away later on.

You may even lose a lash or two if you got a bit of water on the extensions too early, but depending on the position of the individual lashes, it may not be quite that noticeable.

Regardless, all of these are possibilities that you’ll likely want to avoid if you want to maintain the beautiful look of your extensions.

This is why it’s often a good idea to err on the side of caution around any kind of water while you’re waiting for the adhesive to harden and stick to your eyelids.

Use Shower Goggles for Eyelash Extensions

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of not showering for two days while we wait for our eyelash extensions to cure. Here are some ways that you can shower without having to worry about losing lashes or compromising their adhesive.

Swimming Goggles for Eyelash Extensions

swim goggles

Probably the most popular way to keep extensions from getting wet is to simply use some swimming goggles that you have lying around. 

Before using your swimming goggles, be sure to clean off any chlorine residue that may remain on them from the last time you swam in a pool.

One of the issues with smaller swimming goggles is that there may not be enough distance between your eye and the lens of the goggles to fit longer lash extensions.

If that’s the case, you may have to opt for larger snorkeling goggles  that also go over your nose. While this may be a little more uncomfortable, it will give you more room for longer extensions.

But you’ll probably feel a bit silly.

Even with eyelash goggles on, you’ll want to be sure to avoid getting the water too hot so you can avoid creating steam in the shower that can potentially get through your goggles.

When you’re done showering with them, you’ll want to dry off the goggles before you take them off. This will ensure that you don’t end up accidentally dripping water onto your lashes as you remove them.

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Specialized Cosmetic Shower Shields

Shower sheilds for eyelash extensions

Along with the makeshift solution of shower goggles, you can also opt for specialized products that are designed to protect your face while in the shower.

For example, the Protective Shower Visor Face Shield from Re: Beauty Studio  is designed to keep water away from your face after a wide range of procedures.

This shower mask is ideal for protecting your lash extensions. It sticks directly to your forehead and is disposable after you’re done.

Since these masks come in a pack of 100 for a relatively low price, you’ll also be able to use them to protect your face even once your lashes have cured.

Though it’s not absolutely necessarily, it’s really a good idea to use these to keep your lash extensions going strong for as long as possible.

These visors are suitable for protecting your eyebrows after microblading as well. They will ensure that hot air doesn’t get in your face while you’re blow drying your hair.

Even better, the adhesive used has been medically tested, and will not leave any marks on your skin after you’re done showering.

Tanning Goggles For Eyelash Extensions

Tanning Goggles

If you happen to have tanning goggles lying around, it is possible you could use tanning goggles as protection for your eyelash extensions.

But they’re probably not the best choice.

Tanning goggles are generally pretty small so as to avoid tan lines and raccoon eyes, and they may press up against your lashes. If that’s the case, they are a no-go.

They may also not be waterproof! Tanning goggles aren’t usually designed to seal completely, they’re just made to block out light. Consequently, you may still get water in and around your lashes.

And also, tanning goggles block you from seeing anything, which can make showering difficult.

If your goggles provide a good seal and are big enough, you could use them to protect your lashes in the shower.

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