How to Fix White Dip Nails That Turned Yellow

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Powder dip nail manicures are all the rage, and many women in the know say that they last up to a month – and you can comfortably do dip “SNS” nails at home.

Apart from being long-lasting and strong, you can also avoid the harmful UV lights used to dry or set gel nails, and have access to a plethora of colors and styles. and the entire process is gentler than acrylic nails. 

But why do dip nails turn yellow sometimes? Can you fix white dip nails that turned yellow?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the things that can go wrong with dip nails, including yellowing, and explain what you can do to get the crisp white pop back!


Why Do Dip Nails Turn Yellow? Dip Nail Drawbacks

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to powder manis, including grainy nails, too-thick nails, and yellowing nails.

What causes your white dipped nail mani to turn yellow, and how can you repair it? Don’t be concerned. This is an issue almost any new ‘dipper’ will run into, and it’s not hard to avoid. 

Usually, the white powder is so pure that other colors quickly pollute it. Also, using differently colored powders with your liquid set can discolor the white powder and turn up a yellow shade on your nails since it discolors the white.

Some powders are porous and more likely to turn yellow. 

Usually, the white powder is so pure that other colors quickly pollute it.

However, the same porous quality creates the lighter and more natural feel of powder colors. Powders tend to have less risk for side effects, such as dizziness and skin irritation, than acrylic nails since they’re odorless. 

Using too much detergent, soap, bleach, and sanitizer can also cause yellow nails. 

How to Fix White Dip Nails That Turned Yellow

A good way to think about your white dip powder is your laundry. Mixing colors with whites always causes your whites to lose their brilliance.

We separate our white garments in the wash to extend their longevity and keep them looking crisp white.

So, keep a set of liquids that you use only with white powder and keep your brushes clean – not impossible, right? 

So, keep a set of liquids that you use only with white powder and keep your brushes clean – not impossible, right? 

Follow these tips to counter or repair yellowing:

Buff It Up!

If you notice your nails gradually yellowing, you can buff off the topcoat and first layer of white powder, which will reveal the pure white color. Then apply another layer of basecoat and dip your finger in clean white powder, followed by a topcoat and activator.

Remember, your topcoat won’t dry without an activator.

Keep Your Brushes Clean

you don’t want to mix other colors with your white. Many products provide a brush cleaner you should utilize after each manicure.

Use a paper towel to wipe all colors from the brushes before returning them to the bottle of base- or topcoat and activator. 

Products your powder nails won’t tolerate

Many sunscreens with SPF will cause yellowing, and sadly so can your body lotion, face cream or makeup. Be careful with your nails and wash your hands after applying sunscreen or moisturizer. 


Although there are few things more enjoyable than a dip in the pool on a hot day, keep in mind that chlorine can also fade lighter colors of nail powder, especially white, and leave you with that yellow hue we all want to avoid.


As with your laundry, car dashboard and pretty much any household furnishing, UV rays damage them, so avoid extended periods in the sun ane UV rays to protect your skin and mani. 


A wonderful gift from nature, citrus fruit is unfortunately not a benefit for your powder mani. The acid could have a fading effect on your powder and sealer/topcoat. 

Cleaning supplies

Some harsh chemicals will undoubtedly affect your nail color, so do the sensible thing and wear cleaning gloves whenever you use cleaning products. Besides, it also protects your skin from becoming ‘old’ and wrinkled before its time. 


The benefits of sealer are much more than looking pretty and creating shine. Be sure to cover your entire nail very carefully, even the edges, to protect your color from everyday chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Yellowed dip nails can occur due to impure powder and environmental exposure, but it’s usually fixable by removing the topcoat and the first few layers and reapplying.

After your mani, always remember to protect your nails from other chemicals and wash your hands regularly. Keep your preparation process pristine and clean your tools regularly.

Experiment with different brands (feel free to mix!) to find what suits you and your unique circumstances, and keep it fun. Once you get the hang of it, powder manis, when done correctly, will give you more time to enjoy lovely, strong nails!

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).