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If you’ve ever been to a spa, a tanning salon, or a gym like Planet Fitness, you might have seen the Beauty Angel RVT30 in one of their rooms. It might look like a private shower or a standing tanning bed.

But it’s not.

It has a different purpose, which is primarily red light therapy

Oh, it would be a dream to have one at home, but you could always use it whenever you go to Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness, as long as you have their Black Card membership. Before you go in line to experience what this machine has to offer, let’s first tell you what it is, what it is meant to do, the technology it uses, and its effects. In that way, you’d be able to decide whether you’d really want to use one or not. You’d also know what to expect when using it and what result you can get because of it. 


Beauty Angel RVT30 Review 

Beauty Angel RVT30 Total Body Enhancement
Beauty Angel RVT30. Image

The Beauty Angel RVT30 is a total body enhancement system made by Ergoline corporation. It is used to help with the anti-aging process of the skin and it also helps stimulate the muscles.

It may look like a standing tanning bed but it isn’t. It does have lamps that produce red light but it wouldn’t make you tan or darken your skin. The red light technology works differently than UV light.

This machine is meant to help your body look better. It works on your skin and other tissues to help produce hyalouron, elastin, and collagen.

This machine also aims to train the body in a physical way. That is through the use of the patented Vibra Shape platform. It is designed to move your muscles by flexing and relaxing them. Such muscle activities help increase circulation.

However, you don’t have to worry about your joints. Although it is designed to mimic physical activity, it is still gentler on the joints than a run. 

Key Features at a Glance

  • Red Light Therapy
  • Vibra Shape Platform
  • Gentle on joints
  • Short 12-minute sessions
  • Provides complete privacy
  • Well-ventilated
  • MP3-player connection

Dimensions and Specs 

  • Dimensions when closed (W x D x H): 55 inches x 55 inches x 93 inches
  • Dimensions when opened (W x D x H): 73 inches x 55 inches x 93 inches
  • Weight: 1055 lbs
  • Number of Beauty Light Lamps: 30

How Does The Beauty Angel Work?

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The Beauty Angel RVT30 combines red light therapy and the Vibra Shape platform to help improve the body. To help us understand what it can do for the users, let’s help you know more about the technologies that this machine uses. 

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Image Source

With red light therapy, the body is exposed to low levels of either red or near-infrared light. Although infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, you can still feel it as heat.

Red light can also be used and it is similar to infrared light, but we can see it. 

Red light therapy may come in various names. It is also known as low-power laser therapy (LPLT), low-level laser therapy (LLLT), photobiomodulation (PBM), biostimulation, or photonic stimulation. Even with different names, they are still the same and produce the same effects on the body. 

With Beauty Angel RVT30, you expose your body to 30 lamps producing the red light simultaneously. The red light affects the mitochondria of the cells. They are the ones that produce energy for the cells. The red light can help them produce more energy, which some experts believe helps in rejuvenating or repairing damaged cells. 

This can help the skin cells and muscle tissue to heal faster and become healthier because they have enough energy to produce what the skin or cells need. It can help boost the production of collagen and elastin. With less damage and rejuvenated cells, the aging process can also be slowed down.

There are many applications for light therapy, including light therapy for rosacea, light therapy for acne, light therapy for pain, etc.

In this case, Beauty Angel RVT30 uses it to help improve the appearance of the skin by helping out with wrinkles or stretch marks plus improving how the skin looks overall. 

Although red light may feel warm, it doesn’t burn the skin. It is also different from the UV light that tanning booths use to darken the skin. They function in a different way, but tanning and red light therapy can work together.

Red light therapy should also not be confused with intense pulsed light therapies or IPL that damages the skin surface to induce tissue repair. Red light therapy isn’t harsh and wouldn’t damage the skin. That said, many find benefit in combining serums with light therapy.

It works directly with the mitochondria of the cells. It can also penetrate about 5mm below the skin’s surface so muscle tissues can also be affected. 

Vibra Shape Platform

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The other technology that Beauty Angel RVT30 uses is a passive exercise through the use of the patented Vibra Shape platform. This platform vibrates to transmit energy to the body.

This causes the muscles to contract and relax, which makes you feel that you are doing various activities and using your muscles. 

The relaxing and contracting muscles can be beneficial to the body as it could enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, help muscle build strength, improve flexibility, and even burn fat.

This technology was first developed for astronauts to help condition and use their muscles while they are on their missions.

The Beauty Angel also uses vibrations that are in the frequency of about 24 Hz. This is a higher frequency than most vibration platforms, usually at 18 Hz. It is more effective and the motion is still gentler on the joints. 

However, there are also a few precautions to the use of this machine, especially due to the Vibra Shape platform.

If you’ve had a recent operation, bone problems, hip problems, or heart problems, it would be best to clear out the use of vibration platforms with your physician first. Also, this should be avoided by those who have an acute illness, inflammation, or those who are pregnant. 

Why Should You Use The Beauty Angel RVT30?

Once you see this in your favorite gym or spa, there is something to its shape and glow that can draw you to use it. The futuristic aesthetics topped with popping pink colors definitely peak curiousity.

Aside from feeding your curiosity and the thrill of experiencing something new, here are a few more reasons why you should definitely give it a try:

Improves Various Skin Issues

With regular treatments from the Beauty Angel RVT30, you can achieve softer and healthier-looking skin. This is thanks to its ability to help promote the production of collagen and elastin.

As we age, the skin slows down its production.

That is why you’d see wrinkles, lines, or pigmentation on mature skin. Although the wrinkles and fine lines on the face are most noticeable, they can also occur in other parts of the body. This machine helps slow down that aging process to help you look younger. 

Great Combination With Tanning

Some tanning salons also have this machine available for use. You can take advantage of that by using it after your tanning session.

Remember that red light therapy has a healing effect. The UV light from tanning bed bulbs can damage your skin cells (which is why we would suggest spray tans instead). If you choose to tan at Planet Fitness, a tanning salon, or with a home tanning bed, help your skin heal faster and better recover by using the Beauty Angel RVT30 after you go for a tan.

Additionally, some also use this machine before they go for a spray tan. The gentle heat due to the treatment can help with opening the pores. It can also help you develop the tan color faster as it boosts the circulation in the body. 

Tones The Body

With regular use, you may also observe that your body is better toned. It targets various muscle groups, especially the core, thigh, and glutes. These can appear more toned with regular use. Also, it can help burn calories and the vibrations can also boost circulation and increase metabolism. 

May Help With Pain

Vibration platforms are also used to help with physical therapy. Astraunots used them to prevent loss of bone and muscle density while in space. As the vibrations mimic exercises by flexing and relaxing the muscles, it can also help reduce back pain or joint pain.

It can also increase your flexibility and improve your mobility. 

How To Use The Beauty Angel RVT30?

It can be intimidating to see a new machine you’ve never used before. But the Beauty Angel is really pretty easy to use.

The first thing you have to do is to follow the dress code

If you have your own Beauty Angel RVT30 at home or if the gym, salon, or spa allows you to use it naked, then you should go for it. This would give you the most exposure to the red light the machine produces.

Don’t worry about anyone seeing you because you can close the door through your session and no one would see how your body shakes or moves throughout the session. 

However, some places would require you to wear at least a bikini to use their machine. Make sure you follow the dress code so that you don’t risk getting banned from using the machine.

You may choose to wear the skimpiest bikini to maximize the areas of your body that are exposed to the red light. Regardless of what you do, you want to wear goggles for eye protection.

The next thing to do is to select your preferred setting. You cannot do anything about the red lights. It automatically turns on as you start the program. The only things you can control are the program of the Vibra Shape platform and the level of the cooling fan. 

In this machine, there are 4 different programs ranging from low intensity to high intensity and a mixed intensity program:

  1. Feel Great – Of all the four programs, this uses the lowest impact of vibration frequency. This is good for flexibility and relaxing the muscles.
  2. New You – This is a medium intensity program that’s great for beginners It combines medium frequency vibration with massage technology in order to help tone muscles through alternating movements. 
  3. Cross Training – For more experience sports or exercise enthusiasts, this high-intensity program is most suitable. This helps strengthen the muscles by using more powerful movements. 
  4. Multi-Level – This uses mixed frequency intensities and goes through the different muscle groups to help tighten and tone them. 

After selecting and starting your program, there is a handle above your head where you hold on throughout the program. This helps the body efficiently vibrate various targeted parts.

Being in that position also helps expose your whole body to the red light. 

Other Noteworthy Features

Offers Privacy

Some people might be conscious of how their body looks when being shaken by the Vibra Shape platform. What’s great about this machine is you get to do it privately. You can close the door and enjoy the treatment session with peace of mind that no one is watching your body parts shake or move in various ways. 

Great Cooling System

A red light could feel warm or hot depending on your sensitivity. Good thing that this machine is fitted with a ventilation and cooling system. The fans will help keep you feel cool and comfortable.

The ventilation system will also ensure that you have enough air inside throughout the procedure so you won’t feel confined inside the closed machine.

Spacious Interior

Aside from being well ventilated, the spacious interior also adds to the comfort level of using the machine. With enough space, your body can shake and your muscles can move without bumping into the sides of the machine. You won’t have to be afraid of not being able to fit inside the machine because it has a spacious interior. 

Compatible With MP3 Players

Another thing that could add to the comfort of using the machine is its compatibility with MP3 players and phones. You can play any music you want for the duration of your treatment. This makes the treatment more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Short Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions last for about 12 minutes. That’s great news for those who don’t have lots of time to spend in the salon, gym, or spa. Certainly, you can spare 12 minutes for a treatment session that can help heal your body. 

Other Related Questions

Is red light therapy safe?

Most consider red light therapy as a safe procedure. It doesn’t cause any damage to the skin unlike UV light or intense pulsed light. However, you should still avoid over-exposing yourself to it. The sessions only last for 12 minutes and you should follow that to avoid any adverse effects if there are any.

Some people might find the red light too bright. The use of eye protection is recommended but is not required. If using it would make you feel more comfortable, then go ahead and use one. 

How often should you use Beauty Angel RVT30?

The appearance of noticeable results will vary from one user to another. Some may see the results in as little as a month of regular use while others may see them after 3 months. This would depend on the age of the user plus the skin condition they have. 

Should you use this before or after a workout?

Some people use this machine before their workout. This will serve as a warm-up exercise for the muscles. It enhances circulation so you can also feel more energized. This helps you better perform your workout. 

On the other hand, there are also some who use the machine after their workout. The purpose of doing so is to help reduce muscle soreness. It can also help with the tightness of the muscles and joints. 

Alternatively, there are also other people who use the Beauty Agel RVT30 on its own without having to do workouts. This is also fine as it can also help you improve your core strength, tone muscles, and relax the body. 


In conclusion, we can say that using the Beauty Angel RVT30 is a great machine to use. If you have access to it then go ahead and use it because it can help your body in a variety of ways. It can help improve your skin and your muscles. Your whole body will also benefit well from improving circulation. 

This machine is easy to use and is generally safe but there are still precautions. Those who have acute illnesses, undergone recent operations, or who are pregnant should avoid using the machine. If you have any health concerns, it would also be best to talk to your doctor about this treatment procedure before trying it out.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).