Does Waxing Make Your Hair Thinner?

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Hair waxing is a go-to procedure for those who want to achieve smooth and hair-less skin as quickly as possible. The results you get out of waxing your hair are different from what you get if you just shave or cut it. Apart from that, waxing could also affect the new hair growth

One of the many benefits people claim about waxing their hair is growing it thinner. But is there really some truth to this? Does waxing make your hair thinner? The answer is yes and no. 

Waxing the hair can make your hair thinner but it isn’t true for all. Let’s clear out that answer for you with the details we have below. We’ll also answer some other common related questions about hair waxing and hair thickness, or in this case–thinness. 

How Does Waxing Make Your Hair Thinner?

home waxing kit

Sure, there’s the convenience of at-home waxing kits like this one  and easy-to-use wax strips .

But it’s not just convenience.

One of the main reasons why many people opt to wax their hair is because they believe that their hair will grow back thinner the more they wax it. Thinner hair is less obvious, so you may be able to get away with a delayed waxing session. 

There may be some truth to the thinning of hair. But don’t expect to achieve such results after just one session of hair waxing. Growing thinner hair is possible only when you have already gone through multiple and consistent hair waxing sessions. 

With whatever waxing procedure you opt for, the hair is completely pulled off the roots. This pulling action, as you might imagine, is quite painful, could cause bleeding, and could weaken the hair follicle. This process is somewhat similar to epilation and threading, and is similarly painful.

The damage to the hair follicle from waxing isn’t instant. It can accumulate as you go through multiple sessions of hair waxing. With weakened hair follicles, the hair produced is less dense, finer, and thinner. This makes the process less painful in later waxing sessions.

That’s generally what people are looking for!

However, not all hair follicles can be easily damaged by pulling off the hair from the roots. Some, maybe most, may not be damaged at all. That’s why the hair that grows is still as thick as before.

Sometimes, the hair that grows just appears to be thinner because hair strands are naturally tapered towards the ends. When you see new hair growth after waxing, it appears thinner because you are looking at the tapered ends.

Contrast that to shaving, where you simply cut off the hair ends. The thicker part remains and when it grows longer, it will look thick. 

Can Waxing Stop Hair Growth?

We now know that hair waxing could potentially damage the hair follicle, leading to the growth of thinner hair. The next question would be whether that damage is enough to completely stop hair from growing.

If you are waxing your hair in the hopes of someday finally permanently removing it, now is the time to burst that bubble. 

Sigh, sorry.

Waxing could damage hair follicles leading to thinner hair. Sometimes the damage is enough to prevent it from growing hair. However, that does not happen to all hair follicles. It could just happen to some hair follicles at a very rare chance. 

So if you are looking for a permanent solution to unwanted body hair, waxing is not it. The moment you stop with your regular waxing sessions, the hair follicles will continue with the hair cycle and you’ll end up having the same amount and thickness of hair you had before.

Laser hair removal or the more home-friendly IPL hair removal would be better choices if you want to get to a permanent solution.

Can Waxing Cause Thicker Hair?

There are also others who believe that their hair got thicker or more dense when they waxed their hair.

This is also not true.

Hair waxing does not decrease or increase the hair follicles that produce the hair. The reason why it may seem that the hair has become thicker is that the hair follicles might be growing at the same time. 

Remember that each hair strand is independent. One could be in a growing phase while the others are in a resting phase.

It could just be a coincidence.

It is possible that the hair follicle that has been affected by waxing is growing hair at the same time when the other hair follicles, which were previously in their resting phase, are now growing hair as well. 

Reasons Why You Should Still Wax Your Hair

Just because hair waxing may not thin out your hair as you hoped might lead you to doubt this method of hair removal.

However, even if it doesn’t make your hair thinner, there are still many reasons why you should choose waxing as an option to remove unwanted body hair.

These reasons include:

Less Risk Of Cutting Yourself

Cuts on the skin are nasty, even if they are very small, and even if you don’t easily notice them. A cut on the skin gives bacteria access to your body. This could lead to an infection if left untreated.

With waxing, you’re less likely to accidentally cut yourself. 

Quick Procedure

Hair waxing is a quick way to remove lots of hair at a time. You spread the wax over an area, take a deep breath, and pull off multiple hairs at the same time.

You can finish waxing various body parts in minutes. 

Lasting Results

Compared to other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing will keep you hairless for a longer time. Waxing lasts at least a couple of weeks.

Even if the hair is starting to grow again, you still won’t notice it until after a few weeks when it finally grows out from the skin’s surface.

With shaving, the hair becomes visible as soon as it starts to grow. That’s why those who shave feel hairy again in just a couple of days. Also note, if you shave, you should wait until the hair is long enough before you wax it off.


Hair waxing is an underrated hair removal method. Some believe that it can even make the hair thinner or eventually stop it from growing. That is possible due to the weakening of the hair follicle as you wax the hair repeatedly. 

However, that isn’t a guarantee for all. Some hair follicles don’t get damaged enough to produce thinner hair or to completely stop hair from growing. Nevertheless, hair waxing is still a great option for unwanted body hair removal because it lessens your risk of cutting yourself, quick to do, and produces longer-lasting results.

Soothe your skin afterwards with some coconut oil, and you’ll be good to go!

Written by Kayla Young

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