50 Pink and Purple Nails for Design Inspiration!

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So you’ve found yourself here because you’re contemplating pink and purple nails. Two colors that go together perfectly. You’re definitely in the right place! We have scoured through thousands of posts to find 50 pink and purple nails you are going to love.

We’ve chosen different nail designs in different lengths, and shapes. And unlike some other blogs you may have come across, we actually have 50 different designs.

From the understated to the bold, if you’re looking for some inspiration for pink and purple nails, you are going to find it here!


What Do Purple & Pink Represent?

The color purple is associated with a lot of different things, including royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple is also said to represent wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

A lot of the things that the color purple is associated with contradict each other.

And when it comes to pink, well…

Softer pinks are nurturing, feminine colors and are often associated with innocence and romance. That said, pink is a bit of a shapeshifter as it’s also often worn in rebellion to its cutesy, girlie reputation.

After all pink is the new punk. Brighter and darker tones and shades of pink are often associated with love, lust, self-assurance, and confidence.

So really pink is anything you want it to be.

What Do Pink And Purple Nails Say About You?

The only thing that wearing pink and purple nail polish says about you is that you like those colors. Trying to look for meaning in the nail polish colors people wear is like basing your assumptions of people based on their zodiac sign.

People make up weird symbolic rules over nail color (see What Does White Nail Polish Mean? and Why Paint One Nail a Different Color?) Let’s leave Cracker Jack box pseudo-psychology to those who have nothing better to do than to pass judgment on people they don’t know.

And let’s get to the nails!

50 (different) Pink and Purple Nails

1. Solid Pink and Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / lynnesimpsonnailsandbeauty

2. Matte is Where It’s At

Credit: Instagram / nails.s43

3. Matte and Glossy Pink & Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / zefir.nail.studio

4. Pink & Purple Swirls and Marbling

Credit: Instagram / mei_beauti

5. Pink & Purple Nails with Butterflies

Credit: Instagram / nailsbycady_

This is a great example of attractive coffin nails done relatively short. And we love the simple nail stamping! See here for details on thickening nail polish for nail stamping.

6. Pink & Purple Pansies

Credit: Instagram / nailevolution.bicester

7. Pink to Purple Ombre

Credit: Instagram / lacquering_ideas

8. Purple to Pink Ombre

Credit: Instagram / lifescolorsbydani

9. Pink & Purple Pastels with a Glitter Nail

Credit: Instagram / bysarahnailartist

So often with nail art, less is more. This one glitter nail makes the entire manicure pop!

10. Pink & Purple Stilettos with Silver Banding Detail

Credit: Instagram / indigocavan

The metallic accents on these stunning multicolored stiletto nails really rock!

11. Pink to Purple Horizontal Ombre

Credit: Instagram / abigailkate_beauty

We love everything ombre, it’s a simple yet effective style. And these are a perfect example of a well-done short square acrylic style.

12. Alternating Pink & Purple Ombre with Nail Art

Credit: Instagram / art_emma

13. Pink & Purple with Glitter

Credit: Instagram / mani_mama19

14. Purple & Pink with Glitter and Gold Foil

Credit: Instagram / glitter_shine_nails

15. Pink & Purple Animal Print

Credit: Instagram / mk.design_co

Animal prints don’t have to be in natural tones! Just avoid wearing these with a leopard print dress. Too much!

16. Pink & Purple Horizontal Ombre with Dot Accent

Credit: Instagram / shauna_addison

17. Purple Nails with Pink Digital Dots

Credit: Instagram / radiohannah

18. Holographic Purple & Pink Horizontal Ombre with Reverse Ombre Tips

Credit: Instagram / twinklebeautyspa

19. Deep Purple & Fuchsia Nails with Glitter

Credit: Instagram / tinasnailsandbeauty_65

20. Purple Micro Edges on Pink with Purple Flowers

Credit: Instagram / nailedbysazon

This is a great example of a modern take on a Purple French Tip manicure.

21. Pastel Pink & Purple Marbling

Credit: Instagram / morado_nail

22. Short Bright Pink Stilettos with Purple Glitter

Credit: Instagram / sunangelxo_nails

23. Pink & Purple Nails with Swirls

Credit: Instagram / nail_dayton

24. Pastel Pink & Purple Abstract Nail Art on Nude Nails

Credit: Instagram / danielletotten_nb

25. White Hibiscus and Gold Detailing on Pink & Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / riellnails

26. Purple Confetti Glitter on Nude Pink Nails

Credit: Instagram / les.donails

27. Gold Accent Nail with Pink & Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / polishmeprettynailsdidsbury

28. Purple Gemstone Tips on Nude Pink Nails

Credit: Instagram / creationsbyhani

29. Grape Jelly & Pink Bubblegum

Credit: Instagram / emmaloo1986

30. Pink to Lavender Ombre with Silver Foil Accent Nail

Credit: Instagram / zefir.nail.studio

Simple. Delicate. Beautiful.

31. Pink Milky Nails with Purple Confetti Glitter

Credit: Instagram / tiptotoe.verwood

Milky pink nails seem to be everywhere now, and they look even better when blended with a bit of purple!

32. Pink & Purple Marbling

Credit: Instagram / studio.beth_

33. White Crochet Nail Art on Pink & Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / lacquering_ideas

Super cute and creative!

34. Bright Purple & Fuchsia Inverted Ombre with Glitter Nail Accent

Credit: Instagram / kezzabelle5

35. Pink & Purple V Tip Frenchies with White Accent

Credit: Instagram / lindseycostellonailsbeauty

36. Deep Plum with Glitter and Pink

Credit: Instagram / nail_datewithalma

37. Understated Patel Pink & Purple Glitter Nails

Credit: Instagram / the_luxe._beauty

38. Pastel Pink & Purple French Tips

Credit: Instagram / tusunasmeflipan

#39. Grape Slushy Poured on top of Pink Candy Floss

Credit: Instagram / _princess_beauty_and_sun

40. Animal Print in Pink & Purple

Credit: Instagram / art4nails_by_gaby

41. Pink Lotus on Purple Nails

Credit: Instagram / night_nurse_nails

Yet another minimalist nail art stunner.

42. A River Flows Through a Pink & Purple Ombre

Credit: Instagram / lifescolorsbydani

43. Pink Milky Nails with Pink & Purple Marbling

Credit: Instagram / lavishedbyyary

44. Pink & Purple Marbling, French Tip, Ombre & Clear Accent Nail

Credit: Instagram / nailsbylee_2008

45. Pink & Purple Nails with White Organic Nail Art

Credit: Instagram / envyestheticsrd

46. Purple & Pink Matte Ombre with Accent Nails and Gold Detailing

Credit: Instagram / art_emma

47. Pink & Purple Marbled Almond Nails

Credit: Instagram / kristinsnails

48. Pink & Purple Nails with Leopard Print Accent and Foil Detailing

Credit: Instagram / filed_n_styled

49. Pink & Purple Glitter, Ombre, Veining, and Marbling

Credit: Instagram / tinasnailsandbeauty651

50. Nude Pink Nails with Purple and White Nail Art

Credit: Instagram / nailedbysazon


And there you have it – 50 of our favorite different designs for pink and purple nails.

It’s easy to see why pink and purple nails are trending. From cute to sophisticated, conservative to bold, and casual to professional, with the right design and the right shades and tones of pink and purple, you can make pink and purple nails whatever you want them to be.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).