Can You Use Eyelash Glue as Nail Glue?

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You’re in the middle of applying your fake nail tips. You squeeze the glue bottle. Nothing comes out. You’re out of nail glue. Oh No!

Is there anything else you can use instead? For example, can you use eyelash glue as nail glue?

In a pinch you can, but it’s not going to work as well. Here are the basics:

  • Nail glue is stronger and longer-lasting than eyelash glue
  • Eyelash glue might not handle heavy-weight fake nails such as those with jewels
  • You can apply eyelash glue to your nails easily

When you have a lifting nail, you can use eyelash glue to fix it.

We explain how to use eyelash glue for your nails and just why it might work for you.


Can You Use Eyelash Glue as Nail Glue?

Fake nails can be applied with eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is a human-safe adhesive, like nail glue. The glue will still bond the fake nail to your natural nail.

If you’re out of nail glue, eyelash glue is a great nail glue alternative, and it’s definitely a much better choice than other household glues like Krazy Glue on Nails.

Nevertheless, it’s worth pointing out the differences between nail glue and eyelash glue.

Fake nails can be applied with eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is a human-safe adhesive, like nail glue. The glue will still bond the fake nail to your natural nail.

But as we mentioned earlier, eyelash glue has a relatively low adhesive strength. It’s much weaker than traditional nail glue.

The fibers used to make false lashes are very lightweight (though they can feel heavy!). Your eyelid skin does not want anything that will stick to it permanently.

Therefore it requires only a small amount of adhesive strength.

In contrast, nail glue uses acrylic plastic to adhere to the natural nail’s hard keratin; a stronger adhesive is required.

As a result, eyelash glue can be a great temporary solution in case you run out of regular nail glue.

But your nails are not going to last as long as if you used regular nail glue. It’s a good temporary solution, but when you can, remove the nail and replace with proper glue.

Using Eyelash Glue to Apply Fake Nails

  1. Keep your nails clean. If the nails on your hand are polished, they must be removed before fake nails are applied.
  2. Make sure your nails are soaked. Your nails need to be soaked in warm water now. Set a timer for a minimum of five minutes, ideally ten minutes. As a result, the skin around your nails and your nail bed will be softer.
  3. Make sure your nails are clipped. Before applying fake nails, you should trim your natural nails in order to prevent them from growing longer than the fake nails.
  4. You can trim your nails using nail clippers or scissors. Once your nails are shaped, you can file them down.
  5. Avoid sawing motions when using emery boards or nail files.
  6. Cuticles should be pushed back. It is important that fake nails are attached to the widest surface possible.
  7. Push your nails back with a cuticle pusher. Once the cuticle has been pushed back, you can trim it with nail scissors.
  8. Fake nails should be applied now. Use an eyelash glue brush to apply a small amount to your natural nails. The lower half of your fake nail should also be painted with a small dot or brush swipe.
  9. Make sure the fake nail base lines up with your natural cuticle. Then, after aligning it, press the false nail gently onto the natural nail, allowing it to adhere to the nail as you normally would.
  10. If you want the glue to stick, you might have to gently press it down. Take care not to apply excessive pressure while doing this. You might need to do it for a minute or two.

Can Nail Glue Be Used on Eyelashes?


Your eyelashes should never be glued with nail glue. Unlike eyelash glue, nail glue has a thicker consistency, more strength, and greater stickiness.

It is created to attach a durable, strong fake nail that is probably acrylic to your natural nail’s keratin.

You should not use it on sensitive and prone to breakout areas of your skin, especially around your eyes, as it may cause irritation and breakage.

You should not use nail glue on sensitive and prone to breakout areas of your skin, especially around your eyes.

Ensure that the eyelash glue is in date to ensure it works properly. Expired glue can smell funky and lose its bonding.


It is easy to apply eyelash glue and dries quickly – no waiting around! However, you must apply eyelash glue before applying false nails to ensure they blend in seamlessly. The good thing about using eyelash glue for nails means you most likely have some on hand in your eyelash kit. 

So sit back and enjoy your nails looking the same without trying to hide a lifting nail because you don’t have any nail glue left.

Ensure you always have eyelash glue in your handbag or car to serve two purposes instead of one.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).