What Does Pink Hair Color Fade To? Does Fading Pink Look Good?

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Coloring your hair is possibly one of the best ways to change your look and express your sense of style. Dyeing your hair a fun color like pink lets others see a bit of your personality.

With the wide variety of semi-permanent and permanent hair coloring products on the market, changing up your looks is quick and easy. 

But gradually that color will fade unless you maintain it. What does pink hair color fade to? Is it a beautiful soft pink tint, or does it go funky?

In this article, we’ll discuss what happens if you just let your pink dye go.


Before you Color your Hair Pink: What to Consider

Before you decide to color your hair, there are a few things you should consider. These include choosing the best color for your skin tone, pre-dye steps to follow, and salon vs. at-home dye kits.

Let’s jump right in:

Choosing the best color

Pink hair is extremely popular and fades beautifully. When choosing a pink to color your hair, you should always consider your skin tone and hair color first. Here is a quick breakdown of the colors you should choose according to your skin tone and hair color:

  • Warm skin tones – warmer pinks
  • Cooler skin tones – brighter pinks like magenta and Fuschia
  • Dark hair – darker pinks with an orange undertone
  • Blonde/light hair – pastels 

Those with dark hair would need to lighten their hair before coloring and can do this using an at-home bleaching kit or going to the salon.

If using an at-home kit, follow the directions to a T to avoid any catastrophes and possible damage to your hair. Bleaching is super harsh on your hair, and be sure you wait sufficiently long after bleaching to go the next step to pink.

If using an at-home kit, follow the directions to a T to avoid any catastrophes and possible damage to your hair. 

Preparing your hair for coloring

Before you color your hair, you must ensure it is in the best possible condition. You can prepare your hair the day before you intend to color it. 

Wash your hair with a good quality purifying shampoo to rid your hair of any product or oil build-up. This also creates an even porosity for the color to take evenly. 

Always, always, always do a strand test. A strand or patch test helps rule out an allergy and also gets an inkling of what the color will look like on your hair. If you need to pre-lighten your hair, this is also a good time to test your hair-lightening skills.

Salon vs. at-home coloring kits

If you have never colored your hair by yourself or are considering a drastic change, it might be wise to visit a salon for professional coloring. Yes, you’ll pay for it. But The stylist can help you choose the best color for your skin tone, access great quality products, and advise you about maintaining your color. 

For a quick, cheap change, a wide variety of at-home coloring kits are available. 

What Does Pink Hair Color Fade To?

Pink is one of the trickiest hair colors to maintain. It can start to fade as quickly as one wash. And if not maintained properly, develop orange or yellowish hues instead of gradually lightening. Choosing the best pink color for your skin tone is essential. 

Pink is one of the trickiest hair colors to maintain. It can start to fade as quickly as one wash. And if not maintained properly, it can develop orange or yellowish hues instead of gradually lightening.

How long your hair color lasts depends on a few factors. These are:

  1. The overall condition of your hair
  2. The color of your hair
  3. How frequently you wash your hair
  4. How frequently your hair is heat-styled
  5. The type of hair color you have used

#1: Condition of Hair

Taking care of your hair is easy and does not cost the earth in products. Good quality shampoo and conditioner, with a bi-weekly or monthly hot-oil treatment, can go a long way in keeping your locks luscious and healthy. 

Choose a shampoo and conditioner according to the current condition of your hair.

Just as an artist starts with a blank canvas, your hair should be in good condition before you color it. This ensures an even color and that the product will not fade quickly. 

#2: Color of your hair

If you have brunette or dark hair, you must pre-lighten it. This involves the use of bleach which can severely damage your hair. We recommend that you visit a salon to have your hair bleached, as a stylist will use the best quality products while maintaining your hair. 

Light or blonde hair is easier to color but will require more maintenance as your color fades and your roots grow out. 

#3: Frequency of washes

If you wash your hair every day, your color will fade much faster. Everyday washing can also strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. 

If you wash your hair every day, your color will fade much faster.

Try to stretch out the frequency of your washes, and use a dry shampoo between washes to add some volume while reducing the greasiness. You can also use make-up blotting papers to reduce oily patches on your head

#4: Frequency of styling

Heat-styling your hair daily is a big no-no! While it might be quick and convenient to blow-dry, straighten, or curl your hair using heat, it can quickly lead to dry, dull-looking hair.

Heat-style only when necessary, and use a good heat protective serum or spray on your hair beforehand to protect your hair and add shine. 

#5: Type of color

Again, the battle between salon vs. at-home dye kits comes into play. Choosing a good quality at-home dye kit is not a bad option if you want quick color for a special occasion. Going to a salon would be your best bet for a long-lasting, possibly more vibrant color. 

Also, take note of the type of color you are using, i.e., Permanent vs. semi-permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent colors will only last a few washes, whereas permanent colors will give you that great color for longer. 

How to Maintain your Pink Hair

Colored hair is easy to maintain if you have the proper knowledge. Pink might fade quicker than other colors, but you, can keep your pink hair vibrant and looking great for longer by following these tips:


Dye your hair brighter than what you would initially like to. Pink hair color starts fading as soon as the first wash. Dyeing your hair a brighter or darker pink will ensure that it fades into a warm-looking color that lasts longer. 


If your hair is darker, you should lighten the tips first. The tips of your hair contain less moisture than the rest of your head and could result in the color not “taking” to your tips too well. Lighten the tips to a lighter shade than the rest of your hair to get a nice, even color. 


The more you wash your hair, the quicker the color will fade. Try to increase the time between washes, and use a dry shampoo for those days when your hair feels too oily. Dry shampoo is inexpensive and a great way to maintain your color by reducing the frequency of washing. 


Pink is fun, feminine, and a popular color choice for hair. It will fade nicely if you care for it, but it can go funky if you aren’t careful. If you really don’t like it anymore, you can follow How to Get Pink Hair Dye Out of Hair.

By following our tips above, you, too, can get the most out of your hair color.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).