Does Brazilian Wax Get Easier Over Time?

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Waxing isn’t for the faint of heart. You might have heard this from some of your peers who’ve gotten some part of their body waxed. And it’s true, it’s not for the faint of heart because honestly, it just. freakin’. hurts. 

Just imagine how painful it is to get your private area waxed. However, your curiosity to achieve that smooth and hairless skin can make you ask “Does Brazilian wax get easier over time?” It must have for so many people to decide to have them over and over again.

Well, the great news is that the answer is yes, Brazilian wax gets easier over time. 

To know how that happens exactly, we first need to discuss what happens on your first Brazilian waxing session. We’ll also tell you about what happens to the hair you grow and have removed in your succeeding sessions. 


Your First Brazilian Session

If you haven’t had a Brazilian waxing session, then be prepared the awkwardness (don’t forget proper etiquette)… and then the pain. We’re not scaring you into backing out of your appointment here. We are just telling you the truth so that you can better prepare for it. 

Of course it’s gonna hurt! You are going to take several hair strands and pluck them out at the same time.

If this sensation is new to you, it could be shocking. But you’ll love the results afterward. Most people love it so much that they book another session. 

Brazilian Wax Pain Scale

How bad does Brazilian wax hurt?


Bikini waxing tends to max out the pain scale, unfortunately. It’s just about the most painful beauty process people go through.

In particular, the first time will definitely hurt. You don’t really know what to expect, and you’ll go in fearing the worst, especially if you don’t tend to pluck your hair down there.

If you’ve done epilation, then the sensation is pretty similar, as is the pain scale.

The thing with your first Brazilian waxing session is that your hair is likely to be coarse. Due to the pulling of thicker and deeper hair, it can be much painful than the succeeding sessions. It could even bleed a bit.

If you happen to shave in that area, you’d certainly feel the difference in the pain level. 

Does Brazilian Wax Get Easier Over Time?

Most people find that bikini waxing does get easier with multiple sessions. Thankfully.

There are several theories as to why waxing gets easier over time. The first one involves the hair removed during the session, proper preparation, and due to your own perception of pain. 

Less And Thinner Hair

With the first waxing session, the hair pulled out is in various hair cycles. All of them will be pulled out. That means more hair is pulled out during your first session. 

With the succeeding sessions, hairs that are in the growing stage are the only ones present. This means that there is fewer hairs are pulled out.

However, this does not mean that the other hair follicles won’t grow hair. It’s just that the hairs can be at different stages. 

During your next appointment, those that haven’t grown yet by the time you had your second session would have already grown. These are the ones that are going to be removed by the next session. 

New hair growth could feel thinner as they are tapered towards the end. Some think that this contributes to the lesser pain intensity felt after having a few Brazilian waxing sessions. 

Proper Preparation 

Lack of proper preparation can make your waxing session more painful than it should be. Due to your first session, you may not be aware of how to properly prepare the area before your Brazilian wax.

The professionals will usually give you tips on what to do so it wouldn’t be as painful. 

Some of those tips would include making sure that the skin is properly moisturized. Dry can be more painful to wax.

So it is best to take care of the skin way before your waxing session. Additionally, exfoliating should also help remove the dead skin cells. This helps improve the grip of the wax on the hair so it may be removed easily. 

Perception Of Pain

Another reason why a Brazilian wax may get easier over time is your personal perception of pain. At your first session, you wouldn’t know exactly what to expect. The whole process can be a bit embarrassing, and awkward.

You might have heard from others that it would be painful… but you won’t know exactly how painful it is if you do not experience it for yourself. 

By experiencing that initial pain due to your first Brazilian waxing session, you could be more prepared for the succeeding sessions. You know what to expect and the shock won’t add to the pain anymore.

Plus, you also know the results that you can gain if you just stick with the procedure. That may be enough for you to disregard some of the pain felt. 

How To Lessen Brazilian Waxing Pain

Numbing Cream

As you now know, Brazilian waxing will hurt no matter what. The pain may not be as intense as the first one but it could still hurt. However, there are ways to deal with the pain. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can better prepare your skin to help lessen the pain felt. 

Additionally, you can ask for numbing cream  and apply it over the area to lessen the pain. Alternatively, pain medication can also be taken.  Also, take note of the timing of your waxing sessions. Your private parts can be more sensitive when your about to, when you have, or just had your period. Proper timing will be a lot less painful. 

Sometimes, you can also just keep your thoughts out of the Brazilian waxing session. Try watching your favorite TV show or playing some games on your phone. The pain might still be there but that distraction could just work to lessen the pain.

Coconut oil can sooth your skin post wax, as well.

Final Thoughts

A Brazilian wax can be very painful, especially if it is your first time. However, as you go through the succeeding sessions, you will hopefully find that it gets easier over time. That may be due to a variety of factors such as the hair removed, how you’ve prepared for the Brazilian waxing session, plus your perception of pain. 

If you can’t stand the pain, there are various ways to help you at least lessen it a bit so it can be bearable.

Such techniques would include properly preparing the area, using a numbing cream, using pain medication, proper timing of the waxing sessions, and keeping yourself distracted.

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).