Do Magnetic Lashes Feel Heavy?

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Flirty lashes get us excited. But the thought of applying them may seem daunting, especially for beginners. Luckily, those in the beauty world continue to find innovative ways to make our lives a little bit easier while applying makeup.

If you hate lash glue, you might love with magnetic lashes.

Magnets on lashes? Do magnetic lashes feel heavy?

Oh, the things we do for beauty. 

That’s a common question to ask and the answer is, it is subjective! However, we can tell you that they are not designed to be heavy at all.

In fact, they should only feel like your usual strip fake lashes. That being said, some people still find them heavy. Let’s discuss why this is the case.


Are Magnetic Lashes Heavy?

Magnetic Lashes

If you ask those of us who have tried magnetic lashes  whether they are heavy or not, you’ll get different answers. 

For people who are used to wearing fake lashes, magnetic lashes may not feel heavy at all. That’s because they are already used to the weight of traditional fake lashes. 

However, for those who are new to wearing fake lashes, the magnetic lashes may seem heavy. That’s because they are not used to anything sitting over their natural eyelashes.

For many, false eyelashes are simply uncomfortable at the start

Even the lightest fake lashes will feel heavy to newbies.

However, the actual weight of the magnetic lashes doesn’t differ a lot from the traditional fake lashes that you glue on. The magnetic strips used are very thin and light. 

Some traditional dramatic fake lashes  that are thick, long, and fluffy might even be heavier than the thinner magnetic lashes in the market. 

Why Do Magnetic Lashes Feel Heavy?

When we talk about magnets, the ones that come to mind are the heavier ones. You know, the ones that are meant to work with metals?

Even the smallest magnets that we are familiar with seem heavy. Think about the magnets that stick to your fridge. 

With that in mind, it is easy to conclude that magnetic eyelashes feel heavy even if you haven’t tried them. Some people may be afraid to purchase them because they think they won’t use them because of their weight. 

Another reason why magnetic lashes might seem heavy is that they may be too long for your eyes. Lashes that don’t fit your eye can be uncomfortable.

It may seem that they’re too heavy, but they may just be too long.

Fake lashes come in varying lengths. Carefully select the ones to purchase.

Additionally, you could also trim them down. Some magnetic lashes have multiple magnets that will stick efficiently even when trimmed. 

And sometimes you just need to get used to the sensation of wearing magnetic lashes. It takes time. Some even report discomfort and headaches from magnetic lashes.

Magnetic Lashes Types And Their Weight

There are actually 2 types of magnetic lashes available today.

The first one would include a pair of magnetic eyelashes  for each eye. This one would essentially sandwich your natural lashes. 

pair of magnetic lashes

For some, this might feel heavy because the fake lashes will be on the top and bottom. 

The other type would include a pair of fake lashes, one for each eye, and a magnetic eyeliner  To use this, you’d use the eyeliner like your usual eyeliner. The ma

gnets will attach to the line you’ve created. 

Magnetic eyeliner lashes

Many find this style more comfortable and less heavy-feeling than the other style. If you are new to using fake lashes and are too worried about the weight, then you should probably choose this style . 

However, you should also take note that the actual weight of the lashes will vary depending on the brand you get.

Some are really lightweight and some might feel heavier than others. 


Magnetic lashes are not heavier than other styles of lashes. Their weight is similar to the traditionally fake lashes that you glue onto your natural lashes. 

However, there are a few reasons why they might feel heavy. First of all, it may all be in your mind. We are used to thinking that magnets are heavy that’s why you might just think that magnetic lashes are heavy. 

Second of all, it might feel heavy because you are not used to wearing fake lashes. If you are new to fake lashes, even the non-magnetic ones may also feel heavy to you. 

Lastly, magnetic lashes may feel heavy if they are not fit for your eye. They might be too long, making them feel uncomfortable. That discomfort may also feel like they are too heavy even if they are not. 

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