Bleeding After Waxing: What You Need to Know

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Brazilian waxes are complicated. They are uncomfortable, a little embarrassing, and they hurt!

Most will agree that it is going to be painful… but worth it. Apart from being painful, you might ask “Does a Brazilian wax make you bleed?”

A Brazilian wax can make you bleed. But you don’t have to worry so much about it. It doesn’t happen to everyone and usually, the bleeding stops on its own after a few minutes. 

To help ease your mind about the bleeding, we’ll discuss bleeding after waxing, explain why it happens, and when you need to be concerned.


Why Does A Brazilian Wax Make You Bleed?

Are you freaked out by the sight of blood? A Brazilian wax can be painful enough, both emotionally and physically. Add bleeding after waxing to the picture, and you may be doubting your decision to go for it!

However, bleeding is a natural reaction of the hair strand that has been pulled out of the pore.

Is it normal to bleed after waxing?

Although not all hair strands that are pulled out will bleed, some might. 

Although not all hair strands that are pulled out will bleed, some might. 

To explain that, we’d first have to discuss the anatomy of the hair. The hair you see is only the exposed part of the whole hair strand. The rest is underneath the skin. 

In order for the hair to grow, it is connected to capillaries, which allow blood to reach the root of the hair and feed it with nutrients. In that way, the hair continues to grow until it has reached its full length. 

When you wax (or epilate), the hair is pulled out fast.

Ouch! Are the results really worth it?!

That process can rupture the connective tissue holding the hair. That could essentially prick the blood vessel and cause some blood to flow out of the pore once the hair is pulled. 

Some people see pin-sized dots of blood around the waxing area, while others don’t really notice it. Although this happens from time to time, the bleeding should stop after a minute or two. 

What to do if you bleed after waxing

Some waxing professionals simply wipe off the blood and place some pressure on the area. That eventually causes the bleeding to stop. 

In some cases, there could be minor bleeding even after this. This is seen by clients as bloodstains in their underwear.

There is no need to panic unless the bleeding doesn’t stop. 

Again, keep the pressure on and stay calm. The bleeding should stop in short order.

What Does Bleeding After Waxing Mean?

A little bleeding isn’t cause for alarm. Some people bleed when they get a Brazilian wax while others do not. That will depend on the hair removed.

When the hair is thick and coarse, it can be more difficult to remove, especially with the roots. When you rip off the wax, it pulls the larger roots out.

Those who are waxing for the first time may have coarser hair that is more difficult to pull out because of their stronger attachment to the roots. As you regularly go for waxing, there is a chance for the root to get damaged and weaken. 

That also means that as you go for more Brazilian waxing sessions, you are less likely to bleed. Yes, Brazilian waxing does get easier over time.

Although bleeding is more common for those who are getting a Brazilian wax for the first time, it is still possible repeat clients will get some bleeding. 

And some first-timers may not bleed at all. That means that they may have finer hair.

Does Bleeding While Waxing Mean That The Hair Won’t Grow Back?

Have you ever heard about this myth about not growing hair due to bleeding during waxing? If you did, then you heard it right. That is just a myth. 

When you remove hair and it is followed by some blood, it only means that there is some sort of damage. However, that doesn’t mean that the hair follicle is damaged enough that hair can’t grow back.

Hair will eventually grow back on that spot. However, it is possible that weaker or thinner hair grows. That’s because of the damage received by the hair follicle. 

This does not happen just after one Brazilian wax session. Multiple sessions and repeated damage to the hair follicle may cause it to be unable to grow hair anymore. 

However, that isn’t a guarantee! And that doesn’t commonly happen to hair that has been waxed. 

So although we all wished that we could wax enough to permanently stop the hair from growing, it isn’t as easy as that.

Hair is likely to grow back again, even after repeated waxing.

Brazilian Waxing Gone Wrong

Although a little bit of pin-point bleeding can happen with a Brazilian wax, there are some other things to watch out for. These include:


If you are planning to get a Brazilian wax, make sure to go to a reputable professional. The wax should be heated but should not scald your skin.

If you are doing it on your own, make sure you don’t burn your sensitive parts!

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs can happen with waxing because the new hair growth may be thinner. The thinner hair can have a more difficult time finding its way to the surface. 

This can be uncomfortable, especially if it gets infected. With the bacteria and dead skin cell build-up, it can develop into boils.

Bacterial Infection

The moist and warm area of your private parts makes it a great place for bacteria to thrive. Ingrown hairs could be on the milder side but when the infection you develop is more severe, like cellulitis, it could be more dangerous to your health. 

Some signs of infection would include fever, purple patches on the skin, and rapid heart rate after the waxing session.

If this happens, give your doctor a call right away.


Waxing doesn’t only rip out your hair, it could also leave tiny wounds that you don’t see. This makes you more prone to sexually transmitted infections like genital warts. 

Topical medication is a solution but you shouldn’t leave it untreated because it can cause worse problems like those that can lead to cervical cancer.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of your hair down there can be efficiently done with a Brazilian wax. It may hurt a lot! And it could also cause you to bleed a bit. 

Temporary pin-point bleeding isn’t cause for alarm. It eventually stops, and it may not happen again as you go for regular sessions. 

Bleeding simply means that you may have coarser hair or stronger roots that have been ripped out and damaged by waxing. However, that doesn’t stop hair from growing back again. 

Instead of worrying about temporary bleeding, you should watch out for signs of ingrown hairs, infections, burns, and genital warts that can develop after having a Brazilian wax. 

Written by Kayla Young

Kayla is the founder of LuxeLuminous. She has worked professionally in the tanning industry for years. She has been interested in esthetics since childhood, and has tried every hair, skin, and makeup product ever produced (more or less).